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Kyanjo wasn’t poisoned by ‘Kayibanda’!

By George Okello in London

Mr Hussein Kyanjo is said to have suffered from DYSTONIA.London University College Hospital(UCL) diagnosed and treated Mr Kyanzo for many years.UCL is one of the top 5 hospitals in the world, and so if it diagnosed Mr Kyanjo as suffering from Dystonia and treated him for it for many years, then I can’t see how the alternative diagnosis of “poisoning” comes into the picture. UCL treats a number of conditions for which currently there is is no cure. I am myself a patient, having been diagnosed with SARCOIDIOSIS, another incurable disease, since 2009, and have been on steroid treatment ever since, which only controls and stops my body immune system from launching parasitic attacks on itself, but does not cure the illness itself.. If I die now, it may be convenient to accuse Kayibanda of poisoning me, but in reality it is SARCOIDIOSIS that would have done me in and beaten Kayibanda Museveni to it.

However pleased he will be with the outcome, Kayibanda will never claim any credit for my death. I mention this point because I want Ugandans to face the reality of their medical conditions and to refrain from the habit of finding convenient alibis for inconvenient conditions. 95% of Ugandans who die of HIV/AIDS for eg never admit it, and will claim other causes of death- usually Heart Attack. This habit must stop. If I die of Sarcoid- I want Ugandans to know it is sacoirdoisis that has killed me, and not poison from kayibanda.

Secondly,the announcement of Abbey Semuwemba’s death was a little bit premature. Apparently it is a wish list by some individuals annoyed with Senuwemba’s constant attacks and criticism of Mr Bob Wine. It attracted debate on his Facebook forum, Senuwemba himself refused to deny or confirm his unfortunate demise, so we assume he is still living, rather than resting in peace!


This is a state managed execution. Look at the bodies- that’s not how they would lie if they were shot in the car. There is no shattered glass either. The bullet wounds are on their backs, which means they were shot from the driver side of the vehicle, but the window panes there are not broken. They have also fallen almost in similar fashion as if if in an orchestra or suynchonised gymnastics. The people who arranged the “murder scene” did a very amaetuer job. The caps were executed elsewhere and then the cadavers were arranged in the car for the cameras as a warning. It is typical mafia modus operandi.
Have you had a look of the picture they posted, of being the murder scene. I prosecuted very many murder trials- and this one would not even get to trial if the file was passed to me. Just look at the picture:
1. From which direction were the victims shot? If from the driver side, the windows there are all intact, there is no scratch or shattered glass. Which means the assisn would have had to open the door or the windows, shoot the victims, and then close them again, all within a split second. Is this plausible?
2. The doors on the passenger side are wide open. We there opened by first responders, or by the assasins? Did the assasins shoot from the passenger side? This can’t be so, since the victims would have fallen on the opposite side, and would have at least tried to raise their hands up to protect themselves from gun-wielding assailants. They would not lie down and allow themselves to be calmly shot on the back.
3. The victims seem to have comically landed in sync, just like in syncrhonised swimming. Is this plausible.
NRM people torturing Ugandans should seek forgiveness. Actually I have told here a story of an NRA chap who abducted me and took incacerated me in Lubiri torture chambers. He was then working in military intellligence. He was at Makerere at the same time as myself, and I never knew he held a grudge against me. After 4 or 5 years, the man fell out with the NRA and was himself locked up and later sacked. He wrote to me a letter of genuine apology, regretting what he had done to me. Later on he became ill- his wife contacted me, and I helped pay for his medical bills and even his funeral when he died. I am sorry that he died, but this man made genuine efforts to make up with people he had wronged and to atone and ask for forgiveness.
By George Okello, London, via UAH

Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu wasnt in ADF according to UAH’s Sarah Nalukenge!


On 26th November 2016 Sheikh Kiggundu was gunned down together with his driver, Sgt. Richard Mukasa in the usual fashion of killing Muslim clerics. The incident marks a resumption of the trend of killings of Muslim clerics that had been halted by the ultimatum that had been issued by the clerics who threated to fight for their survival if government had failed to protect them but more so the last general elections. As usual the police were quick at pointing at the usual suspects – the ADF rebel group.

