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By Saasi Marvin

I watched a video of Gen. Museveni calling Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga a liar because Mayiga criticised Government’s move to require #Coffee farmers to have licenses. M7 claims that coffee farmers will just be “registered” but not “licenced”. I have had the opportunity of studying the National Coffee Bill 2018, and I can confidently say that M7 is the LIAR in this national conversation. Here’s why:

Clause 26 (1) of the Bill provides that the National Coffee Authority ‘SHALL register all coffee farmers’ in Uganda. This literally means that unregistered farmers will be growing coffee ILLEGALLY. Clause 1 defines a coffee farmer as ‘a person who grows coffee for commercial purposes.’ How many people have really been growing it for domestic purposes?

Clause 26(2) says that a person can only be registered as a coffee farmer IF, among others, the Coffee Authority has evaluated the land on which the coffee is to be grown and found that land suitable for that purpose. In other words, no person will be allowed to grow coffee unless they have a licence to grow coffee on a particular piece of land.

Clauses 35(1)&(3) say that the Authority shall issue a ‘coffee buyers’ licence, and that no body shall buy coffee without that licence. This means that even if you may grow your coffee illegally without Government’s approval, no body will be allowed to buy it from you without that person having a licence. Having that licence, by extension, also means that a coffee buyer will be breaking the terms of the licence if they purchase coffee from you the ‘unregistered’ farmer.

Clause 54 (1)(j) makes it an offence for any person to deal in coffee “for internal marketing” [whatever that means] without a licence. If caught, he/she is liable to a fine of up to UGX 960,000/=, or 2 years in prison, or both. In short, dare grow coffee without Government’s approval and you’ll see fire .

The mistake Gen. M7 keeps making while addressing the nation is that he imagines he is addressing the docile, unthinking and unquestioning lot that his cabinet is. The earlier he realises we’re not in 1986 anymore, the better for him. Liar. Gambler. Thief!


Abdullah Kitatta (holding microphones) addressing Boda Boda cyclists during an NRM rally.

By Edward Mulindwa via the UAH forum,

Some of You are blaming the National Resistance Movement(NRM)- an organisation that has absolutely nothing to do with Uganda’s failure, NRA/NRM simply found a failed state and it helped to keep it together, until when the organization stops to lead Uganda, and then we will go right back into the Lule/UNLA/UNLF days, which will run for a few days and then Uganda will stop being a state. Mark those words.

And do you know why? Because from get go the people that took power from the British, mainly Langi and Acholi plus a few Baganda in Mengo, built an education system that has one single failure, educate Ugandans to become job seekers than job makers.

Every crap that got educated right from 1962 onwards, continued with the education the British forced in Uganda, to educate a few so that they can work for the British colonial masters than Uganda the state. Every Ugandan that become a police officer must be separated from the people and thrown into a barracks for he arrests the criminal Ugandans and bring them to the colonial masters. In United Kingdom, the population is educated to work for themselves, Police officers live in homes within the community they police.

The 1962 independence only replaced the colonial masters with the sitting government, Uganda still educates its population to work for the government than for themselves and the country, and police officers to today in 2019, 57 years down the independence alley way, Uganda police officers are still living segregated, from the population for they are an oppressive arm of the government, against the population. If it was not for Iddi Amin, may the president rest in peace, women would never have served into Uganda Police, for the UPC cabal, incorporated the British nonsense that all police officers must be men of this height and width.

As the colonial education system was created to protect the colonial masters, today’s Uganda education system continues to protect the sitting government. Look closely at the people that hate Iddi Amin the most, for he tried to reverse the colonial master system in Uganda, they are degree holders like Gook, Edward Pojim, Abbey Semuwemba, Allan Barigye and every crap that owns a degree today. Illiterate Ugandans never walked to Tanzania to train how to murder Ugandans, 99% were a product of that education system.

