January 2020

Day January 17, 2020

This is the Real Reason why Museveni has lasted that long in power!


Nobody could have imagined that Museveni(YKM) would stay that long especially given Uganda’s history. He did it because he personalized the military, which is still on his side.But he also did something to buy peace-read, hoodwink Ugandans. He gave them space to do anything but oppose him or take up arms. He gave them a lot of leisure to roam around doing nothing productive. He talked tough against colonialism and its policies as oppressive and backward. So he did away with poll tax to win favour with the working class men in Uganda.

The majority of Ugandans seem to suffer from a false sense of consciousness so they celebrated even though YKM was actually undermining their self dignity and worthy in Ugandan society. YKM has lasted because many delusional Ugandans wrongly believed he gave them a free ride in life. Wapi. There is no free lunch. YKM remains president as many now languish in bad state.Uganda comes close to the tragedy of the commons.

Uganda is also a puzzle. YKM remains popular among rural masses and some elite not interested in politics who adore him as their “Mzeei”. The mases are generally happy. Once formidable opponents such as Dr Besigye are not sure anymore.

See what happened to the hapless and charismatic challenged JPAM. Who talked tougher than JPAM? Who gave false sense to Ugandans that he had a lot of support and foolishly that many in the army were on his side than JPAM?. What happened to him once he entered the race?

In Ugandan speak, he was exposed. Then Ugandans belatedly realized he was bure as they come. He is actually a coward, a free rider who hoped to ride to power on the hard work of others. Hehehe.

It is now new players but same story. Ugandans are something else. Full of kajanja and honestly lack seriousness.

Now can YKM change and transform Ugandan society for the better? He keeps on saying the headwork was to sort out the army. Not really. That was the easy part. The hard work is how he or anyone can or will reverse the attitude biased towards leisure in Ugandan society.

Sadly and regrettably, Uganda does not have a Mwai Kibaki in its opposition ranks. What Mwai Kibaki did to the Kenyan economy is truly transformative. He could have easily grown the economy perhaps ten times what it was when he took over from Nyayo. And what did he emphasize to Kenyans? Mulipe kodi/pay taxes.

So the question remains. In the words of Immanuel Kant , who will cure Ugandans of their immaturity?

Graduated Tax should be returned, and the Population must be controlled!


“He(Bobi Wine) was only telling me, mobile money tax will be raised. we will use that to pay the elderly in the districts, doesn’t it make sense?”—-Hon.Odongo Otto

Interesting. Why tax mobile money? Why target mobile money? Because it is easy. I guess his camp is lightening to UAH’s Mr Edward Mulindwa’s advise to target money transfers to Ugandans as if those sending money to Uganda pay nothing. Why double taxation? But who are the majority recipients of mobile money in Uganda? Are they not the bawejjere/ordinary/majority Ugandans?

MP Odonga Otto and others, should continue to talk with all potential candidates. They should be prepared for wicked ideas in Uganda as the time ticks towards elections. The message Ugandans needs to be told is this: if you want to have a voice and aspire towards civilization, volunteer to pay taxes. Good things cost money. Yet somehow some politicians are lying to Ugandans that they can have good schools, good leadership, god health care, descent living aka better quality of life by simply free riding. hell No.

Because of the election and perceived threats YKM has even given Ugandans more freedoms to free ride. Ugandans is going through the equivalent of positive feedback. The more YKM is accused of overtaxing Ugandans by perceived rivals, the more he will try to demonstrate the contrary. Yet what he needs is the equivalent of negative feedback.

High population

So who will talk about the population question which in my view is the biggest elephant in Ugandan society. People are poor because they are having too many children. Because of the population, land resources are dwindling as families subdivide the small family plots to unproductive levels. As plots get smaller, more and more Ugandans are becoming food insecure. That sounds like common sense but hey, common sense is rear not just in Uganda these days.

