Kenyan Courts and online forums are a Joke!

Kenyan Supreme Court judges arrive for a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, Kenya August 28, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner – RC17EBD239E0


Those Kenyan online groups are not much different from say Ugandans At Heart(UAH). They tend to attract anti-govt hardliners who in my view are “bure kabisa’ on the ground. Granted that will rub many in UAH the wrong way, but it is what it is. Overrated with minimal influence on the masses. These online forums are merely therapeutic. They allow us to talk and say anything and feel good.
Politics is like the NFL. If Kansas City Chiefs have any hope of beating The Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game they must put themselves in harm’s way and tackle the Titans running back Henry otherwise they could face humiliation. Sports like politics is contact sport. That is why there unfortunately casualties.

And let me say something about Kenyan courts. They issue funny orders. Where in the developed world have you seen criminals or suspects got to court simply because they have money and can afford expensive lawyers to seek anticipatory bail, which is then easily granted by questionable judiciary officers?

btw, have you seen a video where the Kenyan courts issued a court order in a child custody case to a mother who abandoned her child for 9 years-the child is now 10, remarried. But apparently in Kenya mothers automatically win full physical custody in cases where the child or minor is below 18. Well the young girl resisted on camera even as court bailiffs tried to snatch her away from her father and said she was not going with the mother who was truly a stranger.

Embarrassed, the judiciary issued some statement which turned out to be full of lies. And the magistrate said he was ruling so because it was in the best interests of the child. NONSENSE.

I bring that up to highlight the kind of court orders in Kenya. The young girl violated the court order which ignored her rights and interests even as the magistrate claimed he was doing so because it was in the child’s best intrusts. Guess what happened? As the child screamed and hang on the father, crowds started gathering outside the court and the mother had to run for her dear life as the crowds threatened to piga her kabisa. And we are talking about Kitui.

The same Kenyan courts issued orders that let the Akasha brothers free, only to be arrested and flown to the USA-yes there was a restraining court order from Kenyan courts-but the state said otherwise. The Akasha brothers have apparently implicated some Kenyan judges and lawyers -who bribed judges and police officers etc. to get favorable court orders. Think about it, the Kenyan courts issued restraining orders against the state to stay away from the Akasha drug barons who have now ben sentence in New York courts. What does that say about Kenyan courts/judiciary? That some within the Kenyan judiciary issue orders because well.

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