Who are/were the members of Boda Boda 2010, M23, Kihura Kifesi gangs, Kitata group, Sobi group, Nakivubo group? They are not foreigners in Uganda but Ugandans born in Uganda and ran through that very same education system. They are all degree holders. And even those that have managed to leave Uganda and live abroad, many are actually struggling in diaspora for they try to work for the government and the system throws them out, that is why you see them coming back again in Uganda as Bob Mushikori did, as Grace Galabuzi today so called professor returns to Uganda. Can you tell me what were their jobs in Canada !!!!!!

99% of Ugandans living on welfare in western countries are actually degree holders, they came here with Makerere, Buddo or what have you degrees, continued to be educated into the universities here to get more degrees, then failed to get employed for they could not be employed by governments here, then either return to Uganda way back as Harold Achema did or as late as Galabuzi has just done. By the way they all leave their families here for the kids get a different education system. The ones that remain out here are moving from city to city, from municipality to municipality feeding on various welfare checks. Every single name I have mentioned here that has decided to return to Uganda has actually worked or tried to work for the government here, either in Federal Municipal or provincial and ran back to Uganda after failing to do the firkin job, that list actually includes “Professor” Abdul Kasozi as well.

And all I am pulling in here is that those Ugandans never failed here due to the NRM regime, they failed in diaspora due to the kind of education the UPC government incorporated in Uganda, which we are still feeding on to today. That education system is going to remain intact when NRM expires.

But that system has created two major problems for Uganda.

i} It has created a whole bunch of idiots that you will have a problem to reason with, few days ago UAH’s George Okello stood in a public forum and stated that president Trump rejected the Iranian deal for he hated president Obama. He was repeating a statement of a stupid diplomat that failed to clip his mouth thus lost the job, but there are so many factors out there why the Iranian deal was thrown out, than Obama. Iran is a bad country and they have proved themselves today by taking several ships. I decided to post a piece with reasons why the Iranian deal is bad. George Okello’ never responded, he dropped the noise out and kept quiet. How much did he know about the deal to start with? Or he read the ambassador’s statement and started wanking himself in a public forum? -> Just asking !!!!

Doesn’t it bother you that all Uganda degree holders support the Democrats? Yup when you post anything to state the facts about the Trump administration, Abbey Semuwemba walks in naked to nip it off his forum for that is anti-Democrats. So in his brain Abbey actually believes that all Americans are entitled to free Medicare, free education, not pay any taxes, all immigration agents are members of Nazis group, every American must get a free 1,000 dollars a month from the government. And how shall we get all that paid? By taxing the rich. Really !!!!!

How long will you run that scheme to collapse? No that does not bother Abbey Semuwemba for his educational basics, do not prepare him to think thus far. So let us shut EM up for when he shuts up in the forum, Trump will fail to be re-elected.

Think back, just how many Ugandans do you know that are Republicans? Doesn’t that bother you a little !!!!! ->?

ii} That education system has not only created job seekers but it has created some of the very worst elements, we have some very terrible murderers of the Uganda origin in these countries that make your head spin, we have rapists that I have never seen before, now we have doctors in South Africa stealing firkin body parts, we have a Mukiga kid that split a head of a girl in the States with a firkin Axe. These are not things forced on Ugandans by NRM, these are Ugandans with screwed up heads for the education they got from get go failed them. They were born and brought up without Ubuntu.

I have stated all along that Acholi Lango region has the most fertile land on the entire African continent, they have a river of fresh water running through it, and they have produced the most degrees than any region in Africa. But in 2019 Langi and Acholi remain the most primitive people, they die of hunger than any other region, and to today, Langi and Acholi still shit on the jungle. That is not a crisis created by NRM it is an Acholi Langi sheer stupidity.

In the long run that stupidity is going to catch up with the entire population, you see when coffee plantation was brought to Uganda, Ugandans never grew it to earn foreign exchange, they grew it to buy Gomesi for their wives, and pay Omusolo omugereke, The UPC government used that plantation to earn foreign exchange, but it refused to grow it to a commercial basis. They sold it to the world market at high prices and used the money to pay for the education of the idiots we are suffering under today. Baganda destroyed the plantation and the degree holders lost the dollars thus today there is not a single Edward Pojim twerp getting free education out of Uganda.

