Clearly the entire NRM caboodle is exhibiting advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. At the top end, the dictator is unaware that the effectiveness of good CCTV operation depends on other variables, that are nonexistent in the case of Uganda. The simplest of examples being the 24hr clear visibility, to be able to identify offenders.
That apart, where do we get reliable CCTV operators, who won’t be compromised and corrupted to misuse the systems. The level of individual criminality, and national malaise, both bi-products of Musevenism, discourage attempts to create a worthwhile CCTV functioning operation. It is only last week when we learned that some “smart” person had accessed the Makerere University IT system and went to alter student results. (The corruptness of the country is so diabolical that a corrupt person is termed “smart”!!!!)
At the medium/ lower level of NRM, comes some NRM supporters, who out of confusion think that by terrorising the people with “Wembley” type squads, the evil will just dissipate, and disappear!!!!! It’s!!
We know that some of the thugs running amok in the country are offsprings of “Wembley”. And surely it’s possible that the killer’s of Kaweesi and his two companions were these hoodlums on rampage.
Adding petrol on a combustion!!!
Ssekajja Via UAH forum

Rudeness, obnoxiousness and nakedness as tools of resistance and protest against a powerful oppressor!


There is a lot of debate within the Ugandan blogosphere regarding the appropriateness or innapropriateness of Ms Stella Nyanzi’s behaviour specifically her choice of vulgar language, rudeness and obnoxiousness as well as her nakedness as tools of protest!
These debates betray a lack of understanding of the theory behind Stella’s behaviour with many assuming she is ill mannered and others that she is mad, neither of which can be proved!
Most shocking to many are the facts that Stella comes from a respected middle class Ganda family, attended one of the most conservative girls schools, Gayaza, is well published researcher and academic with a pHD from London and a google scholar profile that reveals over 335 publications and citations with her name! What they do miss however is that her academic background and research interests deal with sexuality, negotiation and communication among marginalised groups such as women, female adolescents and gay people! Her previous protests and activism have also been related to these groups including gay and gender alternate Ugandans.
Stellas activism is in the same vein as well published protests by groups such as Femen, Pussy riot, the Amuru women who protested the government giving their land away to rich investors, and many other examples from around the world.
Baganda are very well known to be painfully polite and aren’t known for addressing sexuality explicitly and openly. Gayaza girls are known for being “prim and proper” and it is thought that ice wouldn’t melt in their mouths, a myth that Stella has shattered! Some of the earliest foreign visitors to the Kabaka’s court noted that in Buganda one could be killed for being indescent, dressing innappropriately or behaving innappropriately or otherwise breaking the very rigid code of conduct expected of a muganda! Even breaking wind at the kings court could get you killed!
In Buganda female nakedness is a powerful weapon of protest. When a mother bares her nakedness to their child, he or she is cursed for the rest of their lives. When a child so incenses their mother that they disown them, they prove this to the world by showing them their nakedness.
‘Okuwemukila’ to be profane, and ‘okumweyambulila’ to show ones nakedness, or ‘okumwefungulila’ to lift ones skirts and expose their genitals and privates, are serious acts of protest by a woman.
The same people also have two proverbs one regarding profanity, ‘okuwemukila’, and the other regarding politeness or ‘obuntubulamu’! In the first one ‘owebango bwotomuwemukila osula tewebisse’ means if you share a blanket with a a hunchback but aren’t ready to be obscene and expose yourself, they will feel no obligation to share the blanket so you will sleep in the cold. The second one regarding ‘obuntubulamu bukufiriza bingi’ refers to the fact that excessive politeness allows others to take advantage of you!