As the then Emir of Kampala district, Kiggundu had been one of the leaders of the Jamat Dawa Salafiya/Tabliq Muslim sect that clashed with security forces over the invasion of the Old Kampala mosque in 1991.He fled into exile and formed the Uganda National Freedom Movement/Army (UNFM/A) that set up bases in West Nile, Congo and Sudan whereby he was its Chairman. His group never carried out any attacks anywhere until in 2000 when he returned to Uganda upon being granted
amnesty. As is always the norm for those who denounce rebellion he was placed under CMI (military intelligence) to help with spying on those still in rebellion. In May 2005 he facilitated the return of 16 members of his group from Sudan – being the last batch of his 200 strong UNFM/A.

He resumed his active religious activities under the Tabliq sect at
the Nakasero mosque. He was one of the Clerics that disagreed with the now detained head of the Tablic sect, Sheikh Kamoga who is detained over murder of other clerics. Kiggundu and other clerics fled to Kibuli mosque and joined the faction opposed to the one of Kamoga.

As part of the deal, the intelligence services recommended his being crowned to the military rank of Major which Museveni granted in 2007. Though the army claims to have a policy of restraining it personnel’s involvement in religious activities, Kiggundu was given exception because he helped the regime to ferment divisionism among the Muslim community. He has been a regular panellist at the Islamic affiliated Pearl FM radio station.

On top of his two Sudanese wives, in November 2015 he wedded Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina the Chairperson of Uganda Traditional Herbalists and Healers Association and a strong regime political mobiliser. She converted to Islam and became Sofia Namutebi. While at the scene of crime on Saturday, she directly called Museveni to complain over the delay to remove her husband’s dead body from the scene. It was through her that Museveni gave orders to an army Colonel for ambulances to evacuate the dead body. Museveni should be commended
for managing the scene of crime.


1. Kiggundu was never a member of the ADF rebel group. Though a fake army Major, his role in the Muslim wrangles put the army in an impartial position.

2. His shooting provided a smoke screen for the Kasese carnage the following day that has left 60+ people dead thus the ADF version.

3. It sends a message that other than Museveni who is guarded by 10,000+ soldiers, any other Ugandan can be shot dead. Therefore Dr. Besigye should be on the watch out.



Tanzania has avoided the menace because it is a nation thanks to Mwalimu Nyerere’s vision. Muslims in TZ have never felt marginalized because they have held the highest office not once but now twice. In fact in the coming October elections it is almost a given that the next TZ president will be Christian due to the rotational rule within CCM.

Another take is that TZ is relatively equal with less opulent one sees in Kenyan especially at the Coast where many seem to protest the opulent lifestyles.

Yet another is that Kenya lacks a strong state because they copied without contextualizing their new constitution. Recently Mr. Charles Mugane Njonjo has lamented that during his day anyone could go to North Eastern and return to Nairobi alive. In his view that is no longer the case.

For some reason elite Kenyans including leading opposition figures were stupid to delude themselves that peace falls like manna from heaven. No. Countries are peaceful and secure because they have a strong-read intrusive -state. Put differently, the Kenyan elite-hello Ugandan elite-thought they could have their cake and eat it too. Hell no. I am sorry there is a trade off between liberty and security and anyone who tells you otherwise I fool period.

Do not think for a moment that state agents in Uganda like it it when sheikhs get killed, they do not, but they understand what is going on. What the heck , in Uganda sheikhs are being eliminated , okay murdered, so that the majority of Ugandans can have peace. That sounds utilitarian so to paraphrase Mr. Al Gore , it is the inconvenience truth. Some lives have to be sacrificed so the majority (emphasis added) can enjoy their rights or peace. No need to be politically correct.

Listen folks, state security is not pretty. We enjoy the peace over sadly, dead bodies and again, anyone who tells you otherwise is in denial.

I am confident that eventually Kenya will get it right. It may not be pretty and will be deadly, but they have to for the sake of their country.Mr. Onyango-Obbo said something that reminded me of Kenya’s attitude towards HIV/AIDS. Because of their tourism sector, Nyayo did not want to scare tourists by openly doing what YKM was doing in Uganda with the help and courage of the late Mr. Philly Bongoley Lutaaya (RIP).

We all know how Kenyan ended up. So if Kenyan will not adopt Uganda’s tactics of fighting terrorism because it doe snot want to scare away tourists, it may be in for another rude shock. Better to face the reality now in order to save the tourist industry in the long term.