When we advised them that free education is a trap that cannot survive, they killed us for we were wrong then. Today there is no coffee out of Bugisu growers and Gook’s relatives have no free education.

Look closely at the Matoke plant today, there are those of us cringing to understand why it has become a major export out of Uganda. Matoke is grown for home consumption than commercial feed. So why am I able to pick and choose in Toronto, a store where to buy it from? I can buy a box with biwagu or a box with straight minwe. As Baganda were growing coffee for Gomesi and Musolo, they are growing Matooke for Gomesi and Musolo. With time they are going to change from Matooke to growing Millet and making malwa out of it to get Gomesi and Musolo. That is going to make Matoke market out here collapse but it is going to create hunger in Uganda.

In all degrees we have in that shit-hole, including Sabassajja sitting in Mengo, there is not a single brain that has bothered about the exportation of Matoke that are not commercially produced. There is another problem, when you peel Uganda Matoke you have started to see black marks on them. Now today I can cut that piece out and throw it away, but I as well understand that this is not a black mark on Uganda Matooke only, it is a disease starting to eat the Uganda plant. As all degree holders are eating it, as the entire Mengo is laughing its head off for money is coming in, there is a disease eating the plant and with only times it is going to disappear, for no one is investigating it let alone stopping the disease. We are going to village after village and cutting it to trucks into Entebbe airport, to Ethiopian Air Lines into Toronto. It flies into here twice a week thus I demand to eat fresh ones only. I reject the premise that Uganda’s problem is NRM criminality it is the stupidity of Ugandans that is immortal.

State House must fall under a government department with a permanent secretary


State House must fall under a government department with a permanent secretary who deals with all management and disciplinary matters in his department. It is truly shocking that an employee takes it upon herself to report suspected criminal conduct or serious misconduct to the police authorities. Are there no management systems, including investigatory and disciplinary procedures in place? Why does it have to be the police or the president to deal with minor administrative matters? I work in the civil service myself and on a daily basis, we get reports of serious failings in NHS hospitals and GP Surgeries. But it is not my job to report these incidents or in fact any incident of a criminal nature to the police. If I did it, I would be sacked on the spot. A few weeks ago, we had an incident where a surgeon removed a patients testes, mistaking them for a gall bladder. Obviously this was serious negligence or even potentially criminally negligence. But it is not the role of my office to deal with criminal matters. We only deal with contract matters.The NHS has a specific office that deals with such matters and it is to that office that we quickly sent the complaint. Museveni’s penchant for micro management has totally destroyed the Ugandan civil service, It can no longer function normally, if at all. A matter that these women are feuding about at State House would normally be resolved by Supervisor or Line Manager as it is so minor it would not even require the attention of the HR or Personnel Manager, let alone the Permanent Secretary, and god forbid, the President. But you have the unbecoming spectacle of a whole President sacking an employee on social media, and threatening her in the process.

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age?


Don’t you know that, the secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age? That is what some of our leaders are practicing. Old age is not a sin, but it’s not a joy either, any one can get old, all you have to do is live long enough. So, I’m not here to despise our elders, because I know they can be useful, but not every where. Once upon a time, whenever president Museveni was addressing Uganda, every citizen of East and Central Africa tuned in to listen to this sharp Munyankore son of Africa roar. Today when he speaks, cows, pigs, goats, birds, babies, money lenders, eeeeeverything goes to sleep.

Surely when your steak has to be put through a blender before its served, or when you wake up as many times during the night, but not for the same reasons, you know you’re too old to be president. When you put on a thick winter jacked and hand gloves like our president does in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius, you know you’re too old to be president. Haven’t you heard that every thing that goes up must come down, but that there comes a time when not everything that’s down can come up?

What I’m saying is that, when age catches up with you, there are many warning signs, you will know it, therefore, you do not need a piece of paper to be reminded how old you’re. The excuse that some people do not know when they were born, is one of the very reasons we have “prohibitive lines in the holly constitution” for checks and balances purposes. Removing age limits will attract interested candidates in their 90s, being aided by push chairs. What do you do then, especially in our corrupt infested Uganda, where money changes hands in exchange for power?