Baganda are therefore well know among Ugandas for being “soft, gentle and polite” which in Uganda translates as ‘stupid’! Its in this mindset that the events of 1966 are framed by many non baganda! For a well brought up muganda woman of pedigree brought up with ‘empiisa’, manners, to go native, and risk social censorship is uncommon! It creates an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance that many of the “well brought up” elite and middle classes find uncomfortable, thus criticism! But many of those who are really affected by the things that Stella is forcing us to debate and examine are ecstatic!
The debate about Stella often is about what is “proper” and “decent” for a mother (she is a mother of 3 children) and a university academic to say or do in public. In a patriarchial society, with a rigid set of social rules, Stella can most closely be compared to an elephant in a china shop presumably for upsetting the norms of acceptable behaviour by a woman of her background!!
Many Ugandans have found this appalling, shocking and confusing! They have sought refuge in labels like “she is mad” or “she is innappropriate” or “she is indescent and vulgar” rather than face the fact that Stella’s methods are a legitimate form of protest against power and its misuse, or examining the issues that she raises so eloquently!
What they cannot deny is that she is clear, articulate and eloquent as well as passionate about the causes she chooses to take up! So convincing is she that even I made a small contribution to her sanitary pad activism, #Pads4GirlsUg!
In Get Rude: In Praise of Obnoxious and Annoying Activism By Travis Mushett, the author states that “ As student protesters up at Dartmouth College are proving, sometimes you need to get impolite to provoke an adult conversation.
As a rule of thumb, when someone dismisses a protest by insisting that it happened at an improper time & place, this person doesn’t give much of a damn about the issues driving the protest. Oh, they might insist that they give a damn, that they, in fact, give quite a large damn indeed! But if you take a look at the times & places that they think are proper and improper, you’ll find that, mysteriously, the “improper” place is always a highly public one where the issues are likely to actually garner some attention, and the “proper” one is tucked out of the view of most everyone, easy to ignore and contain, or relegated to some indefinite point in the future.”
An oppressive government is no different to an abusive partner in a marriage. Often in abuse people talk of some sort of collusion or ‘enabling’ between the abused and the abuser. Often the abused even defends the abuser when outsiders try to step in to stop the abuse. There develops a relationship between the abused and the abuser within which the abuser has got complete control and the abused subscribes to the strict boundaries and controls imposed upon them by the abuser. Such is the state of the relationship between Museveni and his family and Ugandans!
In Uganda Museveni has been in power 31 years and counting. In that time, he has ensured that he controls everything. The army is all raised and groomed by him and handed over to his son and tribesmates, the civil service and major government parastatals are controlled by him and his tribesmates and the judiciary are all appointed by him! He and his party control parliament and virtually all spheres of public life! Under his rule, institutions have been largely destroyed and undermined by his personality! He is everywhere! Opening taps, demonstrating drip bottle irrigation, opening latrines and even being chief mourner at funerals and chief viewer at eclipses! There is no job left for anyone else to do unless they are a family member or himself!
His brother controls the veterans and army reserves not to mention virtually every wealth creation project in the last 2 decades most of which have been proven to be no more than projects for siphoning money to his party which spends billions on buying patronage but has no verifiable source of income! He also owns the largest security firm in the country, the same firm contracted to guard the countries oil fields!
His son recently promoted to a cabinet level position as a presidential advisor on military affairs has his own elite army within the army, the same force charged with guarding the countries oil fields. He is now ‘introducing’ himself to the sheeple in full uniform dropping anecdotes of bravery and ‘near death’ or as close as one who has had body guards around him for almost all of his life can get to death!
A son in law and his law firm has been involved in the drafting of all of the countries oil contracts, many of them secret and presumably negotiated over his father in laws kitchen table like clan affairs!
Another son in law is currently actively involved in trying to position himself as the ruling party and by extension the countries leading ideologist having had the party ideology transmitted to him presumably by sexual transmission! He is going around being interviewed and writing series that nothing in his background save his marriage to a princess qualifies him to lecture anyone upon!
Furanka, a minister is married to a girl who was brought up as his adopted daughter. She benefitted greatly from the Katosi scandal in which the taxpayer lost 25 billion in a deal that sounds very much like influence peddling! Her sister a one Atwine is now a PS having been appointed from outside the system! Prior to that she manned a department in presidents office created specifically to employ her, that duplicated the roles of the Ministry of Health monitoring units!
His wife had a vision … don’t laugh, she really did! Not only do they control the country, but they even have their own personal church and personal pastor, a daughter, the family priestess, who intercedes directly with God to affirm their God given right to continue ruling the country in perpetuity!

