A lot of holes in Adam Kalungi’s arrest

nuWell that story has a lot of holes. How far is Mombasa from Uganda? Are you telling us that these days someone can be arrested in Kenya and immediately handed over to Uganda or foreign authorities without a court hearing? If that is the case why has not Mr. Isabirye-of Mugoya construction-been returned to Ugandan to answer charges related to NSSF and Nsimbe. He is a free man walking the streets of Nairobi.

In other words the story is too good to be true. Yes Adam may have been arrested but most likely not from Mombasa. It seems he was in some safe house so the IGP chose to produce him in such dramatic fashion.

Show readers his pictures in Mombasa and his hand over by Kenyan police or Interpol. You take Ugandans for fools, do you? The burden of proof is on you to convince Ugandans that such a high profile suspect can be arrested in Mombasa in the middle of the night and somehow land in Uganda in a few hours.

QN: Do Uganda arrest suspects say from Kenya or Rwanda hand them over immediately? Are you telling us that the courts have no say in determining whether the said suspected should be repatriated?




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  1. Ambrose,


    Your ignorance betrays you. There are the EAPCCO protocols, which provide for the exchange of info, intelligence, transfer of suspects involved in certain categories of crime (narcotics, money laundering, violent crimes,etc) between the 12 member countries of the EAPCCO. It is the same concept that allows Police Officers from neighbouring countries to proceed ‘up to 100 kilometres into the other country, while engaged in ‘hot pursuit’ of criminals’.

    In any case, it would be counter-intuitive and foolhardy for the IGP to publicly pay tribute to the Kenya authorities, if they were not involved in the operation. It would cause a serious diplomatic rift.

    Perhaps the Police communication was not targeted at your type, whose blind distrust of anything the Govt does or says, clouds whatever residual reason they might be in you, to the point that you wouldn’t recognise the truth, even if it literally slapped you in the face.

    Nonetheless, there is nowhere in the Police statement that talks about the time of arrest of the suspect. It only says he was handed over to Ugandan Police in the early hours of Friday morning at Malaba. So, what is your basis for doubting the arrest account?

    The Police has consistently come up with factual accounts, backed by statements of eyewitnesses, scientific and forensic reports from credible institutions, made by persons who have no stake in the case. I have not seen a single corresponding report or fact, based on similar platforms, challenging the Police findings. Other than peddling and continually feeding on unfounded conspiracy theories, why not give the Police the benefit of doubt, and allow them complete the investigations, and thereafter challenge their report, if you can, on scientific or other professional ground, and not on sheer politics and unsupported rumours?

    Personally, I am disappointed that none of our reputable media houses, or any driven journalists, have bothered to go the extra step of investigating the lifestyle of the deceased, to confirm whether the circles she operated in, the friends she kept, and the entertainment habits she had cultivated, fit the profile exposed by Police, or the teetotaller-clean-leaving-angel profile sold by the family and some politicians.

    It would appear to me that, in all the noise and politics swirling around Hon Nebanda’s death, no one is ready to give the truth a chance to be heard.


  2. Yahaya Senkatuuka,

    We should not burn midnight candles trying to get to the crux of the matter of the death of late Hon. Nabanda. I shiver when our people of all classes can not tell the head from the tail.If Nabanda died of drug consumption as our President and kaihura right from the beginning insinuated and asserted, then why did they interfere with independent toxicology and autopsy investigations that had been sanctioned by our parliament?In fact that lady could have actually died from drugs abuse but the Government interference does not absolve it from the complicity in the death of Nabanda. Yes, Kalungi certainly and undoubtedly is the man that pulled the trigger and for him to either ran to Kenya or stay put underground to come up and state what he is saying is purely tutored tale by the intelligence of Uganda. He did what he was instructed to do and to the diligently accomplished it, BUT we should not waste our time trying to look here and there for the death of our national. All those who have been arrested with all types of drugs from that house are all accomplices of the death of NNabanda.Omufu tahooza nohurire…as the banyankole say.Actually when one looks at how the government has been fumbling with the death of this lady, in the most idiotic and bizarre manner, even the imbecile can figure out that she was killed by M7.On the lookout should be Gerald Karuhanga, Nseleko,Nganda, Rwemiyaga MP, and many others who are representing the people of Uganda in the House as the death of Nebanda was to tell them to shut their mouths or else they follow suit.

  3. Bongomin Morris,

    Ambrose, why don’t you keep quite on issues you do not comprehend.

    First of all was the Ugandan Police in hot pursuit of Kalungi into Kenya as you are trying to revealand if yes why is Kayihura appreciating the action of the Kenyan Police?

    Secondly, is Mombasa within the 100 Km fro the border as you seems to insinuate?

    Thirdly, you never pointed anything relevant to the issue at hand, that is since it was the Kenyan Police who arrested Kalungi from Mombasa, was it right for them to merely hand him over without the due process?

    Simple and clear, do not try to confuse the unconfusable, maybe you can go and do that to your ignorant voters since you specialise in confusing your farmer parents and kins.

  4. Kats,

    Dear Ambrose and Morris
    You can full the people for a certain time but not all the time
    Nebanda was killed by the government of mr MUSEVENI and his MAFIAS.
    Gwekiruma yetugire kumunyanya!!!!
    Dont try to full our people
    Abantu kati nga balabufu nnyo nnyo
    You even failed to bring a picture of the deceased when she was taking alcohol with her mps mate. Museveni has idiot advisers who dont know how to play politics and he will fall again under the same circumstances.Why did you blocked the dr. at the airport)? If he was alone why dint u escot him?
    Take away your rubish report that she died of drugs.
    Even a 5 year old child knows this that Museveni killed Nebanda.Fullstop no comma.

  5. I agree that the police has tried to connect all the evidence that they have got, including Kalungi`s communication with his relatives before the world knew what was going on. i was among the first people to doubt the government stand, but now i am 80% sure, Nebanda killed herself with a drug overdose.

    Today the Observer has got a story from the hospital were Kalungi deposited the body and everything adds up to what Kalungi said.

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