Please be reminded that, it is very important that a country keeps on introducing fresh blood into the political system to maintain a healthy country. If these 90yr old somethings cling on to power, then I ask you, will Abbey Ssemuwemba ever contribute as president of Uganda? I know you mean well, but ours is a unique political environment, dominated by dictators and thieves. He rules you for 50yrs, he dies and his son takes over, and the sequence goes on.

We must maintain both age and term limits.


By George Okello Via UAH

I think a leader should be able express him/herself in their chosen language of fluency in an impeccable manner. They do not have to use English, because there are now translators who can do voice-overs. I don’t think Uganda can go on with semi literate leaders like Idi Amin, Tito Okello and Yoweri Museveni, whose mangled attempts at speaking English are just so embarrassing to our younger generation. Of Uganda’s leaders, only Milton Obote could speak perfect English. Therefore, why would Idi Amin not speak in Swahili, Tito Okello not speak in Luo and Museveni not speak in Kinyarwanda and then make use of voice-overs, interpreters and translators?

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, speaks good English and German, but when he is addressing international audiences, he speaks in Russian and his speech is translated because he does not want to be misunderstood. So does the new French President Francois Hollande who speaks both English and German but makes all his public speeches in French, which is his native language.

So why can’t Museveni speak in Kinyarwanda and make use of interpreters and translators and voice-overs, instead of embarrassing Ugandans with his very poor grasp of the English language?


President Milton Obote with Rurangaranga (immediate left).


Why are the Baganda people so consumed by wolokoso, by hatred of Ugandan nationalists, by envy, etc.

When did you see Rurangaranga killing people from home to home; where did this take place, who are your witnesses, etc

How come Eriya Kategaya who was the DC of Bushenyi never captured the actions of his Deputy DC Edward Rurangaranga anywhere in his writings?

If he killed people in Bushenyi, how come when he was released he was given a rousing welcome back home after spending 5yrs in luzira on tramped up charges…and then he went on to contest in the politics, where he passed unopposed.

How come court threw out the NRA charges against him, because they were baseless, vindictive and out of malice. You mean to say he killed everyone in Bushenyi to the extent that there were no witnesses and the graves of the dead could not be traced?

Maj Edward Rurangaranga was one of the commanders in Kikosi Ma’alumu, who had Tito Okello and Oyite Ojok as the two senior Ugandan soldiers.

They went to Masaka and Kampala.

He was not on the group that went to Mbarara. This was under Museveni’s group. It’s the group that went and killed people in Mbarara. Immediately they got the information that Museveni had caused a massacre, they dispatched a bigger group of Tanzanians helped by Rurangaranga to go and stripe Museveni of his authority. The Tanzanians took over and with Rurangaranga as the local commander towards Bushenyi, and Mpambara as the local leader towards Former Kigezi. They were scared what Museveni will do if he went to Bushenyi or Kabale. Museveni reappeared in Fort Portal…

However, the damage had already been done. The group under Museveni destroyed mbarara even when the Amin solder had already withdraw and ran. This group killed the Muslim on the way towards Bushenyi…this forced the Tanzanians to take over overall command of the western axis

Funny enough, Museveni destroyed the palaces in mbarara and Fort Portal.

Amin solders tried putting up a stiff resistance in Ishaka. That is when they were overwhelmed by the Tanzanians.

In Bushenyi, Amin solders were locally referred to as “kikito or kijambia”. They had no where to hide. They cursed people…they were forcing people to give them civilian clothes as they threw their uniforms.

The danger was in Ishaka. We had some fanatical Muslim supporters of Amin in that town (predominantly Baganda and Nubians) and they wanted to join the Amin solder and they were slaughtered by a superior Tanzanian group.My grandfathers home is right next to the Banyankore Kweterana coffee factory between Bushenyi town and Rusinya St Kagwa…before you reach Ishaka town.