She had a vision in which she was the annointed messiah of her former contituency to “save it” from an opposition member! She later had another vision to save Karimojong and she did that too! During that period of sacrifice in Karamoja she was said to have travelled 9 times to Israel in one month to study irrigation technology! interestingly Karamoja now abandoned by the lady is in the middle of a drought!
She somehow failed to impart that irrigation technology to her husband who is now teaching the natives how to carry water on their bicycles and use plastic bottles to irrigate their gardens so they can grow commercial crops and join the middle income ranks in the next 2 years, a miracle that is surely going to require the family priestess to worship naked!
She is now the Minister for education, granted to her by her husband as a graduation gift on completion of a masters degree, nevermind its debateable whether she really ever did fulfil the requirements for the first degree upon which her masters admission would have been based …. but thats a topic for another day!
Sacrifice is the family religion! While you may believe that they have been sponging off the taxpayer for the last 3 decades, thats not how they view it! You should feel grateful that they have been living in luxury at your expense for the last 3 decades, ‘sacrificing’ for you! If anyone got killed by their actions or died in their wars, thats the price you have got to pay for their sacrifice! But back to Stella!
Stella Nyanzi has so far demonstrated the power of her unique mode of protest. She has shown a passion and commitment to her chosen topics. When a Prof Mamdani brought down the full wrath of institutionalised patriarchialism upon her, she instead of crying and begging, took the war to him and Makerere University. They have since backed down and offered her back her job. It still remains to be seen whether they illegally witheld her salary while she was under suspension, something I believe to have been illegal!
When the man in the hat in an effort to get himself “elected” if you can call financially facilitated recycling of a man who is past his due by date an election, desperately made offers left and right like a drunken man, people were taking notice.
When his wife announced to parliament that their family government didn’t have money to fulfil her husbands frivolous pledges, despite having recently spent 6 billion shillings on a handful of selected people using vague and quite frankly mendacious eligibility criteria, Stella took her on and challenged her … in colourful language prompting government goons to be sent around to intimidate her! Not only did they interrogate her for a crime without a complainant but they went ahead and declared her public enemy number one! One restricted from holding a passport or flying out of the country! So without a court order, nor any warning, she was barred from flying to a fully paid for conference but only found out when she presented herself to the airport!
Stella took on the establishment with embarrassing results! In 3 weeks she had mobilised the community and distributed sanitary pads to thousands of students including providing education on menstrual hygiene, something the first lady, Minister of Education and self proclaimed “mother of the nation” stated she couldn’t do without a budgetary allocation of billions! Without even being able to demonstrate that they had a program to provide the pads or menstrual hygiene education to adolescent girls in schools, they have attempted to block her access to schools! But in that time she demonstrated that she could do what the first lady and whole minister for education couldn’t do even when backed by the whole power and finances of government! Stella demonstrated that one didn’t need money nor power, nor did they have to be a minister, all lies that have been previously told the population, to effect social change and mobilise society towards a common goal! In a country like Uganda, showing up the incompetence and lack of imagination of its rulers, …. that’s a crime of treason!
Fast forward to today. Stella’s methods are consistent with the history of marginalised groups operating within an oppressive power structure. They are consistent with the history of many resistance movements around the world that have harnessed the disruptive power of language, rudeness, profanity and nakedness, to shock society out of their stupor, aka ‘twebaka ku tulo’ ,into a dialogue and debate of pertinent issues relevant to their situation. This kind of power has forced change and even uprooted tyrants. It has bypassed the institutions of “order and civility” that often are used to impose the power of the oppressor with the comprador complicity of the community’s middle classes and the unquestioning resignation of the masses!
Think of the alternative! If Stella thought and acted like Museveni when he disagreed with the government of the day and went to the bush, there would be bombs going off downtown and landmines laid on all routes out of Kampala! Tolerating Stella’s choice of language is a much smaller price to pay particularly if it shocks Ugandans out of their complacence and forces them to debate the issues relevant to them!
Museveni goes on about treason — yet ignores the fact that he brought “change” by his treasonous activities in which he killed or caused to be killed citizens of Uganda in the tens of thousands! He forgets that this demonstrates that there really is nothing God given in his own power! That power once it becomes oppressive loses legitimacy!
The point here is that when he was a rebel, he was a traitor. When he took power, he created his own reality in which he was the government and anyone who opposed him was a rebel and a traitor. Within this political construct all power structures that benefit the ruler and oppressor can be questioned!
This can include social rules and codes of conduct and behaviour which often are created by the elite for their own benefit often because they keep everyone in their place and prevents them from challenging the status quo! Within this construct its Ok for Museveni’s household to all be employed in his government. Its ok for them to be taking hundreds of billions for their upkeep. Its ok for him to take zero responsibility for billions lost due to his own personal poor judgement. Its ok for him to approve fraudulent payments to a handful of revenue and financial officials while creating a fictitious narrative of bravery while reneging on his election promises to give free sanitary ware to vulnerable teens or malwa to drunkards and hoes to west nile paesants to maintain them in their basic subsistence.
Its ok for the countries security services, the upper civil servant classes, or the cabinet to literally be selected from one village AND any criticism of this will be met by the full force of the law as defined by him and his government including CID interrogations, tear gas, batons, arrests, frivolous charges, bans on travel and free movement and even threats from father Lokodo a defrocked priest without gainful employment!
The media, the law courts, the security organisations and the societies guardians of morality including the churches for who Ms Kataaha is a patron and her daughter a pastor are all complicit in maintaining societal order to the benefit of its rulers. within this society dissent is frowned upon particularly dissent that does not follow the rules as set down by the rulers and oppressors. the avenues for change of the status quo however unjust within this power structure are limited. You could go to court and spend ten years and millions and still get Kavuma to throw your petition out! You could petition General Moses Ali, if he could even read and understand your petition let alone bother to look at it before he put it in the bin! You could make statements to the police that would never go anywhere! You could invite Andrew Mwenda to come cover your press conference and he would ignore you! None of the above are going to do anything without making a call to someone “above” which means you would never get anywhere!
And soon if you became a nuisance enough, your job would disappear. They would cart you off to Butabika and claim you are mad using the draconious and unethical 30 day assessment time for involuntary mental health assessment for which they do not have a valid legal trigger, or arrange someone to bump you off! Ultimately though, history says they would lose even though it could be at great individual personal cost!
Or you could go out and make Ms Kataaha come to you! Stella got a press conference ‘forgiving her” within 24 hours! Even before she took her kit off! And before she asked for forgiveness! Ms Kataaha failed to see that no one really needs her forgiveness. They need a policy statement on the issues raised by Stella!
Of course their preference would be that she go out on the street so they can send in Afande Tiyagassi with his goons and tear gas to rough her up! Or that she had a gun so that they can send the butcher of Kasese to mow her down! But as she says, her words are her weapons! The profanity, her bombs! The vulgarity her missiles! And against these they are completely disarmed! There is no Russian or North Korean weapon to combat them …. save Kavuma and lokodo both demystified in the eyes of Ugandans!
Contrary to what many believe, there has been a history of protest in Buganda and Uganda. In the 1930’s my wifes grandfather was imprisoned together with other youth for insulting the Kabaka in defiance. He went on to become a kingdom grandee! other rebellions like the Bataka rebellion as well as the general civil strike and disobedience campaign against the colonial government following the exile of the Kabaka to England are well documented.
In the 1940’s, young Baganda mounted a campaign of rude disobedience against the colonial authorities and the Buganda kingdom officials who they viewed as collaborators.
“In a scathing letter of eighteen single-spaced typed pages, Semakula Mulumba declined the Bishop of Uganda’s 1948 invitation to dinner. Dinners and other forms of entertainments and hospitality were, Mulumba asserted, pernicious forms of corruption. Dinners and friendly associations among missionaries and protectorate officials, and between Baganda and Britons, had allowed the British to plot among themselves, seize Ugandans’ resources, seduce Buganda’s leaders and block Ganda efforts toward individual and corporate progress. (1) Mulumba’s response to a dinner invitation with a critique of the colonial order–as a closely interlocked system of cooperation among officials and missions, the Kingdom of Buganda and protectorate officials–was rude, deliberately rude, an attack on the forms of manners and politeness that had shaped both British and Ganda deployments of power and influence in Buganda since at least the beginning of the Uganda Protectorate in 1900. Mulumba, and other Baganda rebels of the late 1940s were disorderly, intemperate and obnoxious within the polite sociopolitical world of colonial Buganda as they drew on their extensive experiences with Britons–officials, missionaries, and others–to reject the polite accommodations around them. What made their rudeness more than just adolescent immaturity, though, was that it was rooted in an understanding of the significance of social rituals, constituted a strategy to disrupt them, and was tied to an effort to build new sorts of public sociability to replace the older elite private networks. “
When trump became president of the united States, New Yorkers started a campaign of rudeness against him and his family!

