Vaccinations are killing African babies

By Halima Kiberu

The major problems of babies, especially African babies (boys mostly) disabilities start from vaccines. In that vaccination there’s mercury, mercury takes way longer to escape the body system than the European and European African child, thus it starts eating away the IQ building strands (brain lobotomy) .

A mass genocide and medical cannibalism, killing babies(African) to medically feed other babies (you guessed it)

Ever wonder why suddenly the children have speech delays? Reasoning delays? Well, autism is at an outbreak as almost normal.

Vaccines are the continuation of disease.

Kidney, etc

Can I talk about how vaccines are made? First look at the laws that allow abortion. Why abort? Let’s look at history, from scientists who are working hard at hand amongst them in the history there’s a scientist by a name Margret Sayer (who called us Africans as weeds) who is th head of human eugenics ….. Planned Parenthood (abortion industry)
How do you think the Hallocust took effects?

Now that we can buy vitamin D, cancer is running rampage šŸ˜ž

Can you see the devils children now?
Learn the English language and understand the use of the words because they state things out clear as what they are without breaking your thinking pressure cylinders.



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  1. That is rediculous, your testimony is unfounded and with out any evidence

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