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Akena and his wife have sold UPC to Museveni but we shall resist them!

Jimmy Akena and Betty Amongi


It is really mystery how a mental midget like Akena could ever aspire for leadership of a great party like UPC. let alone be a national leader. The man does not have the intellectual capacity to be even a village leader. Just look at is record as a member of parliament. In more than 8 years sitting in that bogus house, have you heard Akena move a motion on any economic or social policy, or even debate on anything of substance? He has been telling his psychophants that kayibanda has promised to hand over power to him, just like Moi annointed Kenyatta’s son Uhuru as his successor. He clearly does not understand Kenyan politics- and the fact that Uhuru tred to create his own power base, seperate from KANU, which was already a badly soiled brand in any case. he does not understand Kemya politics. His only selling point is that he is the son of president obote. beyond that he does not have a clue as to what he would do with power, should he accidentally stagger into it.

The debate inside the UPC is very necessary at this moment in time, because I dont think we can carry on with Akena and his wife any longer. The two are scum, and make our task even more difficult to rebuild the party and get back to power and to where we belong.The issue here really is if James Akena and his wife Betty Amongi are beyond redemption or reached a point of no return..

Resisting Electoral Reforms alone confirms that Museveni has been rigging elections!

New Electoral Commission, Old Problems

NRM has constantly been accused of election rigging. Wouldn’t that allegation call for caution when priding yourself about President Museveni’s high percentage points? Perhaps real competition would be realized if all there is a free and fair election.Personally, I can support any person who emerges victorious on a free and fair election.

While the Opposition is advocating for Electoral Commission overhaul, NRMO is always resisting the change and want the president who is also a candidate to appoint the members of the commission? Why does it resist the change if it has no direct benefit? Sometimes I wonder if we understand what we do. Under the “Conflict of Interest” clause, the president who is also a candidate should have been aware of the seriousness of conflict of interest and set an example for others to follow.

I see the government not respecting the “Conflict of Interest” when the president who is always the candidate does the selection process of the EC members. In this regard, I see no fault with the Opposition. In parliamentary democracy, it is not the loudness but the quality and respect of arguments that is important. Why should the Opposition work so hard to create the necessary EC reform, doesn’t government have a greater responsibility to ensure free and fair elections?

For me I hold the government responsible for failure in reforming EC; the Opposition and Civic leaders have pointed out the anomalies so it should be the government to rectify them; the Opposition in a democracy puts forward alternative working policies and if there is respect and will to see democracy working, then the government in power implements those suggestions.

Pointing out the merits and demerits of a candidate choosing the referee without soliciting input of the other candidate is wrong.

If government was indeed interested in reforms, I suppose the simplest thing it could do was to ask each Opposition party to nominate persons they think can in the EC and submit all those names to the parliamentary committee to narrow down the list and if they failed in the elections then they would have none but themselves to blame!

The commission is not about one person, the boss. It is the entire body. Our government is not interested in doing a good job. One other approach is to advertise the positions for interested persons to vie for and the best candidates taken, that would somehow make the process of appointment transparent.

Election problems don’t just appear during election day, by that time, all has been done. It is in that respect that foreign election observers often report that the exercise was orderly, peaceful as they declare the results as the reflection of the electorate. On the contrary, the local or national observers cry foul yet both groups observed the same elections. The difference comes from when the rigging started. And often the foreign observers are easily identified because of the colour of their skin so good conduct is encouraged if only to ‘fool” them.

I have always argued that the international community should make use of the nationals of the countries’ they intend to serve, those are people who know the geography, history and tricks of their people and can easily do a better elections or projects’ monitoring, but such exercises attract hefty money, which the foreigners also want.