TZ is unique not just in EA, but Africa. It is a nation in the real sense where ethnicity and religion matter, but do not dominate as in other African countries. In Uganda it is religion, in Kenya it is ethnicity and so on. So Muslim, Asians , Chagga, Masai, name it all feel they belong with a good chance to make it politically as longa s they belong to CCM. I have met many Indian students from TZ who always said they were Tanzanians and spoke Swahili to the surprise of other Indian students. Their loyalty to TZ is something to admire.

And of course TZ has a very strong state . One theory which may apply to Uganda and Kenyan are divisions within the Muslim leadership. You rarely hear of divisions in TZ the way you do in Uganda, which has created a situation where different factions are funded by different foreign countries and even groups/princes within countries. You know and it is true that Saudi Arabia, yes, is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world. This is one of those inconvenience truths.

Actually the Muslim community in Kenya is fairly united compared to the infighting and greedy factions in Uganda. The problems in Kenya are found mostly in Coast and North Eastern. Ironically the problems have escalated under devolution which is meant to promote inclusion and level the playing field.

The boom line is that when it comes to matters of national security appeasement has never worked. One side has to enjoy a monopoly of violence to avoid a stalemate. In plain English many more have to died to create that position.

Funny, Kenyans miss the no nonsense tactics of the late John Michuki who never discriminated and went after anyone including Mungiki elements. Mungiki’s capability was significantly degraded. editorials that sued to criticize him now remind current office holders to emulate the late Michuki. Again, they miss the problem.

Mr. John Njoronge Michuki wasa hardened administrator who knew the system and the effectiveness of state apparatus all the way to local chiefs. Can you imagine the Kenyan elite wanted chiefs abolished. So who would be listening on the ground?



”Over the last few weeks, a number of serious allegations and pronouncements have been made by the Uganda government against my good name and a number of innocent civilians have been arrested and charged with alleged crimes. As an initial response to these malicious and false allegations I would like to state as follows:
1. I have never ordered the killing of any Muslim cleric in Uganda or of anyone for that matter.
2. I have never financed any killings of any Muslim cleric in Uganda.
3. I have no dealings with the ADF and I have never financed the ADF.
4. I have never formed or been associated with the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group.
5. I have never been involved in any terrorist activities.
6. It is now common knowledge, and I would like to confirm, that I intend to stand against Mr Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections. To this end, my team of brave and vigilant supporters have been traversing the country in a pre-marketing campaign as a prelude to my coming back to Uganda to register and launch my political platform officially. They have been doing this by word-of-mouth and by distribution of my political cards. They have not broken any law. However, the government has harassed many of my supporters, made arbitrary arrests, many have been beaten severely and a number have actually died. The government has now come up with the ridiculous accusations of murder and terrorism to be linked to my name in the hope that this will threaten the population and prevent them from supporting me to oust Mr Museveni, come 2016.
7. My pre-marketing campaign has been under the umbrella of the “Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation” as the proposed political platform. This platform is not a rebel group. This is a political platform and has no links whatsoever to the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group quoted by the government.
8. According to my original schedule, I would have come to Uganda this month, February 2015 or next month March 2015, to officially launch my political platform. Hence the scramble and panic for the government to launch a pre-emptive attack in a bid to try to stop me from launching my political platform. However, I would like to assure all Ugandans that I am not threatened or scared by the government’s machinations and I am prepared at all costs to lead the people of Uganda to freedom so that they can regain their dignity and their country.
Finally, I would like to convey my condolences to all the people that have lost their loved ones. In the end, and hopefully this will be soon, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes will have to answer for these atrocities.

God bless you all.

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi
(Prospective Presidential candidate for 2016)
Consultant Cardiologist and Chairman Uganda Federal Democratic organisation
Tel: +61-448161170


Africa’s political malpractice has nothing to do with whether a country is organized along federal system or unitary. The brutal competition amongst African leaders combined with envy and greed are the key problems. From independence to today once one person among many enters the so-called “State House” everyone else immediately becomes an enemy. The following leaders who also wanted the same “katebe” were murdered by African presidents already in office:

Lutakome Kayira (Uganda)
Tom Mboya (Kenya)
J.M Karuiki (Kenya)
Edward Sokoine (Tanzania)
Patrice Lumumba (Zaire)
John Gaitut (Sudan)

In Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda never gave the following a chance:
Harry Nkumbula
Simon Kapwepwe

In Tanzania, Nyerere never had a good sleep as long as the following were still around:
John Kambona and John Malechela

In the Sudan Bashir has a habit of locking up Aturabi
In Zimbabwe Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo never shared a dinner table and yet they wrestled Rhodesia from Ian Smith together.