“If you see a Trump, say something. Specifically, say, “Fuck you!” Say, “Get out of this city!” Tell Donald he is a disgrace. Tell Melania that she will go down in history as the enabler of a bully, a liar, and a coward. Tell Donald Jr. he is a racist and an idiot. Tell Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, that they are enablers of anti-Semitism. Also tell Ivanka that her attempts to turn presidential interviews into chances to hawk her gaudy, overpriced jewelry are tacky and pathetic. Tell Tiffany—who is less involved with her father’s activities than her half-siblings—that if she doesn’t speak out against her family, she is complicit in the hateful rhetoric they and their supporters spread.
The president is not a king, the Trumps are not royalty; you are not under any obligation to put up with their bullshit. If you own a deli or a restaurant, refuse to serve any Trumps. If you wait on the Trumps, you have to give them their food or you’ll likely be fired, but you can give them back their tip. If you see Jared and Ivanka at a gala, or Eric in a corporate box at a Giants game, don’t acknowledge them. If people applaud the Trumps, like those patrons at Club 21, counter that applause with boos. If you make them coffee, give them cream when they ask for soy, and vice versa. Don’t stop your dog from barking at them. Don’t take their money. Don’t sit down at a dive bar with Ivanka. Don’t commit any crimes—refrain from any actual violence like the disgraceful subway attack on the man with the Make America Great Again hat—but the First Amendment, people, we can make it clear to the Trumps that they don’t own the city.”
All of these are examples of the use of rudeness, profanity, vulgarity and and even nakedness as forms of protest against a powerful state opponent or society which helps bring issues of social or political importance to the front for debate.
All of Stella’s actions are consistent with her background and training! So next time you catch yourself thinking Stella is mad, think again! Maybe she is, maybe she is not! There is always a very thin line between genius and madness.

Also remember that most people declaring Stella mad really aren’t qualified to make that diagnosis as it is a medical one that requires a formal psychiatric assessment! And given no one on social media has made that assessment, you cannot say she is mad! You also cannot compel her to undergo a psychiatric assessment without a trigger — and there is no valid legal trigger unless you wish to pay her for wrongful imprisonent!

But then again as Baganda say, even a mad person, ‘omulalu’ sometimes speaks the truth! As a matter of fact, they are more inclined to speak the truth having been freed of the shackles of society and its rules of politeness and “correct behaviour”!
And then there is the final coup in her favour! She is a nalongo, the mother of twins. In Buganda the mother of twins was so revered that she was freed from the shackles and rules of society including the rules of politeness and correct speech and behaviour. A nalongo could walk into your garden and harvest your food for her twins without censorship. More pertinent to this debate, a nalongo could use ‘big words’ without social censorship amidst the normallly polite and very correct Ganda society!
Nalongo is speaking so you better sit up and listen!