Suppose the Commonwealth recruited regular members of the UAH forum,and if those are not enough they included Simon to go to monitor elections in Uganda on its behalf, I am sure the report would be different from what their white counterparts report. Because if I am monitoring elections in Teso, nobody would care or identify me as I would get on a bicycle and go to a slum like Campswahili like any ordinary person and I would hear from the people what they did. I say this because this is exactly what happened in 2001 when Mike Mukula mobilized the headmistress of one high school to take girls to vote for President Museveni. These were students who had not been registered and they were under age. What we did was to monitor them take the students and we got the kids arrested and they had to beg us to get the kids released. Yes, when they were doing, they thought nobody could find out what they were doing, they were shocked! They panicked as to what parents would do but on our part, we did not want the kids to suffer in police cells or be produced in court for they were innocent, what we did was to expose them and also to teach the kids not to ever accept to be used.

There many ways rigging takes place, that is why an independent and trustworthy commission is necessary but of course it doesn’t mean it will be 100% good; we acknowledge human error but let it be an error.

I guess we have spent a fairly long time on this issue, people of all walks of life have addressed themselves to this issue and it is up to government to hear their calls or reject it, at the right time, it will be called to account for its actions.

Peter Simon via UAH

Party President should only act as a party manager, and not stand for presidency!

Uganda has a million potentials, many of whom can do better than the President but the way all party systems in Uganda are set you cant have any of them just show up on the radar, that’s why I have always advocated for a change within these party constitutions so that the party president acts just as a party manager and not be allowed to stand as a presidential candidate because then he will be working for the whole party not for his own interest such arrangement makes it possible for people like Obama in the US to come out of the shadows and stand. But try coming up before Hon.Mao or his Holiness Ottunu, or the President him self, and they will use all their powers as party leaders to trump you down least you take the flag.

About the EC reforms I clearly pointed out that before anything else the opposition should work on the EC and I predicted that they wont until the last year towards elections. Guess what, we are back to square one and they have behaved the same each and every election period. If the best plan to protect your self from the rain is to build a roof when lightening starts striking and the clouds getting darker and heavier then let them face it.

So it goes every time the opposition won during the by-elections they said the elections were fair, every time they lost they said the elections were rigged, we have hard enough of that until they make up their minds what it is then their better of holding free and fair elections in their parties as they chose their candidates.

The conflict of interest goes as far as the “choice”, there after the Parliament has to approve that person, and past that the Constitution clearly mentions the Independence of this person.

Dr. Edward Kayondo via UAH

Talks between UPC Party and NRM government

I am still perturbed about the forthcoming talks if it ever takes place. We are being told that the National Council has already given it a blessing. I have two questions which I hope the leadership of UPC will give me the answer.

The first question is who initiated the talks? Was it NRM government or the UPC leadership? Secondly what does the talk aim to achieve? In my opinion before any talks can take place the general membership of the Party should be consulted so that they can give in their input. I saw something on UPC net where the Party President asked members to give their input. I only hope this is being done at the grass root level as well. Secondly the members should also be informed about the agenda. No excuse should be given that the agenda is secret.

The membership of the Party should realise that any secret dealings between the NRM government and UPC Party is not possible. The present politics in Uganda these days is rotten to the core. I was in Uganda for the last five months and I saw it with my own eyes.

The politics of Uganda got spoilt with the advent of the Okellos’ coup. The coming in of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made it worse. It has been politics of the gun throughout though it has been disguised with some sham elections. What I saw is quite appalling. The NRM has introduced money game in the politics of Uganda. Most political positions go to those who have money. The days where people were voted in by the electorate based on ideas are gone.

In that type of scenario what type of talks can you hold with NRM government concerning democratic practices in Uganda. If the UPC Party leadership care for return of normal politics in Uganda it should be calling for a National Dialogue where all Ugandan can be consulted and they can give their opinion about the type of democracy they want. Anything short of that will not do. The leadership should not take people for a ride by comparing the present Uganda situation with that of British government and Sinn Fien in Northern Ireland some years back. That was totally a different scenario.

The leadership should also stop telling us that because we are not on the ground we do not know the situation as much as they do. They should realise that in this modern age of technology information is at the finger tips of those who care to look for it. Some of us have up to date information on what is taking place in Uganda by the minute.

John Ojok-Akona
UPC Member London


The NRM constitution allows all members with the minimum qualifications (kindergarten) to contest for any position within the party. But because president Museveni is extremely scared of competition, he is not about to allow Amama Mbabazi to stand against him. On his own, Mbabazi may seem insignificant, but it is the fragmentation in support that bothers the strategists.