Until Africans learn that leading a nation is a shared responsibility, there are many many South Sudans on the way. Instead of Democracy, Democracy and more Democracy, Africans may want to consider what W.W. Dubois did in the United States fighting for and introducing a Civil Rights Act which in the United States outlaws major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, natiional and religious minorities and women. In the following years after its passing into law it was used to end unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at work and by facilities that served the general public (known as public accommodations).

In short, any political systems one introduces in Africa will have the same problems, because the political system is not the problem, but the people running it.



I have been perturbed by people’s shallow analysis and claims that muzoora was killed by Uganda security agents. I think this is the wildest and shallowest allegation by all those people that are anti museveni. The truth is; When muzoora became a dissident supported by Rwandese government, he convinced the same government that he had massive support within UPDF. Thats the reason why besigye during the 2005 elections bragged that he had 90% support of UPDF. Indeed he had some support.

Now, when the struggle collapsed, muzoora, mande and kyakabaale were given sanctury in kigali under protection of kagame government. Both kyakabale and mande became drunkards and chased after Rwandese women. This infuriated Kagame coupled with pressure from Uganda government, kagame asked the two to relocate to Europe. He remained with sober muzoora for sometime until he also helped to relocate to south africa. Muzoora a defeated field commander of the Defunct PRA was demoralised and wanted to go back to Uganda. He contacted Uganda security who were ready to receive him.

This landed into the ears of Kagame who was faced with two problems: One, if muzoora went back to Uganda, he would spill all the bean about Rwanda and all their dirty plans against Uganda. Two, if he returned to Uganda he would reveal the names of the UPDF that corroborated with him who in turn would reveal more about Kagame’s sinister plans.

Against this background Kagame had no other option than ‘putting muzoora out of action.’ He lured muzora to Rwanda, murdered him, put him into a cooler as he planned to dump him at the doorsteps of his parents so that they would think it was Uganda security that killed him. But Rwanda was short sighted. If muzoora had been killed by uganda security operatives, they would have dumped him in congo where he operated to make it look like he was killed by thugs in congo! Muzoora’s body bore torture signs implying that Rwanda security tortured him before they killed him so that he can reveal to them if he had delved any information to Uganda security. So, stop confusing people saying muzoora was killed by Uganda security.

Bart Kakooza
UAH forumist.

President Museveni ought to resign or get impeached after the recent revelation by a defected insider General

Maj Gen James Kazini who was clobbered on the head and had his skull split by a 6ft 6in thug- according to Gen.Sejusa

Maj Gen James Kazini who was clobbered on the head and had his skull split by a 6ft 6in thug- according to Gen.Sejusa

After the recent revelation to the London papers by an insider whistle blower General Sejusa, Ugandans are left in Shock and awe regarding the alleged orders by their President to murder several prominent army personnel and other civilians whose deaths shocked us all. In many of these cases we always gave the President the benefit of doubt by holding on to our own suspicions! In the case of late Kazini, there was an obvious unbalanced equation – girl friend could not have murdered the goose that laid the golden eggs! This fatal blow to the head of a trained army General by a woman who couldn’t even wield an axe was so hard to digest as absolute truth! The list of unsolved murders using poison,goons and accidents has been an albatross hanging around those in the halls of power in Uganda for quite sometime and now that news of high hand involvement is revealed, it warrants a serious investigation and indeed impeachment ought not out of the short purview of our law makers.

Now what ! how do we proceed as Ugandans given this new evidence against our President? – that he actually ordered the murder of several of his colleagues, some of whom were involved in the struggle to liberate our country – these revelations by one of his top Generals have seriously eroded his legitimacy to remain the commander in chief of the Ugandan army as well as the President of Uganda. He ought to be impeached by parliament or resign the presidency as he tries to gain his footing against such serious allegations.

Tendo Kaluma
Ugandan in Boston!

