What happened to the plan to produce pads in Uganda?

Girls in a primary school in Uganda make pads using a pedal-driven sewing machine

By Dr.Edward Kayondo via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community
Forum members, sensitivity is needed on the issue of sanitary pads, and I wish we can get a ladies input. Gone are the days when men have to decide what is right or wrong for women.One thing to note, there psychological and physical changes that women experience before, during or after their periods. Its a known fact especially for young ladies to be in pain or embarrassed during this period especially when the folded clothes that many use to control this bleeding leaks into their dresses. They become the jokes at schools and many would rather stay away from school until they are done with this period.
Provision of sanitary pad coupled with sexual education and periodic check ups would be the best way to go and this the government I believe should be able to provide.
What happens however with every good program that is proposed, individuals find away to flip it and make money out of it. The idea is good, but the system as it is cannot support it. I wish it could be done.

As a note this idea came to life because there was a plan to produce these pads within Uganda, I guess thats the reason why it excited the President, but either way it would be great if done.

Eddie, MD

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