Let each African country contribute 20 soldiers to the Libyan coastline


Can we formulate a local solution to this unnecessary death of our own? All reports indicate that those attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea use Libyan coastline to connect to Italy where they perish in the sea. One accident can be excused, but not this trend that sees hundreds of immigrants drowning.

This is yet another challenge which puts African countries in international radar. Why can’t we formulate a local solution. Up till now, only European voices can be heard but none from Africa yet the majority of the dead are Africans.
Proposal: Let each African country contribute 20 soldiers to be deployed at the crossing points along the Libyan coastline to stop human trafficking. Twenty soldiers from each country receiving their local salaries can be mobilized and funded without a big problem. At least we will have attempted to stop the death toll.

African Union and other stakeholders have to get involved as Libya has failed; we can no longer watch at a distance as our people die.

I am glad to note that the European Union (EU) members are already working on some possible ways similar to my proposals; one of the 10 suggestions is the need to prevent the departure of the immigrants from Libyan coast. We do not have to take a back stage as Europeans try to help stop drowning. The majority of those drowning are Africans, that is why we should be at the fore front.

I think our problem is to ignore issues brewing and only react when it is too late. Libya is a very good example, Gadaffi murdered his people, he sponsored revolutions, he sponsored terrorism, he undermined even fellow leaders while the world watched and and in some cases, cheered. Slowly but surely he accumulated 42 years in power; surprisingly we have people who say it was a mistake to stop such a person from his handiwork, was it destined?

The people drowning are running away from genuine causes, otherwise, I doubt if they would dare cross the waters knowing that they may never reach or survive. For a man and his wife to risk their lives including that of their children is not a simple matter. They must be trying to escape the worst experience in their lives.

Peter Simon Via the UAH forum


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  1. Peter Simon,

    I honestly wish to convey my appreciation to you for your concern. I am simply short of words and I believe that many are feeling the same.

    I guess, the entire continent of Africa is shocked by what has happened to her people over the years and the situation seems to be getting even worse. I don’t know for sure whether all the governments of the African Union are as concerned as those who have lost their loved ones, or the Europeans who are shocked by such an exodus of Africans trying to enter their countries.

    The Europeans may suggest as you did, to deploy soldiers at the Libyan coast of the Mediterranean Sea. But that won’t stop the death of the people who will find some other ways to risk their lives trying to leave Africa behind.

    Firstly, all those concerned should ask themselves why so many are willing to risk their lives to leave Africa. Secondly, the concerned should find remedy for the reasons these people are willing even to risk their lives to leave Africa.

    BJ. Rubin.

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