By Henry D Gombya, Editor – The London Evening Post

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni “ordered the killing” of Dr Lutakome Andrew Kayiira, a former Energy Minister in the Museveni Government who was killed during an attack on the house of this writer in Gaba outside Kampala in March 1987. The Ugandan leader was also behind the killing of a former commander of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Maj Gen James Kazini after falsely accusing him of sending money to rebels of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) in Southern Sudan.

These shocking revelations were made today (Sunday) by Gen David ‘Tinye’ Sejusa in a letter to his Kampala lawyer Joseph Luzige when countering accusations that a relative of his had left Uganda recently with US$8million to bring to the General in England where he has been since he left Uganda nearly four months ago. Gen Sejusa said that this was not the first time that his former boss had used such accusations to lay the ground for harassing, disorganising and harming family members of those opposed to him. “The people of Uganda will get to know the game plan of Museveni and his gang,” Gen Sejusa said. “They will know that this is a trick long played by Museveni to get to his political opponents, their families and businesses.”

He revealed that after accusing Gen Kazini of sending money to elements of the SPLA, Museveni “ordered his execution by procuring the services of a 6ft 6in man to murder Kazini”. He went on to say: “Forget that trash of [Lydia] Draru. In case of Kazini, again some forex bureau, originally said to belong to Gen Kazini, but [which] actually belonged to a known relative of Museveni, was later to be used to pass the money for the payment of the executioners of Kazini, to the accounts of the assassins.”

In a story that appeared in the Kampala-based Monitor newspaper, a Kampala Forex Bureau was closed after allegedly handing over $8million to a woman said to be a relative of Gen Sejusa who in turn is said to have brought the cash to London. The paper also claimed that the unnamed woman had passed through stringent security measures at Heathrow Airport in London, handed the money to Gen Sejusa, took a flight home and has not been arrested since for any offence. The Forex Bureau was named as Pakasa Forex Bureau in Bugolobi on the outskirts of the Ugandan capital Kampala.

Before the story of the money being brought to London to Gen Sejusa broke, The London Evening Post had met the General in London and during our meeting with him he had denied reports linking him to owning a property in London. During our discussion he said unlike others in the Museveni regime, no one can accuse him of being corrupt and that he had not made any money at all from illegal businesses and denied owning any property anywhere. Told by The London Evening Post that it had been alleged he owns a property in Chiswick in West London, he said these were some of the many rumours linking him to property in Europe and the United States. He denied he owned any property in those countries. He said in London he was living on the kindness of friends and sympathisers. The London Evening Post actually paid for the drinks during the meeting.

Lydia Draru, the girlfriend of Gen Kazini who was ‘falsely’ accused of his murder.

In the letter to his Kampala lawyer, as copy of which was sent to us this morning, Gen Sejusa said the family of Gen Kazini is aware of who killed him. He said the late General’s brother ‘Singa’ who tried to follow up those that had killed the General, was also killed. “And the Kenyan team of private investigators which had been hired by the family, was attacked and it left the country at night,” Gen Sejusa revealed. He added: “And the family was threatened and their businesses targeted. Two very close senior relatives of Museveni organised this but I will not name them now, though their names are known by those with this information.”

Gen Sejusa warned President Museveni that he was now playing the same games against him since he left the country. “This time we shall not allow you to murder our people,” he wrote. “It started in the bush. Remember our army commander Sam Magara and those boys you used to kill him in cold blood? We kept their photos. They will be released for your enjoyment. This mischief must stop Mr President. You know we know you. You are dealing [now] with a different cup of tea. It will burn you. So go slow on your dirty tricks campaign,” Tinye said.

Gen Sejusa who before his flight to London was the coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, and is one of the allegedly 27 men who started the bush war that finally brought Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986, said Gen Museveni had in the past used money allegations against the late Dr Kayiira. He said: “For those in the know, again Andrew Kayiira was said to possess money before he was gunned down by Museveni’s goons.” The general had earlier on Saturday told The London Evening Post that he has a list of those who killed Kayiira, a personal friend then of this writer. In his letter to his lawyer, Gen Sejusa says: “The list of the killers [who attacked this writer’s family 26 years ago] is known because the case was investigated by the best police in the world [New Scotland Yard]. So there is no debate about that. The reason given was money. Mr Museveni knows the real motive and the real executioners.”

