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Kenyan Courts and online forums are a Joke!

Kenyan Supreme Court judges arrive for a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, Kenya August 28, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner – RC17EBD239E0


Those Kenyan online groups are not much different from say Ugandans At Heart(UAH). They tend to attract anti-govt hardliners who in my view are “bure kabisa’ on the ground. Granted that will rub many in UAH the wrong way, but it is what it is. Overrated with minimal influence on the masses. These online forums are merely therapeutic. They allow us to talk and say anything and feel good.
Politics is like the NFL. If Kansas City Chiefs have any hope of beating The Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game they must put themselves in harm’s way and tackle the Titans running back Henry otherwise they could face humiliation. Sports like politics is contact sport. That is why there unfortunately casualties.

And let me say something about Kenyan courts. They issue funny orders. Where in the developed world have you seen criminals or suspects got to court simply because they have money and can afford expensive lawyers to seek anticipatory bail, which is then easily granted by questionable judiciary officers?

btw, have you seen a video where the Kenyan courts issued a court order in a child custody case to a mother who abandoned her child for 9 years-the child is now 10, remarried. But apparently in Kenya mothers automatically win full physical custody in cases where the child or minor is below 18. Well the young girl resisted on camera even as court bailiffs tried to snatch her away from her father and said she was not going with the mother who was truly a stranger.

Embarrassed, the judiciary issued some statement which turned out to be full of lies. And the magistrate said he was ruling so because it was in the best interests of the child. NONSENSE.

I bring that up to highlight the kind of court orders in Kenya. The young girl violated the court order which ignored her rights and interests even as the magistrate claimed he was doing so because it was in the child’s best intrusts. Guess what happened? As the child screamed and hang on the father, crowds started gathering outside the court and the mother had to run for her dear life as the crowds threatened to piga her kabisa. And we are talking about Kitui.

The same Kenyan courts issued orders that let the Akasha brothers free, only to be arrested and flown to the USA-yes there was a restraining court order from Kenyan courts-but the state said otherwise. The Akasha brothers have apparently implicated some Kenyan judges and lawyers -who bribed judges and police officers etc. to get favorable court orders. Think about it, the Kenyan courts issued restraining orders against the state to stay away from the Akasha drug barons who have now ben sentence in New York courts. What does that say about Kenyan courts/judiciary? That some within the Kenyan judiciary issue orders because well.

Who is producing milk in Uganda to disrupt the Kenyan Market?

Employees deliver milk at a Brookside Dairy Uganda selling point. Charles Tebaijukira earns Shs1,000 per litre. Photos by Lominda Afedraru



Reflect critically about the paradox that is Uganda. Why? Kenyan authorities including President Uhuru Kenyatta, have asked the treasury to impose a 16% VAT on perceived-read competitive-milk imports from Uganda that have apparently hurt the Kenyan farmers. Let us hear from UAH members on the ground. What is going on? Ugandan milk exports disrupting the Kenyan milk market. Where is this milk produced in Uganda? Who is producing it? Is it by individual farmers, I mean those with less than 5 cows? How is the milk collected? Those days Ugandan milk used to be diluted with water. Has that changed? Are their penalties against such cheating activities?

In short, why is it the case that in spite of govt indifference -you can comment on that too-Ugandan farmers not just in the milk sector but maize sector as well are thriving so much so that maize and milk exports to Kenya have substantially DISRUPTED the Kenyan market forcing the state to intervene?

Please let us stay on the issue and assume it is true because it is true that milk and maize imports from Uganda have flooded the Kenyan market and forced Kenyan farmers to politicize the issue to the extent where their president had to act.

Ironically, the tanga tanga group aligned to WSR have been saying UK does not care about the plight of Kenyan farmers many of whom are in GEMA land and of course Rift valley. But guess who is being accused of importing milk and maize from Uganda-I suspect mostly from Sebei? People close to WSR if not WSR himself . So they are importing maize and benefiting financially but also trying to cash in politically. Kyonka politics.