The Stella Nyanzi revolutionary journey: Vulgar politics as a method of resistance.

[By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp – 02/04/2017]
I had decided to pretend am not hearing the Stella Nyanzi Janet Museveni discourse, yes, discourse, because that is what it is. But of a different type.
But later, I decided to briefly comment when I saw Janet Museveni, perhaps not surprising, play the way Stella wanted her to play by sacking her from her job etc.!
Many are amused as why Stella Nyanzi writes that way. I see many calling her names, mad, gay, etc., my mind tells me Stella Nyanzi is none of all those. She is sane and intelligent.
What am not sure is whether she, herself understands that what she is doing is a well-practiced method of political revolt employed throughout history. And I watched poor Janet Museveni wondering why Stella hates her etc., and saying she forgave her. Janet, like most people are preoccupied with the words used but don’t know that Stella’s method of resistance is called vulgar politics.
Vulgarity in politics is a rejection of the established political and social order. It is the overt way of rejecting the set social conventions normally set by society. It is the rejection of the so called civilised discourse whose content and usage is normally set and controlled by those with the power. Be that power wielded by the state or the church or elders etc. The bottom-line is that they are social norms used by those with authority to keep in check those they rule over.

Hence, throughout history, vulgar politics has been employed in the fight against the powerful. vulgar politics is very effective and hard to ignore. Indeed, it is an effective political tool for the oppressed.

What suprised me was seeing Mr Museveni using it like in that video where he tells his audience to “go eat their mothers something something…” Vulgar politics does not serve well those in power. It depicts them in bad light.
Yet, for the oppressed like Stella Nyanzi, it serves them well because they lure you in their trap. You cannot ignore them. And because its nasty, ugly and mean, it gets under the skin of those with authority. It provokes their raw nerves and they overreact. Its piecing. As brutal as hot lead! So, it is an effective symbol of people’s revolt.
In days preceding the French revolution, and even after, you see plenty of vulgar revolutionary rhetoric, extreme jacobinian malicious abuses etc. Maria Antoinette was ridiculed. Referred to as Austrian bitch. She was shown in cartoons as an ostrich-like penis, with legs and saddle etc.
Therefore, vulgar politics should not be merely looked at with moral lenses. It is a political tool imbued with violent revolutionary traits and totally at variance with the common pragmatist liberal ideas of political dissent. Like one writer once put it, being politically “…mean and nasty and cruel is just like guillotines….”
I doubt the Museveni oligarchy even understand what is happening, thus the Janet Museveni attempt to forgive Nyanzi. In a rebellion, people don’t seek for your forgiveness nor your understanding. Neither are they afraid of the consequences. So, your usual methods may not be effective after all.

It’s about Stella Nyanzi!