The UPDF General went on to warn President Museveni that if he (Museveni) does not seek amnesty from the people of Uganda, his crimes would overwhelm him. “Let Scotland Yard allow [the] release [of] the report of [the] Kayiira murder and many, many others. The world will be shocked about the murders in our midst,” Gen Sejusa revealed, adding: “For now, your game is clear. It’s stupid because it’s reckless. But watch out. I can assure you that your every move is being watched. Those who died will live to haunt you.”

Defending himself against accusations that one of his relatives had smuggled money through British airports, Gen Sejusa denies all this in the letter to his lawyer. He told President Museveni: “I do not steal like you. The British Government knows my situation. Britain [is] not a banana republic like ours which you have destroyed through your corruption. They would not allow US$8million to be smuggled [through their] airport. It’s a foolish lie.”

Gen Sejusa who changed his name into the Kiganda translation of Tinyefunza, accused the Ugandan leader of trying to use the story of a relative of his bringing him money in London to try and make him look “as dirty as that club of looters”. He said: “Unfortunately for you, it can’t hold now. It’s too late. I know you’re trying to destroy the little I earned at home. Just like you did in 1996, 1997 and 1999.” He warned Museveni: “If you do, God will reward me tenfold or more. He always did and will. But everything has its time.”

He said another reason President Museveni was using such stories against him was to threaten those that are trying to help the general now by trying to link them to a rebellion. “This rebellion is music to my ears,” Gen Sejusa said. “It’s not bad at all as it sounds when it’s being alleged. Not a bad story at all. We need to be told its extent, organisation, personnel, arms, support, target etc., etc. It’s gonna be interesting.” Sejusa went on to challenge the Ugandan leader to charge him with treason as was announced this week. He said: “So go right and charge me, not for desertion, for that’s not the real reason you assaulted Entebbe International Airport, but for that alleged treason. Bring it [out] in the open. It’s high time. Just be informed am not afraid.”

The renegade General ended his letter to his lawyer with a warning to those Museveni is now allegedly using for his propaganda. He told them: “…you may be paid. But when the country sinks, you too will be chief guests at the sinking party. So we need to be mindful of what all this portends to our country.”

During a meeting with The London Evening Post as well as with veteran London-based Ugandan journalist Dr Vincent Magombe Saturday, Gen Sejusa said he will in time release all the names of those that were involved in the attack at my house in which Dr Kayiira was gunned down. The attack forced my wife and I to flee the country and left her greatly traumatised, something she has failed to recover from to this day. We have not been home since then.

Tinye told us how Gen Kazini had been clobbered on with a big metal bar that opened his skull up. It had been alleged that his then girlfriend Lydia Draru had killed him. It is unthinkable to see how this woman can any longer be held on suspicion of murder after these revelations by Gen Sejusa. The General also promised that in time he will tell Ugandans the extent of the killings that President Museveni has organised among officers and men of the country’s armed forces, the UPDF and within the civilian population. This will involve details about the unexplained poisoning of Brigadier General Mayombo and former NRM Secretary General Wapakabhulo among many others. We urge readers to watch this space for more revelations.

Former UFM soldier in London has said that NRM started the murders before UPC/UNLA did in 1980s and promises Akandoya to Ofwono Opondo

I put it to you that NRA started the massacres. I can justify my claim with one example. In 1982, in a place called Lwanyonyi on Jinja road, before reaching a small town called Mbalala on Mukono -Jinja road, NRA ambushed 18 trailers which belonged to Coffee Marketing Board and they were transporting coffee beans to Mombasa. They killed all the track-drivers and then set fire on the tracks. The NRA muderers disappeared and by the time UNLA came to scene, it was filled with the smell of death.

A man that hosted the NRA thugs is called Lutaya and he is still alive. NRA committed these crimes and many more unprovoked.

Matayo Kyaligonza headed the NRA urban terrorism unit. He hurled grenades on un-armed civilians, he planted landmines in roads and his targets were civilians. Pecos Kuteesa also bragged about these crimes recently as well.

They also ambushed the Owinyi Kibul bus on Kampala- Gulu road and you killed students who were going back to school. Nobody provoked you into committing such a heinous crime.