The only person who is known to have ordered the killing of Muslims in Ankole is Museveni and his western axis of the liberators in the 1978-79 war… Killed many in Mbarara and the neighbouring towns. Amin’s soldiers withdrew from the Baracks and ranafter they were defeated.

At that time of the mbarara falling, Edward Rurangaranga was heading to Masaka with the big Kikosi Ma’alumu. He was not anywhere near mbarara. He could not be implicated in those mbarara atrocities.

It was after the Kikosi Ma’alumu heard of the atrocities in mbarara that they asked both Tito and Oyite to select some Ugandans from their ranks to go with the Tanzanians to stop the indiscipline that has been reported in mbarara and surrounding area.

That is how Rurangaranga ended up in the drive to capture Ishaka because there was a military camp near there. Bushenyi was untouched.

In the last general elections, Museveni was reminded of the plight of the Muslims of mbarara who were murdered by his own Fronasa group in many Muslims were never compensated and how many left and migrated to Ntungamo. Majority were Baganda and Nubians. Did you hear what he said? That he will personally handle the matter and ensure that they are compensated.

He said something similar when he was pinned on the atrocities in Teso and how the NRA stole people’s cattle. This was in the last elections campaigns.

He said something similar when the NRA was pinned on atrocities in Acholi-land in the last elections campaigns.

But this reminds me of what Milton Obote said about Museveni. Wherever he goes and in whatever military theatre, the same thing is constant: mass killing of the innocent, destruction and atrocities. Everywhere he goes. Not least in Luwero where the Baganda hid him when the UPC led government had declared him a bandit / rebel.

The NRA arrested him on tramped up charges. They knew very well that he was a clean man. His crime is sensitising his people to reject and denounce NRA and Museveni. And because of that, a campaign was directed at the local political and religious leaders from Bushenyi and Mbarara by NRA thugs like Museveni and his group, tarnishing the names of people but, they were found not guilty and eventually released. Many were kept behind bars, but eventually pardoned. Museveni did pardon them because he knew they were maliciously framed and thrown in jails.

In 1992 this man stood for a political office in his home area. Guess what?! He was unopposed. Only dimwits would want you to believe that the people of Bushenyi underwent a brain transplant in order to make a 360 degree Turn to love this man so much after being released from jail that everyone decided to stand down in favour of him.

This guy was a teacher by profession. He taught in Uganda and also taught in Kenya while in exile. He became speaker of the parliament of Ankole. He also became an Assistant District Commissioner to Eriya Kategaya in Bushenyi. He eventually became district Commissioner. Was made minister for local government. The he ran for parliament in 1980 and became an MP. Then appointed minister of state in the office of the Prime minister.

When did this man kill the Baganda and Muslims? Where and what dates?

The NRA made allegations against him and was thrown in jails from 1986-91. The Courts threw out the case against him due to lack of evidence, lack of witnesses and stated that the case was without any merit and was a witch-hunt.

But you still have these thugs on line saying that he killed people… Including Lumumba Amin (Son of Idi Amin) who says he will rot in hell because he (Rurangaranga) used to make statements implicating his father in atrocities in Uganda.

That is the class of mentally retards we are dealing with on this issue.

Mr.Rwabwogo will stand for NRM presidency!

Anyone who plans to stand for any political post should stand on what they can do. Its okay to present your vision, and compare it to those who are in the position you aspire, but caution must be taken not to go overboard for an equally repulsive reaction might be had to handle for an amateur.

I believe Mr.Rwabwogo will stand for NRM presidency, he traveled around the whole country during the election period when everyone else was looking at happenings with Besigye and Mbabazzi. He even went as far as Karamoja way far from the constituency he was running for. Most importantly he was not stopped or interrupted by the police or anyone within NRM. He campaigned freely, he is now well known all over the country.

So next step, if all this is true, will fit perfectly. Distance your self from that one name, that might pull you down. Fight with your family, script disagreements, report them in papers and hope that the rest of the country will join your side.

