About UAH

UAH  is an affiliate of the famous parent forum called Ugandans at Heart(UAH). Its main objective is to accommodate a summary of some of the most important discussions on the UAH forum. Articles from UAH forum which are considered to be so ‘beautiful’ and well researched will find their way into the UAH blog. This is intended to give a chance to non-members of UAH forum to read what the UAH forum is all about. The UAH  is useful for academic researchers, students, scientists and politicians who are not members of the UAH forum.

Anybody is allowed to make a comment on any posting on this website as we want to see how the rest of the world reacts to our discussions.The author must bear all legal responsibilities for whatever he or she posts on this site. All Ugandans are invited to subscribe to the UAH forums through tweeter, Facebook and Google sites.

We thank Mr.Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba,a Ugandan resident in the UK, who made both the forums and this site a reality. His creative skills have given Ugandans abroad a chance to directly link up with the politicians and Ugandans in Uganda. ‘UAH’ forum has got over 30,000 membership that involves: Members of parliament, Uganda Police, opposition politicians,traditional leaders, UPDF soldiers, journalists, civil servants and Ugandans abroad and at home.Everybody is welcome to join regardless of your skin color, size, gender, tribe, religion,……… as long as you love Uganda.

Special Request:

UAH would love to expand  itself into a print newspaper or magazine with its own radio station in future. We would love both the newspaper and radio to be based in Uganda but the management has got no money at the moment. Therefore, the management requests anybody interested in helping to finance this project to contact the head moderator as soon as possible. His email is: abbeysemuwemba@gmail.com

UAH planned to start up a Ugandans at Heart Foundation in 2007 but the idea stalled basically due to lack of finances and commitment from some members.The main aim of the foundation was to participate in economic development of Uganda by being involved in various developmental projects around the country.

We are still looking for volunteers or business angels who can help us technically or physically in implementing the above ideas. The foundation or newspapers or radio is not a replacement for the Ugandan-at-heart forum in any way.
Thank you

The UAH Management


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  1. Willy Kituuka,

    UAH Blog is positive development. Incidentally, this development shows that if it were not for dictatorship of policy in Uganda, chances that Ugandans given opportunity can do many positive things are great. Well done.
    “For God and my Country”

  2. Joe,

    You may be interested in this new blog on The Independent’s website:

  3. Arthur George Kamyha,

    Could somebody please tell me how to unsubscribe to the ugandans-at-heart digest subscribers–email deliveries sent to my email? They clog up my in-box and the “unsubscribe” function does not seem to work.

    Many thanks.

  4. My father, Bob (Robert) Scanlon dissappeared in Uganda in 1977, can any one remeber him, or have any information which may help my understanding of the reasons why, and where, and when and how?

  5. SSP,

    I like UAH, but was disapointed with the story u wrote about Olara otunu

  6. Dalton Kaweesa,

    Well done folks for the intellectual dissects.

  7. ola gabriel,


  8. James,

    I appreciate all the intellectual discussions this forum offers but please can someone unsubscribe me from this. It is clogging up my mail box. All the procedures of unsubscribing seem not to work.

    Kindly please

  9. Jessica Nakawombe,

    UAH has actually tapped into the unlimited flow of ideas by Ugandans. This Forum has provided a voice for the voiceless, a platform for those denied one, a place of advocacy for different rights of the people of Uganda, and other countries, a beacon to shed the light on Uganda’s dark times, and a way forward for our Motherland, the once upon a time pearl of Africa, the once upon a time Switzerland of Africa! Many of us have sharpened our writing skills, learned a thing or two from others, emphasized ettiquette and nettiquette. As in any society, there have been jerks and those who don’t want to live by any social guideline! We are informed of news in our dear Uganda by the minute. We get pictures/photos of the good and the bad! How could I have known that there are so many potholes as big as lakes when there was so much money given to the Uganda Govt. during CHOGM Commonwealth Conference! How could I have known that we have an unprofessional Police in Uganda that preys on its own people! How could I have know that Ugandans have been spread far and wide as an indicator that all is not well in Uganda despite the “good” reports about “development” from donor countries in Europe ans USA! I have enjoyed the sense of humour, thecartoons, the music videos. I have admired the brevity and courage of many. Indeed God works in mysteroius ways! We have been scattered for a cause. And we shall be gathered back soon to build up our country again from scratch the infrastructure – politics, education, economic, social, cutural, urban planning, migration, public service, civil service, medical sector, health, roads, regions, national pride, national ethos, celebrating our God given differences, and magnifying our similarities, getting back the fear of God in our society, morality uphaul, ethics and integrity, transparency and accountability, respect for oneself (obuntu bulamu), respect for one another, public responsibility, you name it. God bless you Mr. Ssemuwemba for this vision and friends.
    For God and my Country.
    Ssabasajja Awangaale!!!

  10. Museveni Yellow Youth League,

    We are calling for all the youth in Uganda to shun the all time violent demostrations currently being run by the oppostition opportunists.Let’s all remember that every thing in A4C is heading for failure
    Musveni Yellow Youth League

  11. lule martin,

    a4c has not at all called for violence,its rather the un democratic NRM government that has worked to turn this into violence by use of the state security agencies.It is unfortunate the gorvenment is turning against its own citzens,mudering them, denying them their constitutional rights.this government must go and leave ugandans enjoy their country.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY

  12. Dan K,

    Today June 22, 2011 is day 3, Mr Muvawala (human rights activist and journalist in US) has vowed to continue hunger strike outside the white house until he meets President Obama, to present a petition on human rights abuses in Uganda. May God give him the strength and open up the world to hear the cries of many Ugandans about Museveni’s Dictatorial regime. All peace loving Ugandans should let media houses know about this event so that the world can focus on Uganda atrocities.