Opondo Ofwono came to Mukono recently and he has no idea what the situation was in the very area that he lives in. UFM operated all around that area and sometimes spent a night in Ziribaggwa’s compound but no dead bodies were ever found around there.

Next door to Ofwono’s house, lived a man called Odema who was the UPC chairman for his village, he mistreated people but no UFM soldier ever thought of killing him.

But for Ofwono, he has been harassing people during elections at Ham Mukasa Memorial Ground. He goes around wielding his revolver and killing mere suspected thieves yet he is a thieve himself.

But Opondo, I know him, and a few months ago I sat with him at a bar near Shell- station in Mukono. He was arguing with me and I looked at him with a nasty look but he never suspected that he was talking to a man who will one day I’nsha Allah’ see him go down the with sewage. I can’t wait to one day to tie Ofwono Opondo aKandoya and make him match to the temple of justice.

He is justifying the NRA murders and even the NRA murders of Late Andrew Kayiira and the UFM/A soldiers who they exterminated in trailer wagons. He is here justifying the Mukula massacres and many more.

As I always put it, lack of critical reasoning is the problem of Banyarwanda both in Uganda and Rwanda.

How can one reason that because although Rwandese were happy in Uganda, it was a home far away from home?

It takes just about 8 hours to drive from Kampala to Kigali. Many Ugandan business men used to travel to and from Kigali without any problem.

Why on earth did they think that using force was the best way forward?

Many of so called Rwandes returned to Uganda by 1995. Right now, all the RPF officers do still have both Ugandan and Rwandese citizenship. Every Friday, these politicians come and spend the weekend in Kampala. They have properties and relatives in Uganda and they are only using Rwanda for Kyeyo purposes.

It is shame that you killed innocent people in Rwanda simply simply because you could not quench your thirst for power.

Greed, sarcasm and lust for power and dominance drove you into committing genocide both in Rwanda and Congo and now you are regretting.

NRM went into Luwero claiming that your votes were stolen during the 1980 elections and when you captured Kampala, you turned your guns to UFM soldiers , the Kayiira himself, then to the innocent people of Rwanda, then to the innocent people of Congo.

Social worker, businessman and a member of UAH in LONDON

This was the first letter which Tinye was referring to

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
The President of Uganda,
P.O.Box 25497
State House,

January, 20th,2013

Yours Excellency. I am Catherine Ddembe, the FDC councilor of Mpigi districtand a close friend of Ssebina Ssekitoleko your NRM mobiliser for several years. Around September 2012, I was requested by -y friend Sebina to meet the Inspector General of Police, Lt. General Kale Kayihura to discuss some urgent matters. I agreed to meet General Kayihura in his office at Police Headquarters on Parliamentary Avenue,he asked me to do a mission for him and in return, I would be paid whatever I wanted.

He offered to give me a title for a house in Kampala and a scholarship abroad for further studies. He wanted me to visit my friend Michael Kabaziguruka, the Vice Chairman FDC Electoral Commission at Luzira Prison, where he was remanded on treason charges to convince him as well as Frederick Namara who was once your soldier in PGB and others that were facing similar charges to confess to having been rebels.

Dr. Kizza Besigye he said is a problem with his attempts to overthrow government. He wanted me to convince Kabaziguruka to give a written confession saying this. I got worried when he also asked me to say that the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, the Chief of Defense Forces General Nyakairima, General David Tinyefuza, and others were the funders and leaders of this rebel group. As asupporter of FDC, you know that I do not support the People’s Redemption Army.If Kabaziguruka and the others agreed to cooperate, they would get their freedom and 200 million shillings each.

I was scared, but I still went to visit the prisoners. ln fact, I visited them many times but my conscience was not clear. I even went to Nakawa court when they were taken there. Ssebina drove me all the times and I felt I could not say no. My friend’s reaction to my offer was of suspicion. They claimed that they had been framed regarding rebel activities, and were not willing to confess in case they ended up in jail forever. Then they told me some other FDC member had also approached them telling them that they were to be poisoned inprison. They told me to go talk to their lawyer Rwakafuzi. When I reported back to the IGP, he said he would talk to Rwakafuzi himself. I did not tell Kale of the poison threats on the prisoners.