Remember there is Gilbert Bukenya, Ssejusa, the rebel MPs, JPM’s sister in-low, and then the silent opponents still testing the waters before jumping in. These groups could easily cause a lot of disorganisation within the party, forcing the regime to either use upper hand methods to nutralise the threat, or steal the votes in full view of everybody UPC style. The internal dynamics of the NRM party have shifted towards change, it is that change that scares the president hence the efforts to suppress it through the Kyankwanzi resolution, purging, humiliation, and so on.

There is a realisation by some actors that the NRM political class can not continue to pretend as if all is fine, but because the borrower is a servant to the lender, president Museveni knows that his support on the ground is not solid enough to have others run against him. The bunkum blame game that president Museveni has employed for very many years is tired and has finally outlived its usefulness. 30yrs and you still move around the country blaming the opposition and the thieves stealing medicines and mattresses from Mulago hospital? Is it not because the institutions of government that could have dealt with them have all but been rendered impotent by the president himself?

Considering that both Mbabazi and Ssejusa, but also Gilbert Bukenya are not that popular with the people in the country compared to say Dr. Besigye, but still find considerable residual support here and there is in it’self tantalising. The president doesn’t know what they have in store for him, so why take chances if you can circumnavigate the threat by offering JPAM a prime ministerial position? Ssejusa’s history needs no introduction or explanation to anybody, and so is Mbabazi’s enemies from both within the party and the public. As for Bukenya, that one is a joker, I think he wants to attract Museveni’s attention.


NRM WIN IN BUSIA Was Due to the Good Campaign run by the Party

NRM campaign team being supported by NRM Diaspora League under the Leadership of Mr Abbey Walusimbi led a winning campaign in Busia LC 5 by-election which saw the NRM candidate, Stephen Oundo Wanyama, win the Busia District leadership.

Mr Wanyana got 31,443 votes defeating is closest rival Mr Deo Hasubi who garnered 21,844 votes, the NRM campaign was well organised and well managed; the door to door campaign was very effective and productive.

A team of NRM Diaspora league members led by their Chairman Mr Walusimbi worked hand in hand with local NRM leaders to campaign for Mr Wanyama, by informing voter the benefit of voting in NRM and the achievements of NRM in the District.

Voters in Busia took the message at heart and voted in the NRM man with great support. Credit must go to Secretary General Hon Justine Lumumba, Deputy Secretary Richard Todwong and NRM Diaspora League for the good campaign they run in the District and the effort they put in.

The people of Busia had a choice and they took the opportunity by choosing a progressing NRM candidate, this can be attributed to the good campaign by the NRM Team being supported by NRM Diaspora league, now the party must continue to support the league and work hand in hand for the good of the party in and outside of the Country.

It will be better if the League Chairman can represent all is members and all NRM supporters in Diaspora at the high level of the party Structure. The League Chairman must have a seat at the party Central Executive Committee (CEC) in order to act on Diaspora members concerns and issues.
This will improve the support of NRM in Diaspora and market the achievement of NRM party to Ugandans in Diaspora.

Written By Peter Marco Via UAH FORUM

Mbabazi was humiliated at the NRM Delegates Conference and he probably deserved it!

First I am happy that the very people who helped create the current state of affairs often get a taste of the very treatment they mete out to others soon or later. Mbabazi is now the recent addition on the long list of sycophants who have fallen out of favor with the president. That is why I congratulate the party chairman for accomplishing all his tasks in achieving what he sets out to get.

