I dont think Bob Wine knows the concept of people power

Bobi Wine and his wife at their Beach in Uganda

By Bobby Alcantara via the UAH forum,

I dont think Bob Wine knows the concept of people power. It is the same as wearing the red beret of Che Guevara without understanding its meaning. Che Guevara’s red beret, which he himself borrowed from Chairman Mao, represented a complete rejection of society as it is currently organised, and its violent overthrow using armed struggle. Che never believed in elections, something Bob Wine is focused on. Equally, the People Power Concept rejects elections. It looks at elections as essentially an exercise in legitimising the status quo. People power focuses on extra legal and illegal methods to bring about change that cannot be brought about using legal or constitutional means, but without resort to violence. People Power aims to overthrow an exiting government or status quo using mass protests, demonstrations, strikes, and civil disobedience but without resorting to armed struggle. Elections as Bob Wine is focused on does not feature in any people power struggle. Sadly, Ugandans have a habit of copying things they dont understand or have have no clue about.

Don’t be surprised that musicians, comedians and even select members of the riff raff have now come into serious contention to be elected as leaders, including president. The fact that an empty-headed fraud like Bob Wine is also aiming to be elected president of Uganda should not surprise you. I did write a piece on this possibility,which I posted here on UAH, but it did not attract any interest although it was exported to other non-Ugandan fora, and generated a lot of debate.

One significant explanation for the rise of the non-politician and non-intellectual into politics is the deep disenchantment, distrust and even hatred that many people in most parts of the world have towards the political class. Whether of the left or of the right, throughout the world, people are rejecting established or establishment political parties and choosing virtual unknowns to become their leaders. Nearly everywhere in Europe, establishment parties are losing out to nationalist far right parties because they feel abandoned by the establishment parties. Donald Trump also benefited from this dissillussionment of the American voter with the political class represented by both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

Armenia has recently also had a non-politician elected as president. Nikol Pashinyan came to power in May 2018 after weeks of mass protests against corruption and cronyism. The former newspaper editor, who was jailed for fomenting unrest in 2008, marked a dramatic break from the cadre of rulers who have run Armenia since the late 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And so has a lawyer with almost no political experience been elected president in Slovakia. Anti-corruption candidate Zuzana Caputova won Slovakia’s presidential election, making her the country’s first female head of state. Ms Caputova, who has almost no political experience, defeated high-profile diplomat Maros Sefcovic, nominated by the governing party, in a second round run-off vote. She framed the election as a struggle between good and evil, but otherwise did not have any other policies or programmes.

But most captivating is the predicted victory of Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian and actor who stars as the Ukrainian president in the comic play Servant of the People in the on-going Ukraine elections. Zelensky has effectively run an “anti-campaign”.

The danger ofcourse with electing protest or single issue candidates is what they are going to do with the power that they will inherit. Without a political party or organisation to back them up, how will they deliver even the very few policies they have promised? It is one thing being anti-corruption, but what policies do you have for fighting corruption, and who are your enforcers?

So Abbey Semuwemba is right about Bob Wine, being afflicted by vanity, but I think his experience follows what is happening elsewhere in the world where the population has been exposed to so much suffering, they can’t think properly and just want change. I can say it perfectly and with humility that no ordinary Ugandan who has his thinking cap on would elect an uneducated person like Bob Wine, to even the MP position he currently occupies, leave alone president of the country.


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  1. Barry,

    What do you mean Bobi Wine is uneducated?

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