This is the Real Reason why Museveni has lasted that long in power!


Nobody could have imagined that Museveni(YKM) would stay that long especially given Uganda’s history. He did it because he personalized the military, which is still on his side.But he also did something to buy peace-read, hoodwink Ugandans. He gave them space to do anything but oppose him or take up arms. He gave them a lot of leisure to roam around doing nothing productive. He talked tough against colonialism and its policies as oppressive and backward. So he did away with poll tax to win favour with the working class men in Uganda.

The majority of Ugandans seem to suffer from a false sense of consciousness so they celebrated even though YKM was actually undermining their self dignity and worthy in Ugandan society. YKM has lasted because many delusional Ugandans wrongly believed he gave them a free ride in life. Wapi. There is no free lunch. YKM remains president as many now languish in bad state.Uganda comes close to the tragedy of the commons.

Uganda is also a puzzle. YKM remains popular among rural masses and some elite not interested in politics who adore him as their “Mzeei”. The mases are generally happy. Once formidable opponents such as Dr Besigye are not sure anymore.

See what happened to the hapless and charismatic challenged JPAM. Who talked tougher than JPAM? Who gave false sense to Ugandans that he had a lot of support and foolishly that many in the army were on his side than JPAM?. What happened to him once he entered the race?

In Ugandan speak, he was exposed. Then Ugandans belatedly realized he was bure as they come. He is actually a coward, a free rider who hoped to ride to power on the hard work of others. Hehehe.

It is now new players but same story. Ugandans are something else. Full of kajanja and honestly lack seriousness.

Now can YKM change and transform Ugandan society for the better? He keeps on saying the headwork was to sort out the army. Not really. That was the easy part. The hard work is how he or anyone can or will reverse the attitude biased towards leisure in Ugandan society.

Sadly and regrettably, Uganda does not have a Mwai Kibaki in its opposition ranks. What Mwai Kibaki did to the Kenyan economy is truly transformative. He could have easily grown the economy perhaps ten times what it was when he took over from Nyayo. And what did he emphasize to Kenyans? Mulipe kodi/pay taxes.

So the question remains. In the words of Immanuel Kant , who will cure Ugandans of their immaturity?

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