By Ian Ortega.
I had tried to avoid talking about Stella Nyanzi versus the First Lady hoping that somebody would be able to read my mind and make a better analysis. Instead all that I have read is totally in sync with the usual Ugandan analysis. It is just some usual rhetoric, some just emotional pandering to side with either party. None however has tried to give deeper understanding to the whole situation.
Using the cause and effect analogy. Most people have tended to see Stella Nyanzi as a cause. But that’s where they all get it wrong. Nyanzi is an effect. She represents a certain new wave. A wave that we have fed over the years.
It all started when the powers that be closed up their ears to anything that was not ‘good’ to them. They kept the critics far away and they kept the praise singers even closer.
They say, if you want honest unpaid for criticism always listen to your enemy. Our friends will always find it hard to tell the truth. They will sugar coat it or avoid it altogether. Show a friend your piece of writing or your new song and they will simply shower it with complements. Rarely can you expect honest reviews from a friend.
Slowly by slowly the First Family fell victim to this. Whenever the President asked for feedback from wanaichi, the spies told him all was okay. He believed this lie until it finally became truth.
Those who talked, he was told they wanted some bread. So they could buy them off. After all, a mouth that is eating can’t talk.
As the palace built these high walls, it was blocked from the realities on the ground. Its eyes got veiled. That marked the death of dialogue.
And this death went all over and affected every facet of our society. In the churches, we created the Catholic Church vs Musaala. The musicians built fan bases where they could produce any trash and it would be hailed. Parents expected no criticism from their children.
At all stages, the country stopped listening to the alternative. The battles lines got drawn. The opposition wanted to hear nothing positive about the ruling government. Ruling government said nothing positive about the opposition. You were either with us or with them.
I have always had a problem with binary societies, the kind of socieities with no middle. The kind of societies where it is either black or white but no greys. Such societies fuel something called extremism.
I have previously written that we are in the Age of attention. We went through the stone age, the iron age, the industrial age, the computer age and the age of information.
All of a sudden there was too much information in the world. The next age automatically became the age of attention. Because to give attention to one thing requires foregoing another. The opportunity cost of enjoying Facebook posts is the awesome tweets I miss out on.
So right now what we have is an abundance of information and a scarcity of attention. I can’t read two posts at the same time. Everytime I scroll through my newsfeed, I am making a choice between posts. Thus the only way to get my attention is how extreme something is.
Thus we are seeing the existence of two ages. We are living both in the age of attention and in the age of extremism.
When you see Kaweesi showered with over 30 bullets, you must try to think of the bigger picture.
The only way to get attention is to get extreme. Social media has fueled that even more. It is not enough to have an opinion on Facebook or Twitter, that opinion must be articulated in an extreme way.
That’s why you can’t find an opposition member saying there’s something this government has achieved. In the same way, you won’t find an NRM person siding with the opposition.
First of all, when you choose to go extreme, you get infected with cognitive dissonance. That’s why people will rarely change their beliefs beyond a certain age. A man who has believed in God since he was born will try so hard to hold onto this belief even when evidence suggests otherwise. A president that was once loved will find it so hard to believe that he is no ridiculed. Our brains suffer from cognitive dissonance. It is the reason we stick to wrong ideas even after knowing they are wrong. And because of this, we do everything possible to avoid hearing the alternative views. Then it becomes a cycle of fueling even more extremism.
Thus as a country, we face a deeper evolutionary psychological struggle as the global world. Extremism is the new normal simply because our attention is scarce. Agataliko nfuufu is popular because it is extreme. Bukedde is popular because it is extreme.
The age of attention doesn’t reward one for staying on the sidelines. You must go all the way. Why struggle to face your enemy if you can eliminate him with rounds of bullets? At least in the latter, you quickly get their attention. And if you can’t get it, you eliminate it.
Donald Trump is not president by mistake. He understands the age. It is the age of radicalism. You must be radical for whatever you believe in. Don’t just go the extra mile, go the extreme mile.
The age of attention does not reward neutrals. Because attention is scarce, we have to keep buying it with extreme views, ideas and thoughts. The popular people on our platforms today are the extremists of either side. That’s how to win attention.
The problem with advancing views in this way is that you make your enemies even more hardened. That’s why children of very strict parents always turned out to be the most stubborn. Us whose parents didn’t even bother to cane us, we upheld all the school rules. Us whose parents allowed to taste wine at home found no need to smuggle alcohol into school.
So here’s what you should take away.
1. Stella Nyanzi is an effect not a cause. You must understand her as a wave not as a person.
2. The country forgot to dialogue. No one wanted to talk to their enemy. Now we are stuck in a rabbit hole.
3. We are in the age of attention. This has fueled extremism as we all fight for the scarce attention. Extremism and bigotry is the new normal.
4. Always keep your enemies close. Only them can tell you the truth that your friends can’t.
5. In the age of extremism, we can expect to see more Kaweesi cases not less.
6. The winds of change are blowing. Read my analysis on my blog. I found out a pattern that happens just before governments fall in Uganda.

why are politicians so engrossed in matters of sanitory pads?

By “‘Godfrey Nsubuga’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH)

why are politicians so engrossed in matters of sanitory pads while ignoring the fact that these kids run on empty stomachs from morning to evening at school with teachers equally hopeless seeking solace in kaveras of kitoko because of poor and sometimes no pay. Why are our good no nosense ladies like Matembe not taking this one up. I can tell with 70% certainity that these good ladies like Matembe, Olive Nantubwe, E. Madra and lousy Speci could have used their first sanitory pad when above 18. so how did they manage their lady days then? and they did go to school. There is an affordable solution in these grown up and educated ladies that can prove enormously helpful to Ugandans, why arent they talking today? The talk of pads has been taken on theoretical grounds by those whose job is to write papers and proposals for a living; these want to scoop billions and buy pads for millions. If there is less/ no money, we must feed children healthy and then address ”messes” in a fancy way if need be and not ”messes” before food. How many women digging the farm land in Bukunja are Using pads? very few yet there ”messes” come normally. These TV stunts of girls Using leaves and fibres is hogwash designed to alarm TV audience. What am saying is, the PAD is not the only thing that works during those days and should not be amplified beyond the key factors killing education; teacher motivation and training, teaching aides, feeding at school. the most affected girls come from rural areas and the mothers there are well versed with alternatives that work in different fabrics. All primary girls come from homes with mothers still going through ”messes”, how do mothers do it and can not tell their kids


China, population = 1.357 billion people.
Number of Ministers – 20.
Japan, 127.3 million people.
Ministers – 20.
Britain, 64.1m people
Ministers – 22 including PM.
USA, 318.9 million people.
Ministers – 23.
Germany, 80.62 million people.
Ministers, 16 including PM.
France, 66.03 million people.
Ministers – 16.
Nigeria, 173.6 million.
Ministers – 36.
Almighty Ghana , population about 28 million.
Ministers 110.
Uganda the pearl of Africa. 38 million
Ministers 286.