In plain English, Ugandans are the authors of their misery. Really some will wonder? Why? The people and their so called leaders-really politicians are delusional. Delusional that the best way to raise revenue for example is to tax mobile money?

No. The best way to get Uganda moving again is to restore work effort among most able bodied Ugandans. what must Uganda do to get Ugandans wanting (emphasis added) to work again? I mean do any work to earn a living. I do not know the regional data but it will not surprise me if in EA or Sub Saharan Africa, Ugandans rank very low in terms of work efforts. For instance why are most juicy jobs now dominated by Kenyans even in Uganda? Surely it is not lack of qualifications but rather effort/attitude towards work.

And why has work effort/attitude declined among Ugandans? If you have been reading my comments you know my thesis by now . Now, have you heard or seen anyone, from incumbent YKM to pretenders, revisit the linkages?


Okay, now let us talk about culture. And I go straight to the Chinese. Why is China today a major economic power? Part of it is through FORCED savings through the one child policy. In other words by limiting most Chinese to one child, the govt was bale to trigger excessive savings. Money is either spent or saved. With fewer children to spend money on, even poor families in china were forced to save.

There is only so much clothes they could buy for their one child. Now let us be clear: the one child policy was mostly an urban phenomenon because exemptions were made for farming families in villages. But all in all, China’s take off is rooted in its one child policy. And obviously Confucian culture of modesty.So culture can actually be the boost NOT the hindrance to envelopment/take off.

Now should Ugandans have a population policy? Absolutely? what should such a policy look like? How about YKM goes back to what he had in mind with UPE when he initially limited free UPE to 4 children per mother not father because of the polygamous nature of Ugandans society.

Must YKM legislate in favor of 4 children per mother? No. He should simply enforce the following:. First make UPE mandatory for all Ugandans irrespective of religion. Yes religion cannot and should not be an issue or excuse after all, all religions are alien to Ugandan culture-see Mazrui’s triple heritage arguments.

Second YKM must say and enact it in law that UPE shall be free for the first 4 children of EVERY mother in Uganda. You have 4 children they attend UPE free. You have 5 children or more children you must pay for the other candidates who MUST all be in school or else the mother is fined.

Third, the four children per mother shall enjoy free USE which to shall be mandatory up to the age of 18. In plain English, all Ugandans children until the age of 18 shall be in School period. I know what the religious people-screw them-will try to say but let us see those shameless religious leaders who do not want to see 18 years old Ugandan children in USE schools.

In other words YKM can usher in a demographic transition and its attendant benefits without EVER resorting to excessive measures. Notice that Ugandans women who want to produce more than 4 children can still do so as long as they pay for the extra children from their pockets. So majority of Ugandans shall have the benefit of having their 4 children per mother enjoy free UPE and USE and I would ad in health care benefits as well.

QN: can anyone justify why free education and health care to 4 children per mother is not enough contribution/subsidy from govt? in other words why should Ugandan women continue to produce more than 4 children? Let us hear from UAH.


Let us talk about transformation. What does it entail etc. From my angle YJM or anyone for that matter must usher in a demographic transition. Btw, dictators Kagame is doing so sort of by force but we are not hear to debate the merits of means vs ends. To be sure fair means matter but sometimes the end justifies the means as in Rwanda.

Why is it that in many African states we have never had a developmental state like those that emerged in what became known as Newly industrializing nations in Asia. How come African leaders ignored the wisdom of the Afro intellectual from Antigua, Nobel Laureate Arthur Lewis who offered that for labour intensive countries like Uganda, their best shop at progress lay in modernizing agriculture and not so much bias towards industrializations. Those insights won him a Nobel in economics. And he did some work in African countries.

Arthur Lewis’ idea is so cogent that you wonder what the hell African leaders and policy makers were thinking. Today I say it again, Uganda’s best hope for take off lies in better returns from agriculture. That will surely sound like what to many but it is okay. The unemployment rate as many lament about could have been mitigated with better policies in agriculture.