I had written on this forum many months ago that Former Prime Minister had one way out if he wanted to retain his sanity. His only viable option then was to resign and retain some dignity, freedom and sanity. Leaders obsessed with power are very predictable in the way they do their things. They read from the same script. If you find a leader ignoring the laws when dealing with Lukwago or the wider opposition, you can only have yourself to blame (as a sycophant) to assume that this same leader will treat you differently just because you are part of his inner circle or you are his friend. Amama Mbabazi as the architect of the infamous KCCA act that effectively denied the people of Kampala the much needed democracy they had earlier on enjoyed does not deserve any sympathy from from us. It would instead be humbling if not exciting to read in the media that he (Mbabazi) has been carried in car boot from Kanungu to Kampala. There are more barbs than praises for Mbabazi. We all remember how obsessively stifled healthy discussion within his party of positive criticisms from the young men of his party. He worked very hard to have them thrown out of his party and out of Parliament. At least now they are in a better off position than Mbabazi. While they are able to receive legal redress from proper courts of law, Mbabazi’s fate is from time to time being sealed by mob justice he helped create. You can not imagine what kind of humiliation a former security chief and Prime Minister felt having to be stopped from talking at a function by a low ranking police officer. And more such humiliations are in the pipeline waiting for him unless he makes up with his boss. I am afraid to repeat my reading of things that Mbabazi has only two options. One is to make up with his boss (like Sejusa has done) or keep quiet and retire as the mob wants him to do. Short of that he might be risking the treatment like the one North Korean leaders give to members of the inner circle who fail to tow the leaders line. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

One of Mbabazi’s predecessors is alleged by the media to have said that the Party Chairman has done so many illegal things in the past and has got his way. He was encouraging the party diehards to ignore Mbabazi’s threat of seeking legal redress if he is removed from the post of the party secretary general. Mbabazi should seriously reflect on Kintu Musoke’s comments and take heed.

The militarization of NAADS program and other civil programs can also be ascribed to this to one of Mbabazi’s schemes just like he advocated for the violent removal of Lukwago from office and later government to use taxi payer’s money to pay for any compensation if the need arose in future out of this unfortunate event. You might all know that business at KCCA does not follow the civil rules. It only follows a chain of command from one source. Everything is done in a military way. First “do” and then “ask” questions afterwards. This certainly achieves results. However gross violations of rights can be expected. Unfortunately for the common man who might be wrongly victimized by this method of work, there is a century of time to wait before any justice can be dispensed. And indeed some may never live to see that justice. With the military taking over civilian roles and duties on one side and the yellow judges on the other side, justice can only fly out of the window. It is my personal belief that this situation will one day change; no situation is permanent. However, it will first get worse before it becomes better.

Welcome back to the one party system which was the original design of governance crafted by the bush war heroes.Under the current circumstances, it is only those who consistently stand for the truth who will survive. Those who are sycophants today and expect to become critics the following day will be mercilessly subdued using all available means into submission.

Typos and omissions expected, please correct them.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire


After successfully changing the party constitution, from now onwards, the NRM is clearly going to operate like North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party (WPK), where the Chairman of NRM is some sort of a “Supreme leader” exercising absolute control over the party and government. Like the WPK, NRM will only pretend to have some kind of internal democracy, while in truth, power is centralized in the hands of the party Chairman. Although this was not discussed at their conference, it was nevertheless evidently implied in the “sole candidate” posters which littered the conference venue that General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is practically designated as an “Eternal President” of Uganda. Museveni has effectively created a personality cult in the NRM party (and arguably) in Uganda. The reality of this personality cult is seen from the level of intolerance displayed by Museveni and his (blind) supporters towards anyone who dares to challenge the “eternal president” for the top job! It seems those people do not understand the idea of NRM’s revolution – President Museveni calls them bankrupt, because they naively think that he can give them power.

In North Korea, they have a philosophy called Songun which means “military-first”. This philosophy gives the military a central position in the country politics. All social sectors are compelled to emulate the military spirit and embrace military methods. Uganda’s ruling party (and eternal president) are systematically converting Uganda towards this idea. I think most Ugandans still remember how the President abruptly directed UPDF to take over the Naads program effectively replacing all civil servants in that program. There was no policy guideline to this effect, it was the mere pronouncement of the “eternal president” which was implemented immediately and without any questions! Similarly, everyone probably knows that the UPDF has for all practical purposes been in charge of producing the national IDs. Colonel Stephen Kwiringira, deputized by Major Kweri Celet were appointed by General Aronda Nyakairima to head the National Security Information System project, which was given the responsibility of producing national IDs. On a wider scale, the “eternal leader” is already contemplating deploying the UPDF in all constituencies to monitor government programs! He mentioned this plan on Heroes’ day celebrations in Mityana (June 2014), the same day he declared that Naads was going to be managed by UPDF. All these practices tell the same story – that Museveni “the eternal leader of NRM” has steadily introduced and will now entrench the Songun philosophy in Uganda.