  13. komakech job,

    Y.K. Museveni” it is not a mere change of guards but a fundamental change” sowing the mustard seeds. i wonder if he still remembers that statement of his.

  14. DM,

    On the title ‘Peal of Africa’
    In order to be true Ugandans, we need to learn to embrace our identity and define for our selves what it means to be a Ugandan. This does not mean discarding our tribes and heritage, but we need to be able to put our ‘Ugandaness’ first before our other identities which is not an easy task, but if we will it, there will be nothing to stop us, but the extent of our own desire to see it come to pass.

    I am proud of this forum and the chances it avails for freedom of speech and expression, and hope that we will gradually be able to root out the sectarianism which has been eating at us for so many decades and embrace each other as brother s and sisters on this forum with an objective of building a Uganda we call the pearl of Africa, not because a British dignitary said s more than a century ago, but because we ourselves have built it up to be what we want it to be by a name we have chosen and seen fit!

    I am not proud to have been called the Pearl of Africa, by Winston Churchill, thought I may respect the man and what he achieved for his own county- Britain, and even be flattered by the notion, I would rather use a title given by Kabaka Mutesa, or Kabalega, and that does not mean I am racist! I hope and pray that Ugandans can define themselves and not depend on titles that were conferred on us more than a hundred years ago! Because if that is how we measure our worth, and the way the world sees us, we will be forever abased and dependent on foreigners perceptions and the hope that they will leave with a good impression so that they may say something nice about us. To the extent that we do not see ourselves anymore, but them, because it is through them that we get our ‘good image’ and approval

  15. DM,

    Incidentally Uganda is not the most beautiful country in Africa (objectively speaking), it may be very similar to Switzerland in terms of landscape (snow capped mountains, lakes, hills etc…), but after decades of neglect, bad governance and treachery we have lost a lot of its original splendor. Poor city planning has left the road network in a mess, sewage runs through streams in the suburbs where children play in it, and we have no greenery or parks left in our capital. Even the swamps and now forests are being reclaimed for unsustainable development.

    So, was the title ‘Pearl of Africa’ an eternal title for which no effort need be expended. Is it because of this title that we feel our work has been done and we need not apply ourselves to actively develop our country not only economically, but in terms of values and honour which have long been lost because of the psychological damage we suffered as a Nation during the decades of treachery and blood shed of past regimes.

    Uganda is naturally beautiful and blessed by God, I have not contradicted myself, but we need to develop sustainably and preserve that splendour that was coveted by msny, a splendour which needs to be revived assertivley, and not passively relished as the words of Winston Churchill.

  16. BEDFORD,

    check the UAH facebook page..i posted the logo theA

  17. Stephen Ecwinyu,

    NGO Calendars banned!!!!

    What a shame to Uganda, the same calendars were received in Kenya and TZ, why not Uganda. Is it the Police doing that or politicians who sing the no change slogan, I am upset with the role of the Police in Uganda and one is left wondering whether the police do policing or politicking. On rethinking and considering that the Uganda Police has been politicized, militarized, I am not shocked to see this kind of reactions from the Uganda Police, on just calendars that give information to the citizens calling upon them to take up their own destiny by not waiting for others to make changes in their lives.

    Well the militarization of the police in a country were there is no separation from the military from the personality of the president provides a clue as to why the police behave the way they do. However the question I ask is what will happen the day NRM leaves power are the police officers ready to go with it or they should be there as an institution that serves the interest of the Ugandan citizens, keeping law and order.

    We know that information is power the lack of it is demeaning, why should the police fight citizens education and access to information. They ought to know that there is only one no change element that is Change, its only change that is constant. Otherwise every thing changes including governments in Uganda, the movement will be history in Uganda one time unfortunately it will be bad history.

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  20. Orlando Thornbrough,

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  23. Struja,

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you

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    Kabaka Mutebi could have missed some facts before appointing Charles Peter Mayiga as Katikkiro of Buganda. Mayiga having been a legal brain in the negotiations that endorsed the Regional Tier with the Central Government should be disqualified as Katikkiro. Much of the challenges Buganda is faced with and has to continue with have much to do with the Regional Tier understanding. Mayiga will get it very hard to challenge what he endorsed given that he and others had been mandated to negotiate and happened to endorse the Regional Tier.

    This deal to have been sealed, there are chances that some thank you may have been received by Mayiga and company, and this complicates the matter further. In fact the arrest of the three (Mayiga, Nambooze and Segoona) could have meant to punish Buganda for the sins of Mayiga and company following the negotiations where the Regional Tier was agreed to by the Mayiga group.

    It will be very difficult for Mayiga to legally advance Buganda’s cause simply because of his role in the negotiations where the Regional Tier was endorsed as a compromise situation.

    This position can be re- thought before Mayiga gets Ddamula, as Buganda may pay more for the sins of the likes of Charles Peter Mayiga whose group endorsed the Regional Tier only for the Central Government to get embarrassed and Mengo rejected it.

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