So let us give taxation a break and talk about agriculture. YKM said Bob Wine or something of the sort. What did he mean? What did he do policy wise? What incentives did he put in place etc? Btw, and this is telling, even without a coherent agricultural policy, Ugandan farmers grow more than enough maize to export to Kenya. Actually, Kenyans farmers are now afraid of cheap maize imports from Uganda. Think about that. The sector r is neglected yet it still performs. What if YKM cared and paid attention to agriculture.

In his new year message he apparently promised to do better looking for markets for Ugandan produce. Hmm. What about supporting these people who told to produce.

Strangely the urban riff-the bure kabisa community-have the audacity to whine and demand cheap food. Hello!. Think about it, the urban riff raff influence food prices in Uganda whereby YKM fearing or responding to rising populism from the likes of Bob Wine and his supporters robs farmers to buy peace with the urban crowd who occasionally riot about high food prices. Really!. Thinks about the priorities, the govt denies farmers work hard afair return to buy favour with the urban tangatanga folks. What the hell is going on?

I labour to show that the transformation some of you talk about -it came with simple things like fencing in England-is not on the radar in Ugandan society.

Is its fair to say Ugandan society is disorganized? hello Mr. Bwanika. If so who will try to mitigate the disorganisation. Abbey Semuwemba lamented about okuwemula /sex talk and obwenzi in Ugandan society, and pleaded with the Katikiiro to say something. Sorry Abbey, as they say,” kakyama mameera”– spoilt from the beginning.

Btw, how did Ugandan society get to that level? Because YKM gave them too much leisure. Folks, accuse YKM of something else but to talk about freedom and stuff, no. He gave Ugandans the ultimate space for maximum leisure. Yet somehow some pretenders lie to fellow Ugandans that the solution to their glory/respect/dignity/take of lies in even more and not less leisure.

Ugandans should drop the fraud ‘Bobi’ and become productive!

Ugandan pop star Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, better known as Bobi Wine, celebrates shortly after being sworn in as a member of parliament in Kampala, Uganda in July 2017


Dear Abbey Semuwemba:

I know you as a sober and sharp Ugandan.There is too much naivete in Ugandan society.Too much noise and politicking about Bobi Wine and others . Thank God the Court of Appeal tried to inject order in Ugandan systems. The trick has been full time politics at the expense of farming and serious national building projects. Why should Ugandans be food insecure given the fertile land and great weather? Why should roads be impassable given the high redundancy rate in the country? A redundancy captured in the insane birth rates because sex has became the default entertainment. Come on.

Recall when Ugandans paid poll taxes, they looked for work. They searched for work so they could pay off that pol tax and display the receipt as they enjoyed their malwa. Not anymore. Today you go to Tororo and ask for help for labour , and no one will respond because they are contented okay, prefer LESURE OVER work. Put out a call for labour and see how many will respond. Why is that that case. They have no debts to pay and no chiefs to worry about.

What you have in Uganda today is a paradox: Ugandans pay no direct taxes but are poorer . I bet you that is not what YKM anticipated. He though that buy exempting Ugandans from poll tax , he was doing away with a colonial era policy that was occasionally controversial.

Granted, there were deadly tax riots in Uganda during the colonial era. But therein lines the irony. During the colonial era Ugandans could protest-credibly if I may add for paying taxation without proper representation. Today what can Ugandans protest about?

Or put it this way, why with all the alleged problems in Uganda under YKM, most Ugandans are contended to waste themselves in unproductive leisure? Why are there no riots similar to those witnessed during those tax riots in the late 50s and early 60s?

Guess what, YKM wanted to avoid such riots so he bought peace by abolishing poll tax. So tell me why would Ugandans protest today? They have no strong reasons to protest because majority are FREE RIDERS. Incredibly those challenging YKM claim Ugandans are OVERTAXED. NONSENSE.

Majority of Ugandans are actually a burden. Look at the population demographics and its huge dependency ration. ? A pain for sure. But that is the price Ugandans must pay for preferring ‘free’ things.

