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That is siasa by JPAM paid journalists in the media. YKM will not offer JPAM any deal. the only thing on YKM’s mind is to humiliate JPAM. You ask the big question: what is it JPAM brings to the table? can JPAM carry the Bakiga vote away from NRM? Where will he take them? I really feel for Ugandans who have time to buy such nonsense. Let me tell you the truth: JPAM will soon or if not already become Mr. irrelevant like the 256 draft pick in the NFL. JPAM and his paid folks want to keep him relevant, but the way I see it is he has no votes. None. Take if from me, YKM will win the majority of the votes in the greater Kigezi.

The problem with many Ugandans is the suffer from political correctness and shy away from telling the truth. The truth is JPAM has no votes. I am repeating it for those still in doubt to get used to it. JPAM has no political value to either YKM or the opposition, which is to say like those inflated high draft picks, a political bust.

The bad news is that JPAM rumoured entry into the presidential race guarantees YKM victory. No, I am not talking about Kenyan in 1992 when Mr. Matiba scared nyayo in a crowded field. On paper that may seem the case in Uganda but there are huge differences between a) the opposition in Kenyan then and the opposition in Uganda today, b) voting intentions. In Kenyan voting is predictable along ethnic lines. In Uganda not so.

That some Ugandans believe JPAM is a political threat with a fighting chance to win a presidential election in Uganda against YKM is beyond words. all I can say is that many Ugandans “Bokoowu”/tired.

JPAM presidential ambitions are DEAD AS DODO. He is neither a Mwai Kibaki, RAO nor even Kalonzo Musyoka in terms of ethnic command and national appeal.

I promise you one thing this is the last time I will write about such nonsense.


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