Outside Ebb airport at night

Outside Ebb airport at night

As we live in these well lightened cities and towns, we start to get afraid of the dark. There is nothing that frustrated my children in Uganda as the dark in Uganda. And it is built on we go to Uganda to expect the worse for that is the reputation Uganda has built its self. Very bad accidents that should not have happened, but they surely do happen. Bad murders that should not have happened but they surely do happen. But Ugandans have reached this silliness of posting may he/she rest in peace of firkin daily without being enraged on why did this individual die? Look only last week how many prominent Ugandans have died? But do you see any one out raged? No they all simply say may he/she rest in peace. Now how many porojos actually die out there? So we go in counting days of my God when do we get out? At the speed that is driven on Entebbe road, tight as that road is, security conscious as that road is, littered escorts as that road is, given a simple fact that for some very unknown reason most of the international flights into and out of Entebbe are in the night, the entire span of Kampala Entebbe needs to have lights.

Darkness on Entebbe road

Darkness on Entebbe road

Forget the powering of Entebbe airport but the entire Entebbe Kampala span needs street lights. When you land at night you are driven into the dark and see sheer death coming at you in the dark, when you are flying out you are driven to Entebbe with your back crack open for you have no idea who is going to smash into your car and he is going to smash into it when you are not seeing him. I made it a habit to arrive into Entebbe at 6pm and sit it out to my midnight flight out. But there is nothing to do in Entebbe, so this summer I am going to do exactly what I did last trip, drive out of the zoo a day before my international flight, for I need a psychological settling before I take off than being that hyped when my flight is this long. If Ugandans put lights on Entebbe Kampala road it will increase the passengers into EBB, we are very scared of the dark.



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