“Swabullah Nabukeera” aka Richard Tumushabe went too far!

A Ugandan imam was suspended from his work as a cleric this week because he was unknowingly married to a man for two weeks.

By Peter Gwokto in Canada, via UAH forum

Disguising oneself as a member of the other gender is as old as prostitution. The Old Testament is full of them. Oftentimes such disguises are for monetary gains and/or escapes from prisons and political disasters.

Obote and Museveni did once or many times disguised themselves as women to evade security. Luckily for them no horny soldiers towed them to the bushes for, y’know what.

Master of disguise are Chinese. In a recent documovie I watched several Chinese women disguised themselves as men in order to work on the transcontinental USA railroads in the 1800s. Some in the company of their fathers heading to the Wild West and Rockies to blast thru the railroad.

As recently as a couple years ago a Tanzanian woman worked all her life as a dude inside the deep earth as a miner. Same happened to an Egyptian woman who worked all her life in constructions disguised as a man seeing her lone daughter graduate from university out of the disguise.

All the above were fore= genuine reasons. The Imam’s ordeal is one disguise gone too far. Of importance would be for investigators to ask the sheman when he/she intended to tell the Man Of Allah her true gender or if she wanted Man Of Allah to discover the hard way – balls colliding in midair during bungabunga attempt.

He is even lucky bcos if the Imam were to discover her disguise the hard way the Imam could have strangled or knifed him/her to death – or perhaps the reverse could have occurred that the Imam would’ve instantly gone mentally kaput from the shock and awe.

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