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Muslims are to blame for rapes in Sweden—George Okello!

Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world


Sweden Seems To Be falling Apart So Quickly and before our very eyes. It is really shocking. It is the soft polices that they have taken on muslim immigration that is bringing Sweden down to its knees. It is shocking that a major European nation cannot protect its children from Muslim rapists. It is unbelievable. No wonder buffoons like Trump will begin to appear again and again. The right wing fascists, and Hitler’s heirs,will emerge again in Europe, if the Swedish approach of neglecting its own citizens continues.

Sweden is the second in the world rape league!!!! Only South Africa beats Sweden in the number of reported rapes!! The USA is far behind Sweden, and the UK, Germany etc are far, far behind Sweden. the only other country with a high reported rape is France, and that is because France has a very big muslim population- almost 3 million.

The problem Sweden has is that its figures are doctored. As you can see in the video, the police are not allowed to say it is Muslims who are committing a majority of the rapes. So the published figures are often meaningless- all you get are statistics without the names, religion or ethnicity of the perpetrators.

Iam sure you have also read of the shocking case in Sweden as well where an Afghan muslim boy raped a Swedish girl in his school. He was tried and convicted of rape, but instead of being sent to prison, the courts decided that he would be put on a course of “rehabiiltation”. The court said it was lenient after taking into account the fact that the boy was a refugee, his parents were killed in Afganistan, he had been tortured and that sending himto prison would not serve a purpose. The boy was then allowed to return to the same school, with a court appointed “counsellor” to help him in his “rehabiiltation”

In the meantime, the Swedish state did absolutely nothing for the girl victim.HEAR ME OUT HERE. THE SWEDISH STATE OFFERED NO COUNSELLING TO THE GIRL. SHE WAS LEFT COMPLETELY ON HER OWN!!!

Sweden rape, Europe rape, a slowly dying culture

Completely outraged, her parents removed their daughter from the school. They said their daughter could not even just set her eyes on the boy. Why a rapist was allowed by Sweden to walk openly in a school, and to mock and laugh at his victim is what you have to explain to me..Sitting here in London, I can not see any justice or logic in what Sweden did to this young girl. It is as if Muslim lives matter more than Swedish lives.

I certainly would not follow the Swedish policy of appeasing rapists and killers. In my book, all rapists must know there is only one end- and that is the DEATH PENALTY.


I have not registered, because my traditional elders are still studying the motive to brief me.

Hello Gen.Aronda,

I have not registered, because my traditional elders are still studying the motive behind this exercise to brief me. First of all, I believe that this registration shouldn’t have deadlines. It should be done by Passport and Immigration Office non-stop.

Secondly,citizenship by ‘decent’ is not on the registration form! When you look at the form, Part A 4, under citizenship type there are: 1. By Birth, 2. By Registration, 3. By Naturalization and 4. Dual Citizenship. I think citizenship by Descent means an inherited citizenship status as a descendant of the forefathers of this land, which is already clearly defined in the constitution, that is the only supreme document in this country. A mere form designed for registration process can not override the Supremacy of the Constitution. I questioned those registering about the nature of my citizenship. They told me that all Ugandans are being registered as Citizens by birth! I thought that category belongs to persons who were simply born in Uganda but came from somewhere else. Some one should explain this anomaly for me, please.

Anyway, what does our constitution say about all this:

Article 17(1) para (h) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, of course not Explicitly stating ID registration provides thus: ” It is the duty of every citizen of Uganda – to register for electoral and other lawful purposes;” I submit that the National ID registration is a lawful purpose but I haven’t just taken part because i suspect bad motives such as corruption.

Paragraph (d) ibid states also that ” its the duty of every citizen of Uganda – to protect and preserve public property , (I) to combat corruption and misuse or wastage of public property;

Article 9 – on the Citizenship of Uganda, states that, “Every person who, on the commencement of this Constitution, is a citizen of Uganda shall continue to be such a citizen.”

Article 10. Citizenship by birth. The following persons shall be citizens of Uganda by birth
(a) every person born in Uganda one of whose parents or grandparents is or was a member of any of the indigenous communities existing and residing within the borders of Uganda as at the first day of February, 1926, and set out in the Third Schedule to this Constitution; and
(b) every person born in or outside Uganda one of whose parents or grandparents was at the time of birth of that person a citizen of Uganda by birth.

Then (2) The following persons shall, upon application, be registered as citizens of Uganda

– every person married to a Uganda citizen upon proof of a legal and subsisting marriage of three years or such other period prescribed by Parliament;
– every person who has legally and voluntarily migrated to and has been living in Uganda for at least ten years or such other period prescribed by Parliament;
– every person who, on the commencement of this Constitution, has lived in Uganda for at least twenty years.

This whole thing of registration is bogus – for instance why are Ugandans below 18 years not being registered, are they not Ugandans? How can registration of citizens have deadlines? What service does GOU provides to its citizens in the first place? Honestly, How many ID’s do we need to identify ourselves? I have 7 valid ID’s and a passport totaling to 8 and all these are used to identify me. How many really!? simply put, some of us have refused to register. So what will you do?