The other irony is that the Kenyatta family are major players in the milk sectors in Kenya and Uganda too having bought the former Ugandan dairy factory. The govt ordered New KCC to pay Kenyan farmers a guaranteed price of Kshs. 33 up from Kash 25. But what about the Kenyatta family owned Brookside? Will it follow suit and match KCC?

William Koros, a farmer in Endebess, Trans Nzoia County, in his maize farm. Maximising the use of maize derivatives into the many products would increase its demand and this will act as an incentive for farmers, including the youth to increase its production and productivity. PHOTO | GERALD BWISA | NMG

That said the issue is serious and has implications for the survival of the Kenyan farmers. I suspect Uganda which is able to out compete the Kenyan farmer on low production cost will also impose some form of tax on Kenyan imports. Basically, what Kenyan authorities are doing to appease farmers in the short run has long term implications for the region.

They are trying to appease the inefficient Kenyan farmer. What happened to the notion of comparable advantage? Why cannot Kenyans accept that may be Ugandan farmers despite the clueless of their leaders enjoy a significant comparative advantage in agriculture. Folks, if you hear Kenyan TV pundits Ugandan milk, maize, eggs and even rice have DISRUPTED the Kenyan sectors.

Ordinarily that is not bad thing but there is politics. What about the Kenyan consumer who will certainly have to pay more to afford ugaali and maziwa. Ordinarily and Kenyans must come to terms with the reality. They must diversify their menu away from maindi and ugaali . Why is it the case that even Kenyans living in villages depend on bought floor for ugaali? Or else they must accept to be fed by Ugandan produce if it saves them money.

Anyway, my interest is elsewhere. How is the Ugandan farmer able to do it? Why are they able to do it? What is the role of middle men and women in this? Who is exporting milk, maize, rice and egs to Kenya ? Are they ordinary farmers or some organized entities? To his credit YKM liberalized everything. Whether that is a good thing is another debate but for now Ugandan farmers can at least escape middle men.

I liken Kenyan farmers to steel makers in America. The moment Japanese steel entered the USA, American and Canadian steal makers could not compete. What happened are ghost towns. Go to Youngstown Ohio and many other former cities. Trump is trying but too late. The USA ain’t gonna get a comparative advantage in steel again. Done kabisa.

Now the paradox, what if Ugandan authorities cared about agricultural farmers? If unsupported, disorganized Ugandan farmers are able to produce so much to disrupt the well sported-read spoiled Kenyan farmers-Kenyan market, what would happen if the Ugandan state gave farmers a helping hand of some sort? How can it be that perceived cheap imports from Ugandan have all but destroyed the maize market in Kenyan yet some claim Ugandans are hungry or food insecure? Hello.

What are we missing? And what are the bumbling opposition politicians in Uganda saying ? I mean if Ugandan farmers or produce is credibly disrupting the powerful Kenyan market in maize, milk and eggs what does that say about Ugandan farmers? Soil?

Kenyans don’t pretend about Ethinicity like Rwanda does!

Justice Philomena Mwilu

By W.B. KYIJOMANYI Via the UAH forum,

The next big fish to watch is the DCJ Justice Philomena Mwilu. If Mr. Rotich and Dr Kamau Thugge can be arrested, she too will be arrested because DCI and DPP have enough evidence against her. She must be thinking about what next.

In Kenya where ethnicity is currency, UK opted for Minister Yattani, a Rendile from Marsabit to be acting CS. He then named a substantive treasury sectary, Dr Monzi Muia from Meru.

Ethnicity is dominant , make no mistake about that . We cannot pretend like Kagame that there are no Hutus and Tutsis but only Rwandese. Nonsense. why. Nothing even a genocide wipes away people’s identities.

And in Africa ethnicity is central.