Is NRM reading from North Korea’s WPK script?

Muslim Muslim

Open Letter to NRM Delegates From a NEC member

Dear Comrades,

I am for purposes of this communication called Cadre Sharp, I am but one of you but for reasons we all can guess, It is better to use this open and anonymous platform of print media to share some important information that we may need to consider as we gather to deliberate.

So I begin by sharing what in my view is at stake today and this weekend, many have misinterpreted this conference to be a battle of control between our two most senior leaders Mr Museveni and Mr Mbabazi, they have said that we have come to strengthen one and bury the other.
I would like to argue, that it is untrue and misleading. What is at stake today is bigger than a power struggle between two ambitious men and their families. Were this to be the only truth, it would indeed be an absurdity and a monumental failure of our struggle for freedom and democracy as a nation

What is at stake today is the very soul of NRM as a party and a struggle. Is the NRM a mass party to be owned by the people of Uganda and be used as a vehicle to advance their interests or is it a private enterprise of an individual’s quest for power which has now become contested by two competing owners?. That my comrades is the question we must ask and answer

What is at stake is whether people who shed their blood in Luwero and other places in this country died so that we should keep certain individual leaders in power or whether they sacrificed their lives so that Ugandans should have the right to hire and fire any leaders they wish any time.? That is the question that faces us.

What is at stake is the validity of the opening statement in our national constitution which asserts that power belongs to the people and that the people will exercise it according to this constitution, they so painstakingly debated and promulgated in the early years of this revolution.That the same constitution, prescribes that political parties must be national in character and democratic in nature, that their national leaders must be regularly “ Elected and not Appointed” from Ugandans.

What is at stake is whether what commenced on 6th Feb 1981 was a peoples struggle to give themselves freedom and democracy or was a reckless blood thirst adventure for personal and perpetual power, fortune and glory for one of two families or perhaps even only one man.

What is at stake is whether 26th Jan 1986 ushered in a fundamental change in our politics or a mere change of guards from brutal naked dictators to a more sophisticated and educated type of the same, that has resulted in today’s no change ideology. Can any society improve if it rejects any kind of change?

Now my friends, we here present must find the courage to tell our leaders that Uganda must belong to Ugandans not to those who happen to be our leaders at a particular time and that political parties are public and not private property.

That God forbid that NRM should become the private political enterprise of Museveni or Mbabazi for that matter. God forbid that all the blood and sweat we have expended in the struggles were only to serve the selfish desire of our leaders to maintain and monopolize power.

We therefore have no choice but reject every proposal that usurps the power of the many and seeks to concentrate it in the hands of a few or one man. We must indeed prove that we fought the UPC government because we were and should always be better democrats than them.

Let us indeed demonstrate to Ugandans that the struggle for liberty, freedom and democracy we have been the vanguard of as NRM, was genuine, potent and still continues. If we do so we will have served Uganda and posterity well, if we do any less, we will have failed our historical mission and betrayed Uganda and posterity.

I am a leader in NRM, a member of a number of its national organs, a freedom fighter and above all a concerned citizen of Uganda. I implore you to consider these views seriously

For God and my Country
Comerade Cardre Sharp (CCS) Via UAH Platform.

Uganda Catholic Lawyers’ Society Statement on the NRM Scheduled Delegates Conference.

Dear All, my learned colleague On UAH,

one of the members, WBK, is accusing me of having authored along with my colleagues the statement here below. As lawyer alongside my said colleagues we identified these flaws and guided the nation as per our constitution. Evidence available is that the statement has put NRM and its planned delegates conference at a stand still because the fundamental issues raised therein. Many have realized that indeed 14th November 2014.
Uganda Catholic Lawyers’ Society Statement on the NRM Scheduled Delegates Conference.