by Hon Odonga otto.
Dr.Nyanzi there are right ways of doing wrong things and there are wrong ways of doing wrongthings you have fallen in the latter catergory of doing wrong things the wrong way. what reamains of interest is whether it was voluntary or involuntary.whether you where in you right state of mind or under the influence of intoxicating beverage (which is a defence in law) incase you want tow that direction.
The insults on the first lady where unbecoming of anyone not even to a sexist Don like you. Dr. Nyanzi you seem to have commiited suicide in that piece …. everyone even fears quoting what you wrote because the may be charged “of spreading harmfull news”an offence under the penal code.
Dr Nyanzi you should have been the last to abuse a fellow woman more so the first lady in that fashion.The wrath of your actions will definatley follow you as days follow night..forget about the fact that the first lady may have “forgiven” you.
However you may not escape the overzealous state actors.These people the cattle keepers are long distance runners.
You where banned from leaving the country and lately you have lost your job the daily bread at Makerere .
From today it will be a :”risky business” for anyone/body to invite you for any workshop seminar or symposium to earn any piece of silver to back up the loss of income at MUK.
Dr Stella i think you have “touched the anus of the leopard”
My advice is three fold:
We are watching as history unfolds.
We have serious issues with the regime i lost my mother and i would not abuse anyone’s mother.
Time is not on the side of the regime.
Any machine manufactured is first trained on self have failed in that area.
If you can raise such issues on the First lady what would you say the day Joseph Kony is arre

I support sanitary pad distribution 100%, the only problem is the current corrupt environment

By ‘Dr.Edward Kayondo’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH

There is a need for increased transparency in government ventures. As I wrote in the past on this forum a plan to make all Ugandans auditors of their funds is the only way to deal with corruption.
Pending that let the government have a pilot distribution in one district for a given period. This will highlight any problems and help define the financial costs. Incremental extension to different districts based on different characteristics from the initial district can then be carried out. At the end of this period a decision to extend it country wide or scrap it with lessons learned can be made. This will save the country money it doesn’t have and it will also create a knowledge base for future projects along the same lines.

Incremental release of government funds limits the corruption players, the big boys play the big leagues, this process can immunize projects from bigger losses. Shorter government commitments with a clause to cut short problematic projects or change companies in question coupled with payment after delivered services is a game not played enough by the government. Companies that don’t have equivalent funds that cannot be touched in escrow (not just bank statements from which funds can be withdrawn after getting the deals or tenders) should not be used for some projects. These escrow funds can be used to recover monies lost in corrupt procedures. I am sure this is being used in some form or fashion but again it only works when its transparent enough.

Dr. Shaka Ssali misses one point!

By Dr.Edward Kayondo via the UAH forum

Dr. Shaka misses one point and its very important to understand this before coming to conclusions that we have lost a generation.
Uganda can’t be compared to many other countries in that since Independence we have always had change in government through armed struggles. Before that Ugandans were under dictatorial tribal rulers and colonialists.

What we have had over Presidents Museveni’s years is a rebuilding of the three branches of government and a lesson for the country that used effectively these branches can stabilize the country and set it up for development.

The generation referred to as lost was the generation that crossed the Red Sea to borrow the metaphor from the Bible. If it wasn’t for that generation we would not have the current generations braveness and view that yes they can be all they want within a stable environment.

The older generation many are referring to are the ones who are making it difficult for this generation in that they try to introduce their historical baggage into the current environment. They never stop to remind us about how things used to be as if we want to go back in the caves, we are in a new global environment and business is not as it was in the past.

We have to give this generation time to figure out what works and doesn’t. We have to give this generation a chance to train their political voices before they embark on planning for the country they will live in when all of us are gone. This country belongs to them as much as it belongs to any other Ugandan citizen. We have to give them time to trust the electoral system, a chance to know that legislation’s can be formulated in parliament and that the Judicial system has powers too, we have to give them a chance to know that there proper procedures to challenge the executive branch, we have to give them a chance to trust the army and know that it is there to protect the whole country and not one person, we have to give them a chance to bury the demons of tribalism.
Any action that causes us to revert to violence and destruction of our country through military change of government should be denounced by all of us. If this generation knows that there is only one option to change they will focus on that option and use it effectively through the ballot as they support their opposition parties or through random actions of activism as seen recently by the renown professor.

This government should have done more by now, we should have had better control on corruption, better performance in all sectors and ministries. Yes the next few years the President has to prove to all Ugandans that what he promised in the ten points program can be a reality before he figures out where he will reside past the next elections. Any president that comes after him will have a better framework for governing and should be able to implement better policies within a shorter time frame.