Btw, you and others keen on optimal taxation should read the works of two Nobel laureates. Tax policy is so important it delivered not one but two separate Nobel’s in economics. The first was the Scottish intellectual Professor Sir James Mirrless (RIP) then of Cambridge University in 1996 for his insights on optimal taxation.

The next came several years later to Prof Diamond of MIT in the same area of taxation. But to be fair, Professor Stiglitz too could have won it with his British co-author Anthony B. Atkinson. Get their book and all of you trying to advise budding politician in Uganda on tax policy. The title is : Lectures on Public Economics. It is now a classic

FYI, most of the top notch work on taxation was done at Cambridge, UK which for many years was arguably the leading University in the world for Economics. There used to be what was called the Cambridge debates in Economics between Cambridge, UK and Cambridge , Massachusetts. They were truly great debates. Not anymore because Cambridge UK is not what it used to be at least in Economics while Cambridge MA in the form of Harvard and MIT have become even more dominant-people take pay cuts to teach there..

Enter Margaret Thatcher and the migration of UK intellectuals to the USA once she ended tenure. Thatcher single-handedly gifted American Universities many Nobel winners not just in Economics but other areas.

Interestingly Thatcher quipped that her biggest success is the rise of Mr. Tony Blair in UK politics. I know you and other Labour extreme sin UAH probably do not like Blair but he is arguably one of UK’s finest PM in a generation. See what you have and especially who he beat leading labour.

QN: Could labour go begging for one of Tony Blair’s trusted foreign secrete to rescue it from its deep rot. To say Labour is in big shit is an understatement

I still do not understand how a major political party could nominate a Jeremy Corbyn. Okay., I get it. The unions put him on top. But see how those same voters voted this past elections.

I digress to demonstrate to you that it is not easy to win elections especially with a fraud candidate. Sure they can fool some but majority of voters are not fooled.I remain candid and brutally honest and that robs some the wrong way. Do I believe that the current pretender,Bobi Wine, can or will defeat YKM in an election? Hell No.

Wining election starts with the candidate. And It is hard even under the best of circumstance more in developing countries. it is not easy. Is that being naïve? No.

Iran isn’t the first country to bring down a civilian air-plane!

supreme leader of Iran

By Edward Pojim via UAH forum

The flight path would get the jetliner out of Iranian airspace and into international waters within 15 minutes.

It was shot down less than 10 minutes after take-off. I think Ukraine went ahead with the scheduled flight because they were evacuating foreigners due to the prevailing situation.

Once it was established that the aircraft was brought down my a surface-to-air missile, it had to be from Iran, because there was no other military force on land in that area.

By the way, accidental or intentional downing of civilian airplanes happens with more frequency than we might want to believe.

Russian, and its former self, USSR, have shot down more jetliners than any other nation. In Africa, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe (when it was Rhodesia) all suffered huge losses after their jetliners were brought down, all allegedly by Apartheid South Africa.

US Navy Carrier, USS Vincenness, shot down an Iranian A300 in 1988, killing all 290 people aboard. To their credit, US owned up to the mistake immediately, and stripped the Carrier’s Skipper of command role, and later fired him.

A Malaysia Airliner was shot down over Ukraine in 2014 by Russian rockets, fired by Ukrainian rebels..

“Swabullah Nabukeera” aka Richard Tumushabe went too far!

A Ugandan imam was suspended from his work as a cleric this week because he was unknowingly married to a man for two weeks.

By Peter Gwokto in Canada, via UAH forum

Disguising oneself as a member of the other gender is as old as prostitution. The Old Testament is full of them. Oftentimes such disguises are for monetary gains and/or escapes from prisons and political disasters.

Obote and Museveni did once or many times disguised themselves as women to evade security. Luckily for them no horny soldiers towed them to the bushes for, y’know what.