We, the Uganda Catholic Lawyers Society, in recognition of our profession and conscious of our manifest obligation to put our knowledge, talent and legal professional skills to the service of the Ugandans and aware that Rule of Law andConstitutionalism are the cornerstone of democracydo hereby advise and guide the nation that NRMNational Delegates Conference Scheduled to take place on the 15th day of December 2014 at Mandela National Stadium Nambole would be illegal and therefore null and void in the eyes of the law if the following issues are not addressed before it is held;

1. The resolution by Central Executive Committee (SEC) of the NRM last night that the Constitution of NRM should be changed or altered to the effect that the Secretary General of the NRM party should not be elected but appointed the chairman of the party is unconstitutional and illegal as it contravenes Article 71(d) of the Constitution which makes it mandatory that all members of the national organs of a political party shall be electedand not appointed.

2. The notice dated the 5th day of October 2014which has appeared in various newspapers to the effect that the NRM party intends to change or alter its constitution during its said National Delegates Conference and calling for members’ views on the same is illegal and therefore null and void for the reason that it has been issued and signed by Hon. Dorothy Huhya who is a civil servant (Uganda’s High commissioner to Tanzania) and this contravenes Section 16 of the Political Parties and Organizations Act 2005.

3. The intended change or alteration of the NRMconstitution and including it in the said notice as an agenda for National Delegates Conference is illegal as it has been done without notification of doing so to the Electoral Commission and without the Electoral commission publishing of the same in the Gazette is as required under section 11 of thePolitical Parties and Organizations Act 2005.

4. The following persons are actively involved in the preparations of the said delegates conference and are slated to attend the same in their capacities as holders various positions within the NRM yet they are Public Servants contrary to Section 16 of the Political Parties and Organizations Act 2005;


1. Professor Mondo Kagonyera Chancellor Makerere University
2. Hon. Beatrice Wabudeya Presidential advisor
3. Abalo Lillian Ongom Presidential advisor
4. Mushemeza Elijah Presidential advisor
5. Ofwono Opondo Executive director Media Centre
6. Denis Namara Presidential advisor
7. Dorothy Hyuha High commissioner Tanzania
8. Rtd Major General Matayo Kyaligonza Ambassador to Burundi

5. NRM has been holding all its Central Executive Committee (SEC) meetings since inception including the one that resolved to convene the said scheduled National Delegates’ Conference at State House Entebbe or Nakasero which is an abuse of public resources and illegal as they contravene Articles 17(d) and 164(2) of the constitution.

6. During the NRM parliamentary caucus workshop in which President Museveni was recommended to the said scheduled National Delegates Conference as the for 2016 presidential elections all MPs who were in attendance were given and forced to wear the UPDF uniform contrary to Section 164 of the UPDF act.

7. The NRM’s continued use of the name “NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENT (NRM)” as its political party name is illegal and in contravention of Section 8(c) of the Political Parties’ and Organizations Act, 2005 since“NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENT {NRM) was declared to be a statutory body in the case of Ssemogerere v Attorney General.

From the above mentions ground its clear that thepreparations and proceedings leading to thescheduled National Delegates’ Conference are tainted with illegalities and holding the said delegates conference without rectifying the said mischief complained of herein will make the said delegates conference and its proceedings not only illegal but void abnitio.

Jude Mbabaali (Advocate) Ssemwanga Fredrick (Advocate)

Jude Mbabaali (Advocate & Commissioner for Oaths)
(LLB)(MUK), BSc(MUK), Masters-Human Rights, Dip. Legal Practice(LDC).
President-Uganda Catholic Lawyers’ Society.
Managing Partner, Mbabaali Jude & Co. Advocates
1st Floor, Suite No. 14 Pope Paul (VI) Memorial Hotel Complex, Plot 786/7 Cardinal Nsubuga Rd, Rubaga, P.O. Box 14326, Mengo Kampala, Uganda.
Mobile Tel: +256 772 444 663. Office lines: +256 702 444 663, 0792444663.

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