“They Slept With Me” – video commemorating International Human Rights Day

Dear Friends & Colleagues

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day that was celebrated on 10 December 2011, Refugee Law Project would like to draw your attention to an often forgotten areas of rights violations with the release of a short documentary. The film’s dramatic title, ‘They Slept With Me’ immediately raises two urgent questions for anyone concerned with the search for justice: Who were ‘They’?…. and who was ‘Me’?

‘They’ were government soldiers in the late 1980s…

‘Me’ was an Acholi civilian, a man, living in Gulu district, a part of northern Uganda that was later to become the heart of the Ugandan’s counter-insurgency strategy against the notorious Lords Resistance Army.

This disturbing short documentary shares the testimonies of several male survivors, and raises critical questions about the search for justice for conflict-related sexual violence. The questions raised by men are not unrelated to those asked by women survivors: will the government ever pay ‘dowry’ for what they did to me? can someone who survives really tell their story in a formal court setting where it will be heard by many people, provoking the terrible phenomenon of self-imprisonment whereby survivors barely leave their own homes for fear of the stigma they will face?

This 12 minute video can be accessed at

Your comments, as always, are welcome and can be addressed to

Yours sincerely,
Moses A. Nsubuga
ICT Officer
Refugee Law Project

Comparing Museveni,Besigye and Muntu by Samson Mande

Colonel Samson Mande is a former UPDF officer

I am talking to you as a Ugandan a human rights activist and environmental protection activist and by the way i am also a prize winner of the 2006 EUROPE HUMAN RIGHTS HEROES AWARD.In addition i happen to have been a member of FRONASA, a founder member of the NRA/NRM, a founder member of the Reform Agenda and a founder member of the FDC and an ordinary member of the FDC Sweden branch, just in case you may need to know me more.

I happen to have worked very closely with Museveni, Besigye and Mugisha Muntu in bad and good times and i have some good understanding of the three outstanding figures in this discussion.The three have the following in common: They are articulate men of high calibre vision and very revolutionary. The differences are :

General Yoweri Museveni is obsessed with power (military,economic and political power) , does never accept to be any other number except number one. When it comes to acquiring power he will do anything possible including riding on the devil toget it. Museveni believes in Single Party Rule and he belives his party should have him as the ruler and the only guide since he believes no one else has a vision to lead ” Uganda and Africa”

He can drop or change allies, he can shift from one ideology and from principle to another any time it serves him. He does not miss an opportunity that makes him achieve what he wants no matter what the long term effects or repercussions may be.

Museveni does all this struggle for rather personal than national gains : a big name as the most famous African human being and one of the richest (material gains). This is more reason he concentrates more on regional and puts East Africa and African issues in general a pririty above Ugandan issues. For him Uganda is like his launhing pad into his dream of becomming the better Kwame Nkrumah.

He believes in centralisation of power(personal power) and that money will help him to control people for many generations through a line of heritage of his own choice as opposed to building institutions with long term and democratic succession strategies.

Besigye and Mugisha Muntu have always dreamed of a rich and prosperous Ugandan community governed by the people through democratic institutions as opposed to politics of patronage and centralised political , military and economic power owned by an individual or a clique. A Ugandan community where tribal, racial,religious and class discrimination is minimised to minute levels if not totaly eradicated. They are military men not as of choice but by circumstances and they believe in civil power.

Besigye and Muntu have just a slight difference, Besigye is a little more courageous and makes quick decisions while Muntu kind of takes his time to make a lot of more analysing and compromise. I am very happy to see them in one political party and mutualy supporting each other. The two have all the values a modern leadership needs to have. Thats is why Museveni will no longer sleep for he knows the abilities and capacity these two have. That is more reason he may wish to destroy the FDC physicaly and legaly(false charges, court raids, killing and intimidation of supportersetc) rather than politicaly and ideologicaly or intellectualy. Try to arrange a debate between them and Museveni on Uganda issues Museveni will always dissappear in thin grass only to appear later through the black mamba element.

When one talks about the political reforms it is Besigye and us who put that initiative forward and we still believe in that. Yoweri thinks he is to militarily powerful to see reason why we need reforms and reconciliation. You have not to spend time telling us about it for it is a crucial undertaking we and the entire nation is waitting in order to put the past in history and move forward. So i think Ugandns need to do more talking to your dear leader to help him understand and internalise the importance of reconciliation and reform. These two ideas are more important than the so called amnesty.

And i wish to begg some Ugandans to stop insulting me by asking me to ask for amnesty and i wish to assure you that perhaps it will be my dead body that will ask for amnesty not the living grand son of Karobwa-Mande. Those criminals , cowards and those mentaly enslaved people or those under torture and blackmail can do that but not me.They have killed my people , the people of Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Sudan the list is not less than five million people whose blood stains that cherished ruler of yours who if he does not ask for amnesty we shall deliver to justice in a question of time.

Lastly i dont see science in some people’s advice that it is safer for me to communicate to a newVision journalist,Katerega Ahmed, directlly for that is when he will get my IP and everything.But let me inform Ugandans that i am a public person , i have nothing to hide or fear and i am protected by UN and by Sweden which is also a power in technology. Who ever wishes to talk to me or see me he/she is free so long as he/she does not fear to be eaten by your black mambas. My number is 0046739048412 and my e mail is clear.


colonel. Samson Mande

Former UPDF/FRONASA officer

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