Proven that running out of NRM is a death trap,he cant leave NRM. The progressive NRM youths might not be enough, since they don’t occupy that many NRM leadership seats. In the end, the father in law can make or destroy him. But the fight thing doesn’t add up at all!
So we have father and son against mother, daughter and son in law? No. There is a need of a better script.

Credibility in leadership is a measure, unless someone has had a leadership position it’s unfair to pre-judge them.

Dr. Besigye has his share in the image he presented to the nation, let’s not forget that he is not a typical suits and tie politician, he is an activist so antagonism and images of being arrested and protesting are part of his repertoire.

It is not reasonable to ask a candidate who has never held a position in government that could have influenced issues like roads or poverty why they haven’t done so yet. For any upcoming young politicians the best you can ask for is their vision for the country.

It’s the right of every Ugandan who meets the requirements put forth in the constitution to stand for presidency.

Voters have a right to their opinions and these are always reflected when they vote. Better though is to spend time looking for a candidate to support other than wasting time destroying anyone who comes up. We are a democratic nation.

With the opposition calling for destruction of his legacy, sending him to the international courts, it is only natural for the President to support someone who will be sympathetic to him and many others that have been in power to become the next president.

The grounds for succession or no succession should be hyped at the level of political parties. As we recently saw the President had a struggle to keep his party together when Hon. Mbabazi and several other NRM members took the independent path. More than the support of the President any candidate who hopes to win the next election has to have a strong party backing.

The issue is that 1 year before the elections Dr. Besigye will be tearing FDC apart, Hon. Mao will be sinking DP in court, and Ottunu will barricade himself in the highest floor of Uganda house while the other UPC big gun will be enjoying a cup of tea under a tree in Rwakitura. Independent candidates will be scouting the air waves screaming behind FM stations and the remnants of NRM will victoriously squeak through irrespective of the candidate they choose because NRM will be the only party that will be glued together.

So debating which Presidents son, daughter or in-law would take over at this time is useless. The next leader will need a strong political party backing, Uganda has limitless potential leaders but as long as the opposition parties are clouded in activist’s ideas as propagated by Dr. Besigye you will never build or have a strong opposition party base and yes whoever the President backs under the NRM umbrella will become the next president.

As a caution, when you chase a rat to the end of the corridor and it has nowhere to go, better be prepared to face a leopard when it turns around. It’s also easier to put a child to sleep with gentle touches and lullabies other than angry shouts and slaps. What you don’t have in proven policies can’t be made up with shouts and fists, neither will throwing stones to those sleeping in bungalows buy you a house.

We have democratic means of changing Presidents in Uganda, and those who want to shortcut them should not participate in the political arena. Even then, there will always be room for activists in any democratic nation, we need them and that honor for the last decade has gone to none other than our one and only Dr. Besigye. Great activist, but not so good a presidential option. With all respect.

“Uganda needs a strong opposition to strengthen our democracy.”

Dr. Edward Kayondo,
UAH member living in USA


Clearly the entire NRM caboodle is exhibiting advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. At the top end, the dictator is unaware that the effectiveness of good CCTV operation depends on other variables, that are nonexistent in the case of Uganda. The simplest of examples being the 24hr clear visibility, to be able to identify offenders.
That apart, where do we get reliable CCTV operators, who won’t be compromised and corrupted to misuse the systems. The level of individual criminality, and national malaise, both bi-products of Musevenism, discourage attempts to create a worthwhile CCTV functioning operation. It is only last week when we learned that some “smart” person had accessed the Makerere University IT system and went to alter student results. (The corruptness of the country is so diabolical that a corrupt person is termed “smart”!!!!)
At the medium/ lower level of NRM, comes some NRM supporters, who out of confusion think that by terrorising the people with “Wembley” type squads, the evil will just dissipate, and disappear!!!!! It’s!!
We know that some of the thugs running amok in the country are offsprings of “Wembley”. And surely it’s possible that the killer’s of Kaweesi and his two companions were these hoodlums on rampage.
Adding petrol on a combustion!!!
Ssekajja Via UAH forum

The Stella Nyanzi revolutionary journey: Vulgar politics as a method of resistance.