I am not sure about Uganda but in Kenya there is home coming for Mps and Cabinet secretaries and other senior officials. Homecoming parting is intended to celebrate the achievements of their sons or daughter. Thus, such positions are owned by their respective communities so that if in trouble and facing the law, the community comes out to defend their own.

I think it is there in Uganda too. Is it not what the father of the murdered bar owner was alluding too with his sensational claims that his on was murdered because of his tribe?

Do not worry about me, I am urbane.

Kenya’s Ruto’s biggest weakness are his advisers

Deputy President William Ruto

By WBK Via UAH forum
Ruto’s biggest weakness are his advisers. They shoot from the hip without reflecting. Three in particular stand out, the semi illiterate Oscar Sudi-they say he forged his academic papers and is yet to make his maiden speech in parliament. Then senator Murkomen the majority leader, who called the DPP charges a charade, and then showed up in court the following day to represented some of the suspects.

Btw, Mr. Henry Rotich could not instruct him as did the other top kalenjin suspects. They opted for Kioko Kilukumi sited by Katwa Kigen, tested and capable lawyers. I recognize you would prefer I leave out the ethnic identities but believe me most Kalenjin big wigs opt to instruct one of their own, Mr. Katwa Kigen. He has too much work at the moment.

The third is senator Cheruyiot who speaks too much. WSR needs some mature politicians to guide him. To chill out most times.

And finally, MPs and senators from marginalized Northern communities under the leadership of Hon Duale the house majority leader came out today to thank UK for naming one of their own and urging him to confirm him as the substantive finance minister.

But there is word that Dr Kituyi could return to kenya for the same.


Kagame Paul

In May this year (2019), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that African countries could face revenue shortfalls if the continent starts the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) as planned.

The IMF maintained that, although the agreement will boost trade on the continent, it will negatively affect earnings and employment opportunities in some sectors of the member countries’ economy.

In a quick rebuttal, President Paul Kagame has urged his colleague African leaders to stay focus in the implementation of the policy since that will be in the positive interest of the African continent and the African people.

“It is important that Africa gives the necessary considerations to the views and opinions by external entities and ‘development partners’, it is also more important at the same time that Africa become aware of what we want for ourselves, pursue what is good for the continent, and defend what is necessary for our collective development.” He noted that a lot of considerations went into the African Continental Free Trade Agreement before it was agreed upon by member state.

Mr Kagame made these expressions on Friday at a tri-partite meeting attended by himself, President João Lourenço of Angola, and their DR Congo counterpart and host Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi on the side-lines of his father’s national mourning ceremony in DR Congo capital Kinshasa.

Kenya’s Onyango Oloo played a role that birthed Kenya’s Second Liberation

By Edward Pojim’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community

Former political detainee and human rights activist Onyango Oloo. Mr Oloo died on Sunday, June 16, 2019 in Nakuru


KENYA: Human rights activist, writer and former political detainee,Onyango Oloo, was one of the outspoken university students, who suffered immensely following the 1982 attempted coup. He would spend years in detentions. And when finally released, Onyango Oloo was too physically and emotionally destroyed to continue normal life.

Then he contracted HIV, which only compounded his misery. Onyango Oloo retreated to his home village along Siaya / Kakamega border. It was from here that he had traveled to Nakuru over the weeks, to pick up a few books by Miguna Miguna. He wouldn’t make back alive.

History will say he too, played a role that birthed Kenya’s Second Liberation. As Number Two to Titus Adongusi, the secretary-general of the national students’ union, Onyango Oloo was the face of student protestations against the brutal regime of Daniel arap Moi.

Yes, war will happen if you cross the border” Kagame threatens Uganda

By: Seruga Titus

It’s on record Kagame’s assassins have crossed the Uganda border on many occasions as kidnapped plus killing Rwandese Refugees, Uganda in return has arrested all informers and those involved in assassinations, some have been deported and others are still being interrogated by security.

