Iran isn’t the first country to bring down a civilian air-plane!

supreme leader of Iran

By Edward Pojim via UAH forum

The flight path would get the jetliner out of Iranian airspace and into international waters within 15 minutes.

It was shot down less than 10 minutes after take-off. I think Ukraine went ahead with the scheduled flight because they were evacuating foreigners due to the prevailing situation.

Once it was established that the aircraft was brought down my a surface-to-air missile, it had to be from Iran, because there was no other military force on land in that area.

By the way, accidental or intentional downing of civilian airplanes happens with more frequency than we might want to believe.

Russian, and its former self, USSR, have shot down more jetliners than any other nation. In Africa, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe (when it was Rhodesia) all suffered huge losses after their jetliners were brought down, all allegedly by Apartheid South Africa.

US Navy Carrier, USS Vincenness, shot down an Iranian A300 in 1988, killing all 290 people aboard. To their credit, US owned up to the mistake immediately, and stripped the Carrier’s Skipper of command role, and later fired him.

A Malaysia Airliner was shot down over Ukraine in 2014 by Russian rockets, fired by Ukrainian rebels..

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