[By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp – 02/04/2017]
I had decided to pretend am not hearing the Stella Nyanzi Janet Museveni discourse, yes, discourse, because that is what it is. But of a different type.
But later, I decided to briefly comment when I saw Janet Museveni, perhaps not surprising, play the way Stella wanted her to play by sacking her from her job etc.!
Many are amused as why Stella Nyanzi writes that way. I see many calling her names, mad, gay, etc., my mind tells me Stella Nyanzi is none of all those. She is sane and intelligent.
What am not sure is whether she, herself understands that what she is doing is a well-practiced method of political revolt employed throughout history. And I watched poor Janet Museveni wondering why Stella hates her etc., and saying she forgave her. Janet, like most people are preoccupied with the words used but don’t know that Stella’s method of resistance is called vulgar politics.
Vulgarity in politics is a rejection of the established political and social order. It is the overt way of rejecting the set social conventions normally set by society. It is the rejection of the so called civilised discourse whose content and usage is normally set and controlled by those with the power. Be that power wielded by the state or the church or elders etc. The bottom-line is that they are social norms used by those with authority to keep in check those they rule over.

Hence, throughout history, vulgar politics has been employed in the fight against the powerful. vulgar politics is very effective and hard to ignore. Indeed, it is an effective political tool for the oppressed.

What suprised me was seeing Mr Museveni using it like in that video where he tells his audience to “go eat their mothers something something…” Vulgar politics does not serve well those in power. It depicts them in bad light.
Yet, for the oppressed like Stella Nyanzi, it serves them well because they lure you in their trap. You cannot ignore them. And because its nasty, ugly and mean, it gets under the skin of those with authority. It provokes their raw nerves and they overreact. Its piecing. As brutal as hot lead! So, it is an effective symbol of people’s revolt.
In days preceding the French revolution, and even after, you see plenty of vulgar revolutionary rhetoric, extreme jacobinian malicious abuses etc. Maria Antoinette was ridiculed. Referred to as Austrian bitch. She was shown in cartoons as an ostrich-like penis, with legs and saddle etc.
Therefore, vulgar politics should not be merely looked at with moral lenses. It is a political tool imbued with violent revolutionary traits and totally at variance with the common pragmatist liberal ideas of political dissent. Like one writer once put it, being politically “…mean and nasty and cruel is just like guillotines….”
I doubt the Museveni oligarchy even understand what is happening, thus the Janet Museveni attempt to forgive Nyanzi. In a rebellion, people don’t seek for your forgiveness nor your understanding. Neither are they afraid of the consequences. So, your usual methods may not be effective after all.


By Dr. Edward Kayondo via UAH forum

If I promise you to build a house in ten months, and you come back in eleven months and don’t see any walls or roof, you are right to say that I never kept your promise. In that respect you are right to say that NRM has not kept its promise as promised.
However if you stayed a far and all you looked for was the roof, you might miss the fact that I spent those eleven months laying a foundation and pouring concrete in the land because i found out after making that promise that the swamps go deep and the soil couldn’t hold the house.
So what was the time frame for accomplishing these points? Is NRM as a party still around to continue working on this? Are these points still relevant today as they were thirty years ago? Who is promising any alternative program? Can anyone who come after this president continue where he left other than starting again from scratch? Those are some questions that need to be answered.
You must also be aware of political jargon’s and understand that politics has no weather forecasters. You never know when it will rain or shine, so your plans are always facing bidirectional winds. Not only that there is no agreeable scale to measure progress. When a person tells you that they will bring forth democracy, create a mixed economy, without clearly giving you outcomes or time line to measure his progress from then to today you have a problem because both of you will never agree on how far he is from keeping that promise.
I am not going to score these points one by one but there is a case to make on many of them if you compare them to previous governments. However that is also not a reliable measure because times change and the societies we have now are not what we had before and our expectations now are way more than previous governments have.
To sum it up, NRM has not delivered the glory we were promised yet, but it has set up the necessary adjustments, and created an environment that can make those points a reality if the country continues its call for accountability, participation in political processes and embrace the oath of stability.

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