At no single occasion has Uganda ever run an operation in Rwanda even when it’s aware that fugitives like ACP Baroza are hiding in Rwanda, even when Uganda is aware that Rwanda is funding political groups and rebel groups like ADF, even when Rwanda attacked and killed Ugandan Soldiers in the Congo, even when Rwandan forces crossed and killed two civilians in Uganda recently.

Uganda is further aware of the assassination of very important persons in Kampala to create insecurity, Uganda is aware of killings in Wakiso of innocent women by individuals trained and funded by Rwanda these individuals have since been arrested and confessed, Uganda is aware of the greater Masaka insecurity caused by individuals funded and hiding in Masaka and finally Uganda is aware of a well approved and funded project to assassinate the president.

On occasion has Uganda made any plans to attack Rwanda, however the security forces are aware of advance plans by chest-thumping Kagame aka Pilato who plans a victim while he is busy planning an assault on Kabale.

Don’t ask me how this will end but I can assure you Kagame will fall if he goes ahead with his 2021 plans. 4 million of Rwandese are ready to fight him out they just need a strong man to help them achieve that dream.

This post is in response to General Kagame’s comments while in Brussels recently, he decided to say this Brussels well knowing Belgium is watching his dirty Games in the Region.

Southern Sudan and Somalia wars are like a business to Museveni and his family!

By Annet Kobusingye via UAH forum

Sudan is like M7 second home. He creates wars and sponsors them in order to remain big. This is how he benefits from.somemof the wars:

1.His family members are exporting food. Many business men were hoodwinked to supply food to similar place like the first family when they took food to Sudan but their trailers,cars and food packages were confiscated and drivers arrested. Their money wasted and these business men in kla today they are crying over their money that was never paid. That is how he weakened some rich men in Uganda.

2. Some Ugandan business peopple were robbed or killed in Suddan as they attempted to follow their goods in hope they would recover their vehicles.

3. Keep northern region distabilised with guns in circulation.Many refugees entered northern region with them. It’s has been difficult to separate a refugee from a rebel. The local in another region fear refugees more than anything because they are armed. Who is allowing them to enter with guns? the M7 regime. Whom do the refugees salute? Museveni.

4. In times of elections,so many refugees enter through this route of Sudan,they register and vote. No body should deceive you that they don’t vote. They do vote for M7. If you don’t believe my story go to isingiro quotelybd ask the local in Isingiro mbarara District,where so many refugees havebeen captured and you be shocked with details you will find.

5. Makes money from inflated numbers of refugees in the country and gets more donor funding which he channels into his private businesses.

From such deals he cannot allow a war to come to an end.

Now on realising that people have discovered his game, he is so quick to arrange a peace talk deal Sudan.

Another example was Somalia. He has been putting it that the war in Somalia is so bad and the donors pumped lots of money for him.

He once surprised the Anite world when he returned empty COFFINS at Entebbe international and presented them to cameras.Up to now no body has ever been hurried nor printed in news papers to have died or families to have have r received their dead ones…..

National parks have been turned into bidding sports for the regime. Lions have been poisoned and unknown people placed in those national parks.Nobody knows where these people come from nor their motives.The tourism indutry is headed by an NRM man who has no backbone to ask what has happened to our lions.The entire national parks is covered with long horned cows now day.

Kenya should just revert back to manual counting at the polling station!

Protests in Kenya follow election hacking claim

By George Okello via UAH

I will never trust computer managed elections in Africa. These systems depend on the integrity of the individuals managing them. I can see in the IT network we use here in the UK for the NHS. We workers are just very tiny operators behind a screen connected to a very huge and complicated cyber and digital jungle- there are only a handful of people who really know how the system works and how to use, manipulate the data it contains and makes available for staff as well as for public consumption. These few key people, located at its strategic nerve centres, can do what they want with it. No one can stop them.