Master of disguise are Chinese. In a recent documovie I watched several Chinese women disguised themselves as men in order to work on the transcontinental USA railroads in the 1800s. Some in the company of their fathers heading to the Wild West and Rockies to blast thru the railroad.

As recently as a couple years ago a Tanzanian woman worked all her life as a dude inside the deep earth as a miner. Same happened to an Egyptian woman who worked all her life in constructions disguised as a man seeing her lone daughter graduate from university out of the disguise.

All the above were fore= genuine reasons. The Imam’s ordeal is one disguise gone too far. Of importance would be for investigators to ask the sheman when he/she intended to tell the Man Of Allah her true gender or if she wanted Man Of Allah to discover the hard way – balls colliding in midair during bungabunga attempt.

He is even lucky bcos if the Imam were to discover her disguise the hard way the Imam could have strangled or knifed him/her to death – or perhaps the reverse could have occurred that the Imam would’ve instantly gone mentally kaput from the shock and awe.

Kenyan Courts and online forums are a Joke!

Kenyan Supreme Court judges arrive for a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, Kenya August 28, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner – RC17EBD239E0


Those Kenyan online groups are not much different from say Ugandans At Heart(UAH). They tend to attract anti-govt hardliners who in my view are “bure kabisa’ on the ground. Granted that will rub many in UAH the wrong way, but it is what it is. Overrated with minimal influence on the masses. These online forums are merely therapeutic. They allow us to talk and say anything and feel good.
Politics is like the NFL. If Kansas City Chiefs have any hope of beating The Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game they must put themselves in harm’s way and tackle the Titans running back Henry otherwise they could face humiliation. Sports like politics is contact sport. That is why there unfortunately casualties.

And let me say something about Kenyan courts. They issue funny orders. Where in the developed world have you seen criminals or suspects got to court simply because they have money and can afford expensive lawyers to seek anticipatory bail, which is then easily granted by questionable judiciary officers?

btw, have you seen a video where the Kenyan courts issued a court order in a child custody case to a mother who abandoned her child for 9 years-the child is now 10, remarried. But apparently in Kenya mothers automatically win full physical custody in cases where the child or minor is below 18. Well the young girl resisted on camera even as court bailiffs tried to snatch her away from her father and said she was not going with the mother who was truly a stranger.

Embarrassed, the judiciary issued some statement which turned out to be full of lies. And the magistrate said he was ruling so because it was in the best interests of the child. NONSENSE.

I bring that up to highlight the kind of court orders in Kenya. The young girl violated the court order which ignored her rights and interests even as the magistrate claimed he was doing so because it was in the child’s best intrusts. Guess what happened? As the child screamed and hang on the father, crowds started gathering outside the court and the mother had to run for her dear life as the crowds threatened to piga her kabisa. And we are talking about Kitui.

The same Kenyan courts issued orders that let the Akasha brothers free, only to be arrested and flown to the USA-yes there was a restraining court order from Kenyan courts-but the state said otherwise. The Akasha brothers have apparently implicated some Kenyan judges and lawyers -who bribed judges and police officers etc. to get favorable court orders. Think about it, the Kenyan courts issued restraining orders against the state to stay away from the Akasha drug barons who have now ben sentence in New York courts. What does that say about Kenyan courts/judiciary? That some within the Kenyan judiciary issue orders because well.

Who is producing milk in Uganda to disrupt the Kenyan Market?

Employees deliver milk at a Brookside Dairy Uganda selling point. Charles Tebaijukira earns Shs1,000 per litre. Photos by Lominda Afedraru



Reflect critically about the paradox that is Uganda. Why? Kenyan authorities including President Uhuru Kenyatta, have asked the treasury to impose a 16% VAT on perceived-read competitive-milk imports from Uganda that have apparently hurt the Kenyan farmers. Let us hear from UAH members on the ground. What is going on? Ugandan milk exports disrupting the Kenyan milk market. Where is this milk produced in Uganda? Who is producing it? Is it by individual farmers, I mean those with less than 5 cows? How is the milk collected? Those days Ugandan milk used to be diluted with water. Has that changed? Are their penalties against such cheating activities?