A few days later, Kale called me and informed me that Rwakafuzi had refused the offer and said that his clients were innocent in the first place. Then Kale told me to continue engaging my friends at Luzira to convince them that they would find them another lawyer. He even offered to pay their legal fees and upon their release they would be paid 400 million shillings each. I went to talk with Kabaziguruka and Namara again but they refused saying they would die.Kabaziguruka refused saying that in his life he had never met with Mbabazi,Sejusa and Aronda and he can’t help NRM sort out its internal fights.

As for Besigye, Kabaziguruka said that he will die first before implicating his President. When I reported back to Kale, he became angry and insisted that I must finish my mission since he had already arranged a meeting for me with you during your visit to his father’s memorial service in Kisoro last October.After that I went back and met Kabaziguruka and Namara while they were appearing at Nakawa High Court but again they refused.

On Independence Day, Kale called me and informed me that he would skip the Independence celebrations at Kololo and that I should meet him in Muyenga Community Police Post. I wondered why the IGP would miss the Golden Jubilee celebrations and want to meet me. When I arrived, Kale accused me of not doing enough to convince my friends at Luzira to cooperate and yet this operation was blessed by you. He talked a lot about how this operation began Your Excellency,I beg to meet you and tell you more when it is us two.

He told me that the arrest of Kabaziguruka and friends was a set up. This is also what Kabaziguruka had been telling me when I visited him. But Kale said it was your Special Forces that planted those guns. Afande Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba had assigned his most trusted soldier, Captain Kashakamba to carry out the operation. I did not believe him and told him that I was scared and wanted to get out of these things.

I feared also now that I would be killed. Kale gave me 20 million shillings to continue with Kabaziguruka group until they agreed to the deal. 20 million was supposed to take care of their families and their welfare at Luzira. Kale told me that he had deployed police escorts to guard the Kabazigurukas on the way to and from Nakawa High Court and that this was a way of putting pressure on them to show them that they had no alternative but had to accept his offer.

While we were seated together, Kale received a phone call from someone he kept on calling as MK. He told him that he had received reports that the Besigye/Mbabazi, Aronda,Tinyefuza group was planning to ambush the prisons vehicle that was transporting the Kabaziguruka’s to court and kill the suspects in order to stop them from talking’ In addition to this, he reported to the same MK that the group had some rebel troops already in Kampala and were planning to attack Mbuya Miltary Barack Naguru Police Barracks and other isolated police stations in central Region. And then Kale told MK that he had requested for 127 billion shillings to sort this out and they were delaying’ He also said on phone that the request was sent to Finance under”supplies” and they were delaying. He told the person on the otherside of the phone that they would put pressure on Finance through you since the rebels were becoming stronger.

When he got off the phone, Kale told me that since the Kisoro meeting with you did not happen’ he wanted me to meet you at another time. He told me to tell you that my friends in Luzira had confessed in me that the leaders of their rebel group were NRM leaders in the army and in the party and that also Besigye had carried the other army generals to meet to the Kabaka at his palace in Banda where Kabaka had given his blessing. He also told me that since the inmates refused to confess, my story would be enough. I am a Muganda Your Excellency. I cannot speak about the Kabaka like that.

Your Excellence I decided then that i was going to go in hiding. This man was using your name and I did not feel safe. To know Kale is doing a bad thing, he said he would travel with Ingrid Turinawe our chairperson of FDC women’s League to Norway. From Norway he wanted to buy a confession from a man called Frank Atukunda who is a political refugee in Norway. But when I asked Ssebina why Norway, he told me, Kale was going to Rome for an International police conference. Ssebina told me that I should not talk’ nobody knew he was going to Norway and everyone thinks he will be in Rome. Kale would fly to Thailand to meet you and hand over the confessions he gets in Norway himself.

After this, I got scared and decided to go hide in the village for some time.My conscience was not clear so I asked my relatives and some party members what to do. I was advised to run away from Ssebina and Kale because they are dangerous and powerful. Can you imagine Your Excellence, that Ssebina is so powerful that even Kayihura took him to address the police council? Also Ssebina moves with 5 guns in his car.

Your Excellency, I have written to you because I fear for my life. These people are using your name’ I am also seeking audience to tell you more. The recent problems in Kampala must be the work of IGP Kayihura and Ssebina and their people to justify the existence of the rebel group’ I say this because I have heard Ssebina boasting that these killings are being done by a unit in police headed by a man called Nixon.”

Bayera Gacumba

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