I do realize that we Ugandans in the diaspora especially in developed countries are on parallel time frames and bearings as we talk about change compared to Ugandans back home.Through our experiences in these countries we tend to use a different time scale than the one used in Uganda a country that still fits within the third world countries category. They are more patient than as and are used to cooking over fire even when a microwave cooks faster. Instant change and services are a right we enjoy forgetting that there was a time when what we see and enjoy in these countries never existed. A kid born in an English speaking environment will be impatient with a ten year old who can’t speak English at Kindergarten level. But if only that kid knew that this ten year old just came from the village and had never spoken a complete sentence in English or memorized all the letters of the alphabet, may be then he will give him as much time as he needs because after he gets the basics the learning curve will totally improve. We can argue about how long Ugandans needed to snap out of fear of the gun and start rebuilding trust in the voting process or to get guts to bravely challenge the president in public and sleep soundly through the night with plans to do the same thing next day, but trust me cultural and sustainable changes in society tend to take generations. In many cases reminding this generation about the past hoping to quicken their political acuity is like warning today’s ten year old in South Africa about his new white friend with apartheid shockers.

The necessary changes needed in Uganda are inevitable, aggressive actions will slow them down and we have to understand that their different thoughts in peoples minds but all of them gravitate to an environment that takes fear and uncertainty out of the equation. Not all Ugandans think like we do. This year I was asked to speak within our organization on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In my introduction i reminded the gathering that yes I am black but my understanding of segregation and discrimination is not as deep seated as that of other African Americans born and raised in the South of North America. When I see a White man my thoughts never think about discrimination even when I am passed over until someone else points it out. Such is the generation we have in Uganda, they are interpreting the world in their own terms, they have never experienced living in a developed country and them two days of load shading are much better than no power at all. Many that own boda bodas never even thought of owning them from the village they came from. Some have thoughts of building a one room house and to me they can do more than that but to them even the thought that its possible is a big deal. So as we think of rocket changes, building 100 hospitals in thirty years, having paved roads all over the country and ideas that they should have a perfect government as we do in the West, we have to pause and think of how minds deal with change even change they desperately need or thought of as possible.

I am not defending this government, it has had many missed opportunities, it has lost or misused billions of dollars, it is infested with opportunists in all sectors of government and many of us are disappointed by all this. Within in all this confusion however, lets not forget the millions of civil servants who have the heart for progressive change and have worked within this environment. They stayed behind even as many of us left the country for various reasons, they sometimes go months without pay even as they see others buying new rides with their salaries. Equally many more have transitioned into a capitalistic environment bridging the gap between dependency on government and self sufficiency via entrepreneurship. Millions have no where to go in case of war and will see their sweat and blood destroyed as their homes and businesses are wiped away. These are the ones we have to remember, and the President has to remember them too. The environment is now open for government structures and policies that will develop the country and meet the basic needs of the people. Going forward failure to provide can result into change via the ballot and the system has the ability to root out those who fail the people if used in a democratic way with total respect to our constitution.

So Dr. Shaka, you and me might be part of the many who will never make it to the promised land even when we crossed the Red Sea to borrow the Bible metaphor again.We see where we should be but tend to focus on that one giant who keeps many on a diet of manna and quails from above instead of feasting on the milk and honey we see in our land. Never the less when we blur our focus and soften our stance, surprising enough we can conclude that Uganda is now ripe for exponential development. The Uganda I see in the future unlike some is a country which will like never before display its crown and for good reasons proudly again take its position as the Pearl of Africa. I don’t have to be alive till that happens,I know its real because that vision keeps me warm and happy despite what I see and hear.
Armed struggle is not an option, those who want to quicken the process should support rebuilding and strengthening opposition parties. If DP, UPC, FDC , CP, JF, UGP, PPP, PDP, UFA got organized, funded and governed in a manner of total transparency and shade personal ownership, not only will they be able to form a strong opposition voice in parliament but they will increase this generations political participation even before elections. This will ensure that this generation understands how governments truly work and that those that govern us are tried and chosen by the people and are accountable. They will challenge or influence development of government policies.As more people trust the political process government will have a perfect environment for development. Politics in Uganda today is not only open to the Elite as it was way before and after independence,unlike before we all can participate. This is what we need not guns and blood.
Gakyali mabagga.


By Peter Simon Via UAH forum

It is a good idea to have a united Opposition. Unfortunately, President Museveni and his NRM ensured that the Opposition never unites​ and is doing everything in his power to keep it divided or disintegrate further. For instance, President Museveni never consulted Opposition parties when he appointed some of their members to ministerial positions so how can Opposition be strong when they are undermined by luring their members with bribes, appointments and sometimes real threats?
Let us not delude ourselves that Uganda will mature democratically under NRM. President Museveni has lost the golden opportunity to lead Uganda to that promised glory he lied about as outlined in his 10 Pointed​ Lies!
If I may ask but of course aware that you will decline to answer, of those 10 lies, which one has fully been addressed to your satisfaction in these 31 yrs of NRM uninterrupted rule?
No more lies or time to waste and by the way, liberation doesn’t require getting permission from anybody and if Shaka and group see armed struggle as the only viable option left at people’s disposal, so let it be, he will be held accountable if they fail in their promises. My hope is that​ Ugandans be directly involved not using mercenaries as Museveni used Rwandese/refugees to fight citizens.
Under NRM, there will never be a united Opposition because it’s viewed as a threat to it’s longevity.
Long live Uganda!

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