In short, why is it the case that in spite of govt indifference -you can comment on that too-Ugandan farmers not just in the milk sector but maize sector as well are thriving so much so that maize and milk exports to Kenya have substantially DISRUPTED the Kenyan market forcing the state to intervene?

Please let us stay on the issue and assume it is true because it is true that milk and maize imports from Uganda have flooded the Kenyan market and forced Kenyan farmers to politicize the issue to the extent where their president had to act.

Ironically, the tanga tanga group aligned to WSR have been saying UK does not care about the plight of Kenyan farmers many of whom are in GEMA land and of course Rift valley. But guess who is being accused of importing milk and maize from Uganda-I suspect mostly from Sebei? People close to WSR if not WSR himself . So they are importing maize and benefiting financially but also trying to cash in politically. Kyonka politics.

The other irony is that the Kenyatta family are major players in the milk sectors in Kenya and Uganda too having bought the former Ugandan dairy factory. The govt ordered New KCC to pay Kenyan farmers a guaranteed price of Kshs. 33 up from Kash 25. But what about the Kenyatta family owned Brookside? Will it follow suit and match KCC?

William Koros, a farmer in Endebess, Trans Nzoia County, in his maize farm. Maximising the use of maize derivatives into the many products would increase its demand and this will act as an incentive for farmers, including the youth to increase its production and productivity. PHOTO | GERALD BWISA | NMG

That said the issue is serious and has implications for the survival of the Kenyan farmers. I suspect Uganda which is able to out compete the Kenyan farmer on low production cost will also impose some form of tax on Kenyan imports. Basically, what Kenyan authorities are doing to appease farmers in the short run has long term implications for the region.

They are trying to appease the inefficient Kenyan farmer. What happened to the notion of comparable advantage? Why cannot Kenyans accept that may be Ugandan farmers despite the clueless of their leaders enjoy a significant comparative advantage in agriculture. Folks, if you hear Kenyan TV pundits Ugandan milk, maize, eggs and even rice have DISRUPTED the Kenyan sectors.

Ordinarily that is not bad thing but there is politics. What about the Kenyan consumer who will certainly have to pay more to afford ugaali and maziwa. Ordinarily and Kenyans must come to terms with the reality. They must diversify their menu away from maindi and ugaali . Why is it the case that even Kenyans living in villages depend on bought floor for ugaali? Or else they must accept to be fed by Ugandan produce if it saves them money.

Anyway, my interest is elsewhere. How is the Ugandan farmer able to do it? Why are they able to do it? What is the role of middle men and women in this? Who is exporting milk, maize, rice and egs to Kenya ? Are they ordinary farmers or some organized entities? To his credit YKM liberalized everything. Whether that is a good thing is another debate but for now Ugandan farmers can at least escape middle men.

I liken Kenyan farmers to steel makers in America. The moment Japanese steel entered the USA, American and Canadian steal makers could not compete. What happened are ghost towns. Go to Youngstown Ohio and many other former cities. Trump is trying but too late. The USA ain’t gonna get a comparative advantage in steel again. Done kabisa.

Now the paradox, what if Ugandan authorities cared about agricultural farmers? If unsupported, disorganized Ugandan farmers are able to produce so much to disrupt the well sported-read spoiled Kenyan farmers-Kenyan market, what would happen if the Ugandan state gave farmers a helping hand of some sort? How can it be that perceived cheap imports from Ugandan have all but destroyed the maize market in Kenyan yet some claim Ugandans are hungry or food insecure? Hello.

What are we missing? And what are the bumbling opposition politicians in Uganda saying ? I mean if Ugandan farmers or produce is credibly disrupting the powerful Kenyan market in maize, milk and eggs what does that say about Ugandan farmers? Soil?

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