Digitally managed elections work in the developed countries because of two factors:

1. The staff managing elections are generally non-partisan civil servants with undoubted integrity and with no personal interest in massaging the results of the elections. Compare to Africa where money can buy anyone who is located at a key point in the delivery and tallying process.
2. The moral compass in the developed countries, the difference between right and wrong, has very little comparision with what that in Africa where people carry their biases to their jobs and will not hesitate to massage a situation if it benefits his preferred candidate- and will not see anything wrong with it..

You already know for a fact every Elections Commission in Africa is appointed by the government in power, and its primary purpose is to manage the process so that the appointing authority wins. Most Elections commissions act just like an appendage of the regime or the ruling party and do not even pretend to be non-partisan. Just look at the IEBC, even before the elections. The opposition had to take it again and again to the courts, even before the elections, to get it to clean up its system- a process it vehemently resisted.

The IEBC was a partisan agency from start to finish. Its Chairman, Chebukatti was appointed by Jomo Kenyatta just 7 months before the elections with a brief to deliver victory, but to make it uncontroversial and as smooth as as possible, using digital computer generated skullduggery. Unfortunately for him, his running dogs or field officers did not know how to use computers, and were so inept at cheating even a child could detect their scams.

Kenyatta should have hired foreign computer experts from London- the 16-25 year old hackers who are running rings around,and playing havoc with,computer networks and businesses here in the UK, and costing companies millions of pounds to protect themselves.

I think Kenya should just revert back to manual counting at the polling station and submission of the results to the tallying centres by hand. That would deliver a more credible result, although it would take more time. Or else, commission an independent western polling agency to manage the process.

When the first signs of rigging surfaced in Kenya’s 2017 elections!

Officials from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) records finger prints of a man as they collect data from the electorate during the launch of the 2017 general elections voter registration exercise within Kibera slums in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, January 16, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya – RTSVQJV


If New York Times could apologize for the rush to judgment about Odinga and the election, why wouldn’t we be wrong to blame the Observers?

ODM and Raila Odinga made a legal mistake in 2013 by concentrating on the ‘Numbers’ instead of the ‘Proces‎s’ of how those numbers were acquired.

This whole ‎snafu arose because the IEBC decided to reinvent the process during the transmission of the results.

There is no mystery to the process because it is well defined and not in dispute. The first collection of the data is collected through form 34A, which is at the polling station. It’s important to note that the results on 34A are final and cannot be altered once signed by the polling agents.

Then it’s where the 34B’s which compiles data from all polling stations in a particular constituency are ‎collected.

The two documents are then transmitted simultaneously to Bomas of Kenya. If you notice, IEBC was announcing results without the 34A’s.Some of the results were being announced while counting was still going on in many of those polling stations‎. So where was IEBC getting its numbers from?????

And then there is the business of Military Intelligence going native‎.Someone needs to go to jail for all this monkey business!

Rejected votes disappearing in “thin air” was extremely relevant.While counting was going on, the IEBC tallying systems publicly showed spoiled votes of over 400k votes. At the end of counting, spoiled votes “miraculously” went down to 80k votes.

The main question is how and why‎????

The Judges question on ‘Stray ballots’ which the IEBC and Jubilee lawyers failed to answer may point out what may have happened.Those votes and ballots were moved to benefit someone and take one guess as to who could that be? Listen to the summation of NASA lead lawyer Otiende Amollo, on Youtube, very carefully and all the details of discrepancies between the 34A and 34B’s are presented by Constituency.

All the things I describe were a result of IEBC being taken to court by activist, Maina Kia(sp?).Maina Kia, is a Kikuyu, and is considered a traitor by his tribe.

IEBC was forced to adopt those procedures I describe by the High Court but as you can see, they tried to change things midway.

My advice to NASA is that they should go to court again and lock down any loose ends‎.I can almost bet unlike the last time, they will find a more compliant IEBC.

By the way,Uhuru Kenyatta is not as nice people make out to be.No one gets to the top by being nice‎.Both UK and WSR are Moi’s orphans.

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